Piirus Pioneers

Who are the Piirus Pioneers?

The Pioneers are the epitome of Piirus values and culture. Numbering 74 people, across 34 different countries in 6 continents they demonstrate the ability of Piirus to create connections and cross boundaries. They span different disciplines from Architecture to Applied Mathematics, Molecular Medicine to Marketing, Public Policy to Psychology.

Piirus is run by a small and dedicated team in the UK and so Piirus Pioneers are a vital part of the Piirus community, as ambassadors of the Piirus brand and purveyors of the Piirus message across the world. They are dedicated researchers, beloved professors, and social influencers.

The global team of Piirus Pioneers. Zoom and click on the markers to see who they are.

You can learn more about some of our Piirus Pioneers and why they became Pioneers on the member stories section of the Piirus blog.

Some Pioneers have shared their stories on YouTube: Arun Verma video and Jailson Querido video

What do the Pioneers do?

The Pioneers help spread word about Piirus by activities such as:

  • Sharing information about Piirus via social media and through informal conversations with friends and colleagues
  • Organising and leading Piirus presentations at conferences and their own institutions
  • Posting flyers
  • Displaying a link to their Piirus profile in their email signature and website or blog
  • Providing feedback to Piirus and other Pioneers
Benefits of being a Pioneer

At Piirus, we value the work done by our Pioneers to create a vibrant community of researchers across the world. We offer:

  • Piirus pack (everyone needs a mug in their kitchen and a pen on their desk)
  • Exclusive access to Piirus resources
  • Early access to Piirus news
  • Spread the word about Piirus and we will give your research global visibility
Become a Pioneer

Pioneer graphicWe are looking for more Pioneers to join our inner circle.

Do you care about the health and prosperity of a global research community?
Do you want to have opportunities to promote your own research to a global research community?
Do you want to put your country on the Piirus map?
Are you willing to represent the Piirus brand, spread the word, and meet interesting people?

Become a Piirus Pioneer today by contacting us

Pioneer of the Month

We love to recognise the great work done by our Pioneers and this is our way of saying thank you. Make your research visible, promote your country or region and activate new contacts by being our Pioneer of the month.


Pioneer Newsletter

Each month we send out a newsletter to our Pioneers. This includes our Pioneer of the Month piece, information about how to get involved in the community, first access to exciting developments at Piirus and extra resources to help you spread the Piirus message.

The Pioneer Manifesto

You have heard us talk a lot about the Piirus message, the Piirus ethos, but what exactly is that? Let’s find out, here is our Piirus Manifesto.

Pioneer Manifesto

Current Pioneers

Why not do a presentation for Piirus in your institution? Find slides, scripts and flashcards here and spread the Piirus message.

The Pioneer Forum

A special forum for our Pioneers. Introduce yourself, ask questions, find answers and help us connect more researchers worldwide. Pioneers please sign in to the forum


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