Interprofessional education – considering the research agenda

Guest blogger Scott Reeves is Professor in Interprofessional Research at the Centre for Health & Social Care Research, Kingston & St George’s, University of London, UK. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Interprofessional Care. Here he talks about the research landscape within interprofessional education. Over the … [Read more...]

Let’s talk science: tips for sharing your research with colleagues and the public


Jean Branan and Madeline McCurry-Schmidt are the authors of this blogpost, which turns the spotlight on communication skills for scientists and introduces a wealth of useful resources. This is particularly timely, after our Piirus recent survey results identified the difficulties of communication when making interdisciplinary … [Read more...]

Interview with the British Psychological Society President Jamie Hacker Hughes

photograph of Jamie Hacker Hughes

Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, clinical neuropsychologist, EMDR consultant and PTSD and trauma specialist with special expertise in military and veteran psychological health and is now also the 81st President of the British Psychological Society (2015-2016). He is Visiting Professor of Military … [Read more...]

Two Sides to the Same Coin

two side to a coin

Often in life two different groups of people (and often more) see the same situation from two different sides. The day to day problems that arise in a higher education institution are no different. Miscommunication and a lack of understanding can cause confusion, friction and eventually lead to conflict over even small … [Read more...]

Why I moved to the ‘Dark Side’ : Part two, leaving academia behind

piirus darkside final part 2

In part one I outlined the factors that steered me away from choosing the academic route. I had decided a career in university administration may be more suitable. Here, I consider which roles would be best for my skills and outline the role I've found. Part 2: digging deeper into the darkness! Once I had decided I was leaving … [Read more...]

Going to the ‘Dark Side’ : Part one, thinking before moving away from academia

the dark side

‘So what are you doing now? . . . Oh so you have moved to the dark side then!’ This is the typical response that I get from former colleagues (in jest I might add!) about my switch from a postdoctoral research role to administration of the Research Technology Platforms (RTPs) at Warwick. They often wonder why I have made the switch … [Read more...]

Conference preparations: the jet set life of a researcher


Let's set the scene:  half a year ago you submitted an abstract to the large international conference that everyone who is important in your field is speaking at. Your collaborators from sunnier climates are also going. Last month you got told that you are to give a talk (or poster) and you now know which session you are in. Obviously … [Read more...]

Please Take My Business Card . . . making connections at conferences


Picture the scene: You are in a hot and loud conference poster session, enjoying the free wine a nibbles whilst discussing a research area with peers from other institutions. You are there to make research connections with the leaders in the field. You get deep into conversation with one researcher from Yale, with similar opinions but … [Read more...]

#AcWriMo. Why I write best at home, from our Science Correspondent


I have found that everyone seems to have different favourite places to write their journal manuscripts. You may enjoy the florescent tubes beating down on your back in the office; you may find a nook in the local coffee house where WiFi is freely available and caffeine can be brought in a drip-like fashion. You may even use the local pub … [Read more...]

Tips for presenting and publishing collaborative research, from a scientist


In last week’s blog we discussed undertaking collaborative projects, however what should you do once you have all the wonderful data, have analysed it together and drawn exciting conclusions? Our Science Correspondent Ian Hancox explores this theme. Below are a few tips on how to publish and present collaborative research, but we would … [Read more...]

Making research collaborations: building relationships


In last week’s blog we focused on how to make initial research connections. This week we look at both why and how to expand on these initial contacts. Why would I want to put time and effort into building these research relationships? These research relationships may open up opportunities such as future employment, extra research … [Read more...]

Clinical Leadership in the NHS : An interview with Bernie Divall

Bernie Divall is completing a PhD in Clinical Leadership in the NHS. Her work is split between WBS (Warwick Business School) and the School of Nursing and Midwifery (Nottingham). Interview by Thomasin Bailey, PhD student in English & Comparative Literature. … [Read more...]