Looking for a great Chinese takeaway in Colchester?

Oriental House, 2 St Botolphs' Circus. Colchester. CO2 7EF

Our chefs have many years experience in cooking the finest Chinese and Cantonese cuisine in Colchester.
We strive to put together new ideas using only the freshest ingredients to tantalise and treat your taste buds.
We have perfected our own style of cooking techniques and recipes to produce the very highest quality, authentic, distinct Chinese & Cantonese food of contrasting flavours that will keep you coming back for more and more!

1 Choose from the menu below. 2 Call us with your order. 3 Choose either to collect or have your food delivered.

     We deliver FREE (Orders over £10 Within 4 miles) or we can have your meals ready for your collection.

    Sunday to Thursday from 5pm until 12 Midnight. Friday and Saturday 5pm-1am.  Click HERE for directions


Call us on Colchester 01206 760 123 or Colchester 01206 760 150 and place your order.

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          V = Suitable for vegetarians                                H = Hot or Spicy                             = My favourites

 Web special: A

Sweet and sour chicken in batter, Chicken chow mein
or Chicken Chop Suey
& egg fried rice.

£8.00 per person
Web special: B

Sweet & sour chicken in batter.
Stir fried beef with mushroom & special fried rice.

£9.00 per person
Web special: C

Vegetarian set meal V

Crispy seaweed, vegetarian pancake rolls, fried mushroom
with selected, vegetables, stir-fried bean sprouts,
pineapple, & fried rice with cashews.

For 2 persons £14.00
For 3 persons £19.50

For 4 persons £25.00

 Web special: D

Capital spare ribs with sauce.
 Sweet and sour chicken in
batter. Fried beef in black bean sauce with green peppers, King prawn Chop Suey & special fried rice.

For 2 persons £19.50
For 3 persons £26.50
For 4 persons £36.00
 Web special: E

Capital spare ribs with sauce.
Sweet and sour prawn in batter, fried beef with mushroom, Fried chicken in Satay sauce & special fried rice.

2 persons £19.50
3 persons £26.50
4 persons £36.00

Web special: F

Capital spare ribs with sauce,
sweet & sour pork Hong Kong style. Roast duck with mushrooms. Beef Chop Suey & special fried rice.

For 2 persons £19.50
For 3 persons £26.50
For 4 persons £36.00

 Web special G:
Shredded Aromatic Duck with Pancakes, prawn toast with sesame seeds,
oyster sauce with sliced beef, stir fried vegetables with sliced chicken & special fried rice.

For 2 persons: £22.50 For 3 persons £32.00 For 4 persons £43.00

Oriental House
St Botolphs' Circus
01206 760 123

01206 760 150
(Orders over £10
within a 4 mile radius)

Oriental House, Starters:

1, Aromatic crispy Duck with pancakes, shredded & served with spring onions,  
cucumber and Hoi Sin sauce. Quarter £8..30 - Half £15.20

2, Aromatic crispy lamb with pancakes, served with spring onions,
cucumber & Hoi Sin sauce. £7.90

2a, 6 extra pancakes £1.60

2b Shredded Roast Duck with pancakes. Served with spring onions,
 cucumber & Hoi Sin sauce. Quarter £7.40 - Half £13.80

3, Gourmet appetiser for 2 persons: 
Prawn toast, spare ribs (dry) chicken in batter, seaweed,
vegetarian pancake rolls, sweet & sour sauce. £8.30


3a, Chicken on skewers with Satay sauce £5.40
3b, Prawn cocktail £3.70
  4, Capital spare ribs with sauce (Large) £5.30
4a, Honeyed spare ribs (Large) £5.30  

5, Barbecue spare ribs (Large) £5.30  6, Salt & Pepper spare ribs (Large) H £5.30

7, Prawn toast with sesame seeds £4.00   8, Prawn crackers £2.10   9, Golden fried chicken wings £3.90 

9a, Salt & Pepper chicken wings H £4.00  9b, Salt and pepper King prawns H £5.50 

9c, Salt and pepper chicken H £5.00  9d, Honeyed chicken wings H £4.00

10, Crispy pancake roll £2.30   11, Vegetarian pancake rolls (10) V £2.80  

12, Crispy seaweed (spring greens £3.70   13, Hot & sour soup H £2.80   14, Chicken sweet corn soup £2.60  

15, Chicken & mushroom soup £2.60   15A, Chicken noodle soup £2.90   15B, Won Ton soup £3.00  

16, Crab meat & sweet corn soup £2.80  16A, Garlic mushrooms V £3.60

Rice dishes:

17, House special fried rice, a combination of mixed meat, vegetables & fried rice £5.50

 18, Special fried rice £4.30   19, King prawn fried rice £5.00   20, Chicken fried rice £4.30 

21, Roast pork fried rice £4.30  22, Shrimp fried rice £4.30   23, Egg fried rice £3.30  

23a, Egg fried rice with spring onions £3.80  24, Boiled rice V £3.00  

25, Singapore fried rice noodles (large) H £4.90

25a, Singapore fried rice noodles with mixed vegetables (mild-large) H £4.70  

26, Singapore fried rice H £4.90   

26a, Pineapple fried rice with cashew nuts V £4.60   26B, Mushroom fried rice V £4.60  

26c, Mixed vegetable fried rice V £4.60   26d, Roast duck with boiled rice & Chinese leaf £6.00

Chow Mein dishes:

27, House special chow mein, mixed meats & vegetables with fried noodles £5.60

28, Special chow mein £4.50   29, King prawn chow mein £5.10   30, Chicken chow mein £4.50

31, Roast pork chow mein £4.50   32, Shrimp chow mein £4.50   33, Beef chow mein £4.50

34, Stir fry chow mein with bean sprouts £3.80   35, Mushroom chow mein V £4.80   36, Singapore chow mein H £5.00

37, Vegetable chow mein V £4.80   37a, Shredded duck chow mein £5.00


  V = Suitable for vegetarians                       H = Hot or Spicy                     = My favourites
Oriental House, specialities:

38, Crispy Chilli beef H £5.60  39, Grilled chicken in lemon sauce £5.40   40, Grilled chicken in garlic & wine sauce £5.40

40a, King prawn Szechuan style H £5.70   40b, Sliced beef Szechuan style H £5.40
40c Sliced chicken Szechuan Style £5.40  

41, Fried chicken in yellow bean sauce with cashew nuts  £5.40  41a, King prawn with broccoli £5.80 

41b, Sliced beef with broccoli £5.60  41c, Sliced chicken with broccoli £5.60

 Cantonese Oriental sauce with:

42a, King prawn £5.70   42b, Sliced beef £5.40   42c, Sliced chicken £5.40

Green peppers in black bean sauce:

43a, King prawn H £5.70   43b, Sliced beef H £5.40   43c, Sliced chicken H £5.40   43d, Roast duck H £5.80

Kung Po sauce with cashew nuts (hot):

44a, King prawn £5.70   44b, Sliced beef £5.40   44c, Sliced chicken £5.40 

44d, King prawn (without cashew nuts) £5.70   44e, Chicken Kung po in flour £5.20

Special chilli & garlic salt with:

45a, King prawn H £5.70   45b, Sliced beef H £5.40   45c, Sliced chicken H £5.40

Fried ginger & spring onions with:

46a, King prawn £5.70   46b, Sliced beef £5.40   46c, Sliced chicken £5.40

Cantonese style plum sauce with:

47a, King prawn £5.70  47b, Roast duck £5.80  47c, Sliced chicken £5.40

Oyster sauce Cantonese style with:

48a, King prawn £5.70   48b, Sliced beef £5.40   48c, Sliced chicken £5.40   48e, Roast pork £5.30

49A Sweet and sour, King prawn Hong Kong style £5.70  

49B Sweet and sour chicken Hong Kong style £5.20   49C Sweet and sour pork Hong Kong style £ 5.20

Oriental House Satay sauce with:

50a, King prawn H £5.70 50b, Sliced beef H £5.40 50c, Sliced chicken H £5.40

Fried bamboo shoots, water chestnuts & cashew nuts with:

51a, King prawn £5.70 51b, Sliced beef £5.40 51c, Sliced chicken £5.40

51d, Roast duck £5.80 51e, Roast pork £5.40


for orders over £10  (within a 4 mile radius)

01206 760 123
01206 760 150

Sun - Thurs  5pm - 12am
Fri - Sat   5pm - 1am

  V = Suitable for vegetarians    H = Hot or Spicy     = My favourites

Shredded Mongolian lamb:

52a, Soya sauce £5.80   52b, Plum sauce £5.80    52c, Hot and sour sauce H £5.80

Oriental House, stir-fried vegetables with:

53a, King prawn £5.70   53b, Sliced beef £5.00   53c, Sliced chicken £5.00  

53d, Roast duck £5.80   53e, Roast pork £5.00

53f, The Wandering Dragon (Large). Our Chef's speciality.

Tender pieces of chicken and king prawn with Oriental mixed vegetables,
 delicately cooked in garlic, spices and Cantonese sauce. £6.30

Stir fried mushrooms with:

54a, King prawn £5.70   54b, Sliced beef £5.00   54c, Sliced chicken £5.00 

54d, Roast duck £5.80   54e, Roast pork £5.00

Stir-fried onions with:

55a, King prawn £5.70  55b, Sliced beef £4.90  55c, Sliced chicken £4.90   55d, Roast duck £5.80 

55e, Roast pork £5.00
    56, Roast Duck Chinese style £5.80  57, Roast Duck in Soya sauce £5.80 

58, Roast Chicken Chinese £5.00
  59, Fried chicken with pineapple. £5.00 

59a, Fried prawns with fresh tomatoes £5.70  59b, Sliced beef with fresh tomatoes £5.40

59c, Sliced chicken with fresh tomatoes £5.40  60, Roast Pork Chinese style. £5.00

 60a, Honeyed roast pork £5.30
  60b, Special fried 3 meats (Beef, char sui & Chicken) £5.60

Oriental House, curry dishes:

61, Special curry H £5.00  62, King prawn curry H £5.40  63, Shrimp curry H £4.80 

64, Sliced beef curry H £4.80
  65, Chicken curry H £4.80  66, Roast pork curry H £4.80 

67, Mixed vegetable curry (Large) H V £4.50  68, Mushroom curry (Large) H V £4.50

Sweet and sour dishes:

69, Sweet and sour pork in batter £4.80  70, Sweet and sour chicken in batter £4.90 

71, Sweet and sour King prawn in batter £5.90

72, Sweet and sour spare ribs £5.40  73, Sweet and sour mixed vegetables V £4.20 

74, Sweet and sour mixed vegetables H V £4.30

  V = Suitable for vegetarians                       H = Hot or Spicy                              = My favourites


for orders over £10  (within a 4 mile radius)

01206 760 123
01206 760 150

Sun - Thurs  5pm - 12am
Fri - Sat   5pm - 1am

Oriental House, Chop Suey dishes:

75, Special Chop Suey £4.70  76, King prawn Chop Suey £5.00  77, Sliced beef Chop Suey £4.60

78, Chicken Chop Suey £4.60  79, Roast pork Chop Suey £4.60  80, Mushroom Chop Suey V £4.50

Oriental House, English dishes:

81, Special omelette with chips £5.40  82, King prawn omelette with chips £5.60  83, Chicken omelette with chips £5.20

84, Roast pork omelette with chips £5.20  85, Shrimp omelette with chips £5.20

86, Mushroom omelette with chips V £5.20

86a, Plain omelette with chips £4.90  87, Roast breast of chicken with chips and BBQ sauce £5.80

Egg Foo Yung dishes:

87a, Special Foo Yung £5.20  87b, King prawn Foo Yung £5.50 

87c, Shrimp Foo Yung £4.70  87d, Chicken Foo Yung £4.70

87e, Pork Foo Yung £4.70  87f, Plain Foo Yung £4.00  87g, Mushroom Foo Yung V £4.40

Extra portions & side orders:

88, Stir fried bean sprouts V £3.00  89, Fried mixed vegetables V £3.40  90, Fried Mushrooms V £3.40 

91, Fried onions V £3.00
   92, Fried bamboo shoots and water chestnuts V £3.00 

93, Portion of chips V £2.10  93A, Salt & pepper chips £2.40
  94, Portion of sweet and sour sauce V £1.80

 95, Portion of curry sauce £1.80  96, Portion of BBQ sauce £1.80


97, Banana fritters V £2.80  98, Pineapple fritters V £2.80

  V = Suitable for vegetarians                       H = Hot or Spicy                             = My favourites

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(Menu updated December 2014)


(Orders over £10  (within a 4 mile radius)

01206 760 123
01206 760 150

Sun - Thurs  5pm - 12am
Fri - Sat   5pm - 1am

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