Seven steps to DIY professional development

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Among my circle of friends I count two doctors, three nurses, one psychologist, two social workers and five teachers. Over the years I’ve watched with interest as they attend professional development activities that are a requirement for maintaining their professional registration. Workshops, training courses and master classes are just a … [Read more...]

Four weeks and a deadline: curiosity, confusion, boredom and love in #survivephd15

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The last four weeks of my life have been rather hectic, so I’m giving you a whistle-stop tour of the last four themes from the “How to Survive your PhD” MOOC (#survivephd15 on Twitter), which ran across ten weeks and which I’ve periodically reported on here. The latest themes were: curiosity, confusion, boredom and love. I’ll start … [Read more...]

Self-doubt, perfectionism and common insecurities during research work

Harriet Frew

Harriet Frew shares some common insecurities in research and some approaches to them. Harriet is a specialist counsellor offering transformation programmes to support women to feel great about food, eating and their body image. She is also a contributor to local BBC Radio, offering her experience and counselling expertise in this area. … [Read more...]

Highlights from the Vitae Researcher Development International Conference 2015


Piirus recently attended the Vitae Researcher Development International Conference 2015 in Manchester, the largest dedicated event for all those with a strategic and practical role in developing researchers. Piirus exhibited alongside on the first day of the conference, which had aschedule that was jam packed with talks and … [Read more...]

“How to survive your PhD” weeks 2 & 3: growing in confidence


I'm writing about participating in the Thesis Whisperer's Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), called "How to Survive Your PhD". I wrote about getting started last week, when I couldn't see how to document my progress through the course: I'm pleased to say that I have found it under the tab labelled "Progress". Here, I found a link called … [Read more...]

Learning about the role of a research manager. An interview with Alex Challis

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Alex Challis is Postgraduate Research Student and Research Manager at QMUL's School of Politics and International Relations and responded to Piirus' recent survey. Alex previously worked as a Research Administrator in the Department of Media and Communications at the LSE for two and a half years and has also worked at the Universities of … [Read more...]