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  1. I've had two and a half naps today. Not even a record.

  2. Two amazing toilet PSA's in two separate interviews tonight. We are here to teach you.

  3. Been A Little Bad?

  4. Bobby Briggs is old and has grey hair now.

  5. "Youth" is a wonderful movie. In case you were wondering.

  6. If you're not currently watching Poirot, you're probably not in my bedroom and let me say...you are missed.

  7. Got a Caesar salad coming. Big night. Lots of things happening tonight.....help me.

  8. I'm uncomfortable when people are having a good time.

  9. This is something I did for fun for a couple a nice guys.

  10. Live from my hospital bed to your radios in a week through the phone right now in ten minutes

  11. I just put my deodorant in the microwave. Please someone put me to bed?

  12. This video isn't going to edit itself and that is a real problem because I don't want to either.

  13. Currently, all rules are being ignored on all surface streets in Portland. It is up for grabs out there. I hate everyone.

  14. I smell pizza at all times lately. If it's a stroke coming, I welcome it.

  15. There is so much I don't understand so I'm glad there is Arby's.

  16. OH: "Yeah Mike, Faith No More are ready for their pickup." They've been waiting awhile.

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      photographer entertainment::motion::sports::people instagram: andybattphoto Represented by Peter Bailey Productions.

    • @nexttokimdavis

      I sit next to Kim Davis. This was supposed to just be a chill job. Goddamn it, Kim.

  18. I'm just gonna say that I'm a big Mark Harmon guy.

  19. Donald Sutherland is not comfortable in his own mustache.

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