The Venus Factor Reviews

First, the Venus Factor is a body transformation program for woman only. Its purpose is to develop an hourglass figure, so it is shoulder intensive. The rep range for Venus Factor  is between 10-12 reps, so it does focus on building muscle while burning fat. All workouts are done in a circuit manner with a 60 second rest between exercises in order to lift at your.

You’ve probably seen my summary of what’s in Venus Factor, and you might even be thinking that it’s the most promising diet programs you’ve ever seen!

I agree with you – I think it is the most promising diet program that we’ve ever seen. That’s because it’s based on real science: the physiology of women’s bodies and women’s metabolism.

Venus diet takes account of what a woman’s body needs, both in terms of good nutrition, and the kind of regime needed to remove fat deposits which Mother nature tends to want as a safeguard against hard times.

The thing about this amazing Venus Factor Diet is that it’s very safe, and its success has been demonstrated in hundreds of thousands of women around the world over the past four or five years.

I’ve put up a page on this website of venus factor reviews from around the Internet, which demonstrate the truth of what I’m saying here!

Now, as you will know, it’s no easy matter to get objective reviews from the Internet.

That’s why I wrote this very site, focusing on the content of the Venus Factor rather than giving you silly claims that I just made up so as to sell you the product!

After all, you’re mature enough and experienced enough to decide whether you want to buy Venus Factor for yourself.

And what can help you make that decision is knowing what’s included in it.

Where Do We Find Independent Venus Reviewers?

One of the key ways that you can get objective information about something like the Venus Factor is to look on Amazon.

If you do that, specifically searching for information about diet programs that are based on leptin management, just like the Venus Factor, then you get some interesting information. I mean, at least you can confirm that the science behind this dieting approach actually works!

leptin diet is suited for the female bodySo there’s a book reviewed on Amazon called The Leptin Diet, and it gets rave reviews.

You know that The Venus Factor is based on leptin management, yes?

So here’s one excited user describing how she’s “yo-yo” dieted the years, until she basically just put herself on a permanent diet to try and maintain her weight at a reasonable level. And of course she’s not alone in that.

However, her failure made her feel desperate. She could never lose any weight, no matter how hard she tried,  and it would have been easy to give up.

However she discovered the book The Leptin Diet, which is presented as an easy to read but scientific explanation, just like author John Barban’s approach in The Venus Factor. It describes how hormones play into the female body’s management of weight in general and fat in particular.

And interestingly enough the advice in this book matches the advice in the Venus Factor, which is I guess hardly surprising since it’s based on the same principles!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the conclusion that this woman comes to is as follows: “In the first six weeks of this diet I lost 6 kg! I feel better than I have done in decades and the big bonus is that I have more than halved my cholesterol levels without taking statins! My doctor can’t believe his eyes!! This is the best diet book ever!!”

John-BarbanNow isn’t that fantastic? The science on which Venus Factor is based is beyond question, as it’s been around for a long time,  and author John Barban has certainly put in the time and effort to research a reliable diet plan.

But is it possible to find a genuine, independent recommendation of the Venus Factor anywhere on the Internet?

Well, yes, it is if you look in the discussion forums rather than just typing Venus Factor into a search engine like Google!

Web MD, which is one of the most prestigious forums on the Internet, has a thread on it: I’ll quote from one of the reviews offered by a genuine purchaser of The Venus Factor. Here is what she says:

cardioThanks very much indeed for your advice, I got the Venus Factor program from the site you recommended, and although I’ve seen a lot of reviews of the Venus Factor this is indeed the best diet around. So now I’ve started on the program, and I’m jolly well surprised to admit it is hard work, although the truth is I’m very unfit and rather overweight. As it happens the exercise are low impact, which is great because during my half-hour workout I sweated more than I did when I was doing cardio exercises at the gym in the previous year!

To sum up, so far I’ve lost 5 pounds after 3 weeks. What I have always found hard about weight loss is that I like a wide range of foods, but with the Venus Factor it isn’t necessary to cut all these out. There’s all this hype about good calories versus bad calories, but that didn’t stop me over eating, and regardless of how much exercise I undertook, I only gained or just about maintained my weight.

Great thing about Venus Factor is that it works out the exact number of calories that one needs to consume in a day to still lose weight – the same is true for how much fat you eat, and it’s all based on your age, your height, your weight and other vital aspects of your physiology. Most importantly, you also get information about the protein you should be eating in the day. This is the whole point – it’s so simple.

So one of the things that I haven’t done yet is joining the community aspect linked to Venus, but you know what, if I feel discouraged I certainly will go there to get some motivation — I will give you an update every two weeks, because my goal is to lose 35 pounds in 12 weeks.

The same lady comes back, as she said she would, to give an update:

Now I’m beginning my fourth week of Venus Factor, and I’m entering into the harder routines of workout — and that’s a misnomer, because they are certainly anything but routine! Even so there are so many workouts I won’t get bored, and the videos are absolutely great! The good news is that I’m not sweating anything like as much in the last couple of weeks and I’ve dropped another 5 pounds. Went to the community, and they tell me that I might be losing less weight because fat’s being replaced by muscle, which actually weighs more. Whatever the reason, I feel great, I can pull my jeans on over my hips more easily, and it’s all working great! 

And In Her 9th Week Of The Venus Factor

For those people who are following my experience on Webmd, I’m now onto my 9th week on the Venus Factor. I’m so much more confident and people are commenting on how much better I look — and I could see the change myself when I took a photograph, my backside and thighs are noticeably slimmer …..  One thing that’s been difficult for me to except is how much sugar and fat my sauces add to a balanced meal, so I’ve been staying away from cooking oil and I’m using virgin Coconut oil instead …

Venus Factor Success!

Hello all – this is going to be my last update because I’m now in my 13th week and I dropped another 12 pounds in a month – Which means I’ve reached my goal!!! Hurray!!! The exercise part of the Venus Factor raises my heart rate to just about the same rate as cardio exercises in the gym which is fabulous, but they are nothing like as difficult…..  And people in the community answer all my questions … The whole thing is just part of my everyday life now!!!!

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