DirectX 11 competition winner!

RUST LTD and their team win for their stunning entry "The Museum of the Microstar"

Last month, we challenged our users to harness the power of DirectX 11 and make some gorgeous content. Thanks to everyone who entered. It was certainly a tough decision but we have chosen our Grand Prize Winner and two runners up!

Microstar video thumb

Grand Prize Winner - "The Museum of the Microstar"

We are excited to award $10,000 and a ticket to Unite 2013 to Anton Hand and his team for their entry, "The Museum of the Microstar".

The Museum of the Microstar is a tech demo and interactive narrative short in a massive sci‐fi museum of mankind's disastrous quest towards technological advancement. The piece demonstrates DirectX 11 Tessellation Shaders, GPU Simulated Particles (using compute shaders for simulation & collision computations), and a physically-based shading model (using radially symmetric reflection maps).

Our judges were blown away by the demo's advanced technical level and polish. It is a gorgeous demonstration of many Direct X 11 features together with a compelling narrative.

You can check out more of their work here.

Microstar 1

The Team

RUST LTD: Anton Hand - Game Direction, 3D Art, Visual Effects Adam Liszkiewicz - Narrative Design, Writing Lucas Miller - Graphic Design, Writing Luke Noonan - Development, Sound Design, Writing, Narration RUST AFFILIATE: Joshua Ols - Shader Development TINYCUBE STUDIO: Arthur Brussee - Particle System Development

Kurt loeffer

1st Runner Up - Voxel Cone Tracing

Kurt Loeffer

An implementation of a real-time global illumination technique (voxel cone tracing) complete with bouncy lights, voxels, tracing and compute shaders! The judges were impressed that Kurt showcased the DX11 features we added to Unity 4.0 with such style and attention to detail.

Davit naskidashvili

2nd Runner Up - DirectX 11 Demo

Davit Naskidashvili

A nice demo of various DirectX 11 effects: drawing instanced procedural geometry, Bokeh depth of field, geometry explosion with geometry shaders, subsurface scattering with tessellation. The judges loved the visual and technical variety of this demo and were impressed that Davit did all the shaders, coding and modeling work by himself, without any previous DX11 experience!