Brent Bailey


- Graduate of Mississippi State Univ - State Activities Coordinator for the 25x'25 Initiative; mobilizing support for clean energy solutions

Canton, Mississippi
Joined December 2010

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  1. Bioenergy in 2016: Powered Up, Hoping to Run - Renewable Energy World

  2. Today is the day! Please take time out of your day to VOTE. Let's bring change to Mississippi!

  3. Tomorrow is the day. Don't forget to vote !

  4. We're getting close! Please ensure you block out some time on November 3rd to vote.

  5. The election is on TUESDAY. I am counting on your vote, and wouldn't have made it this far without everyone's support. Thank you!

  6. The Kemper County Lignite IGCC Facility is a big issue for the PSC. See where I stand:

  7. We're one week out, and still have many people to reach! Please continue to spread the word.

  8. There are many issues facing our PSC. See where I stand on them:

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      Hate evil, love good; maintain justice in the courts. Amos 5:15a

  10. Want to learn more about me and my experience? Visit my website: brentbailey4psc

  11. We're getting close! Please ensure you block out some time on November 3rd to vote.

  12. Learn more about my stance on the Kemper County Lignite IGCC Facility:

  13. Leadership & experience are two vital factors to the position of PSC. Learn more:

  14. It's time for a new era! The utility customers of the 22 central district counties deserve rational leadership.

  15. As PSC, I will embrace energy diversification that ensure reliability, affordability, and safety.

  16. Our voice. Our power. OUR Mississippi.

  17. Here's a quick reminder of the counties that are in the central district. I hope I can count on your support!

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