Piirus at the Australasian Research Management Society 2015 Conference: “Research Management in a Global Context”


Next week, I'm going to the 17th Australasian Research Management Society 2015 Conference “Research Management in a Global Context”. I'll be there in Singapore(!), along with Nick Brian, Director of the Warwick Employment Group, to represent both Piirus & our sister service jobs.ac.uk. We're excited about the programme as this will … [Read more...]

Building research partnerships & promoting research: An Interview with Dr. Carlos García Aparicio


In our latest follow-up to our survey of ARMA members we're pleased to talk to Dr. Carlos García Aparicio who describes his varied role which centres around sourcing partners for research, and promoting the research work of his institute. What does your role as research manager at the Institute of Polymer Science and Technology (ICTP) … [Read more...]

Technology innovation and application in research management and administration – the ARMA awards

Piirus founder Fiona Colligan at ARMA award ceremony: with award winner Valerie McCutcheon and Anton DuBeke

As Piirus is a service in the technology and innovation space ourselves, we know first hand that success is not just how well you develop the technology but how well you plan for adoption, integration and the cultural change that comes with the new technology. We've found that this means listening a lot, sometimes taking a step that feels … [Read more...]

Research managers and piers – the 2015 ARMA conference

ARMA Awards Fiona Colligan

Some of the Piirus team recently attended the ARMA (Association of Research Managers and Administrators) conference in Brighton 1st-3rd June 2015, where research managers and administrators come together to share best practice and discuss current issues facing the profession. There were a range of sessions, focusing on topics such as … [Read more...]

Research Managers and Administrators on Piirus? 3 reasons why it’s a good idea!

Photo of Jenny

Did you know that you can join Piirus even if you're not a researcher yourself, but in a role supporting researchers? It's free and you'd be welcome! Here are three reasons why we think it's a great idea: You can use Piirus to see which researchers at your own institution are looking for collaborations, and in what research areas: you … [Read more...]

Rewards of a role writing research funding bids. An interview with Lachlan Smith

photo of Lachlan Smith

Following on from our recent survey of ARMA members and our attendance at the ARMA 2015 conference, we're publishing interviews here. This week, we're pleased to feature Lachlan Smith, Research Funding Bid Writer who describes his role, the rewards from it and the importance of relationship building. What does your role as Research … [Read more...]

Learning about the role of a research manager. An interview with Alex Challis

photo of alex

Alex Challis is Postgraduate Research Student and Research Manager at QMUL's School of Politics and International Relations and responded to Piirus' recent survey. Alex previously worked as a Research Administrator in the Department of Media and Communications at the LSE for two and a half years and has also worked at the Universities of … [Read more...]