How to ‘Love Your Research’? A #piirusvoices event.

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Valentine’s day is fast approaching and individual researchers may be seeking out new researcher collaborations, or romancing their ideas, or even getting themselves ready for a night in with those grant applications!  Okay, so perhaps not the typical Valentine’s day. As you are already aware, from my fellow correspondent’s blog post … [Read more...]

Depth versus breadth in research


This guest blogpost from Kaitlyn Bunker discusses and illustrates a familiar theme for researchers. There is often a conflict for researchers between depth (becoming an expert in a very specific area) and breadth (learning much about a range of related topics). In my experiences both as a student and now as a professional, I have found … [Read more...]

Self-doubt, perfectionism and common insecurities during research work

Harriet Frew

Harriet Frew shares some common insecurities in research and some approaches to them. Harriet is a specialist counsellor offering transformation programmes to support women to feel great about food, eating and their body image. She is also a contributor to local BBC Radio, offering her experience and counselling expertise in this area. … [Read more...]

A collaborative working tool called Slack: thoughts on using it


At Piirus we're trying out a collaborative working tool, namely the free version of Slack. We're using it for one of our many projects, as a communication tool. It is a way for us to keep people in Berlin (Germany), Warwick, Newcastle (England) and deepest Scotland in touch with the each other, as we progress on our project. Here are some … [Read more...]

Why choose to digitise? 7 motivations to balance if you’re collaborating.

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We've heard recently from our Arts and Humanities correspondent about the project to digitise the Vatican's documents. Digitisation is a growing phenomena and there are many reasons why it might be carried out, leading to a variety of approaches. This post takes a look at some of the possible motivations that might lead to digitisation: … [Read more...]

Four issues when undertaking collaborative projects


You did all the groundwork and your collaborative project is underway: great! Keeping it on track is now the priority, and it's all about planning and communication. What is the best way to keep in touch, and keep everyone informed? Image credit:, Flickr Creative Commons Each project has its own needs, but they … [Read more...]

Increase your impact through research collaboration – tips for researchers


Do you feel you should collaborate more in your research or make more research connections? Did you participate in the recent #ecrchat on Twitter about Knowledge Exchange and Collaboration or wish you had? Are you undertaking a collaborative project and want to share your tips and hear others? Collaborating with others drives research … [Read more...]