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About Antibiotics
What is Convenia?
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About Antibiotics

We all know that antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria. This is why when taking antibiotics most folks take probiotics with good bacteria or eat lots of yogurt to prevent an imbalance in their bodies (this is why we get stomach discomfort if we don't take care of our good bacteria)! 


The active component of CONVENIA is cefovecin, an injectable broad spectrum third generation cephalosporin. It is presented as a lyophilised pellet that, after reconstitution with 10ml of sterile water for injection, contains 80mg/ml cefovecin.

What is Convenia Used For? What are the indications for CONVENIA?

CONVENIA is indicated for use in dogs and cats for the treatment of serious infections that are susceptible to ß-lactam antibiotics.


For the treatment of the skin and soft tissue infections including pyoderma, wounds and abscesses associated with Staphylococcus intermedius, ß-haemolytic Streptococci, Escherichia coli and/or Pasteurella multocida.

(((NO!)))   For the treatment of urinary tract infections associated with Escherichia coli and/or Proteus spp.


For the treatment of skin and soft tissue abscesses and wounds associated with Pasteurella multocida, Fusobacterium spp., Bacteroides spp., Prevotella oralis, ß-haemolytic Streptococci and/or Staphylococcus intermedius.  (ADDITIONAL LISTED USES & BACTERIA THAT ARE CROSSED OUT ARE NOT APPROVED BY THE FDA)

What Use is Convenia Approved For thru the Federal Drug Administration?
See Convenia Documentation Below:  The FDA and Federal Register do not show approval for this drug to be used for anything other than soft tissue infections, wounds and abscesses with specific types of bacteria, despite what Pfizer says on their brochures or website (advertising material).

Please note that the specific strains of bacteria for this drug are mentioned to cover the liability of the Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

What to do if Convenia is Used by Your Veterinarian for an Off-Label Purpose?

Every four hours feed a teaspoon of wet food with the prescribed amount of Bene-Bac (purchase thru some vets, Online or Amazon) for your animals body weight for the first (2) weeks. Reduce to twice daily - every 12 hours for the next 4 months.

Why are Vets using Convenia for Off-Label Purposes?
A vet employee shares this:
I became concerned about
                      Convenia when I was managing inventory & doing
                      the ordering at my last veterinary job. Convenia
                      is an *expensive* drug with a relatively short (I
                      believe 30 days) shelf life once it's mixed up,
                      and so the vets at that hospital were actively
                      looking for ANY opportunity to use it that they
                      could, because if they didn't rush to use up every
                      bottle, they'd end up losing money on it. And I
                      would be willing to bet that vets across the
                      country are doing the exact same thing.

Convenia Documentation (Be sure to read all the fine print!)

DO YOUR PART! Report Reactions and Off-Label use to the Federal Drug Administration and Pfizer

Drug Information on Convenia from (includes warnings)
Pfizer's FAQ for Convenia
Pfizer's Pet Owner Brochure
Convenia's Approval by the Federal Drug Administration
Convenia's Application to the Federal Register

What the Author of this Page Believes about Convenia

I am not a medical professional. I am a highly educated consumer and experienced pet owner. As a strong believer in body balance of good and bad bacteria - I believe that Pfizer has not perfected its research for Convenia and how it reacts with good and bad bacteria in cats and dogs.  (Hence, the many mishaps happening to peoples pets).  I feel that the drug works too well and it rapidly kills off the good bacteria too quickly for the animals' body to keep up, creating shock, thus causing organ failures or other serious reactions, including but not limited to anemia, seizures, etc. (Please read the documentations and message board on Facebook for more consumer stories).

My personal stories in brief:

In early 2012, a late night emergency veterinarian administered convenia to my 17 year old cat (Misses) for a urinary tract infection without lab culture. Within 2 hours my cat began to have seizures.  I immediately administered probiotics, understanding the mechanism of the antibiotics and how they kill both good and bad bacteria. Could not see any other reason why my cat would react to bacteria being killed off in her body, unless too much is being killed off to fast.

I advised my regular vet of the situation and he did not note the family pets charts.

Later in 2012, I brought my 4 year old cat (Missy) to my regular vet for a teeth cleaning. Since she has a heart condition, I advised the tech to prevent endocarditis to give her an IV drip during the procedure of amoxicillin. When I picked her up later in the day, I learned she had been given a shot of convenia without my permission! Pfizer says: Do not administer to cats with heart problems, or anxiety medication (my cat was prescribed both by the same vet)! As soon as we got home we started probiotic therapy.  She could not sleep for more than 2 weeks.  I politely tried to communicate my displeasure with the off-label use of convenia and was met with a letter and medical records for my pets sent to my home, discharging them from his practice.

Open Letters To and From a Uncaring Veterinarian
(Click to view the final pdf response from the doctor)
Please note: Names have been changed
Dear Dr. SuchandSuch,

Yesterday, our cat Missy visited your office for the day to have her teeth cleaned by Dr. MoreandMore.

I had left a note on the paperwork, considering Missy has a heart condition and was about to have her teeth and gums worked on.

The noted a request for IV antibiotic to "prevent" endocarditis.  We had been treating her with Amoxicillin daily.  I understand that Amoxicillin is typically used for this type of application.

Since there was no indication for prophylactic antibiotic premedication from your office, I felt that requesting IV antibiotics during procedure for Missy as a "limited antibiotic therapy" to to prevent risk of contracting microbial disease during or shortly after the prophylaxis could be therapeutic.  I left the decision in the hands of Dr. MoreandMore.

Upon arriving to the office to pick Missy up, I learned Dr. MoreandMore administered a Convenia Injection to Missy.

During a prior conversation with you, months back regarding my other older cat Misses, she had received a shot of Convenia at Emergency Vet, when she was urinating blood, with no sign of infection, only crystals.

Misses has been experiencing seizures ever since and has severely deteriorated.

I am very upset that Convenia - a long acting drug was used on Missy with no current sign of infection.

At this current time, Missy has not slept since the procedure yesterday. She's was meowing all night (she is usually quiet) and clearly not feeling well with an elevated heart rate.

Understanding the labelled use for Convenia for skin infections - this antibiotic works too well in my humble opinion when introduced to the small animals without proof of current infection and creates severe imbalance.
But also considering the cocktail of bacteria that Convenia destroys, may provide the idea it would be appropriate for off-label applications, however I feel that too many other forms of necessary bacteria get destroyed in the process, creating risk for other complications.
I feel this may be the reason why the FDA only approved Convenia for its labelled purpose.

It rapidly and continues to kill the good and the bad bacteria in the body too quickly and remains in the body for weeks and months creating potential for complications, including but not limited to death in many cases.

As you and I understand, if you get a severe drop of good bacteria in your body, it can make you very sick. Think about C-Diff as an example!

This is what I feel is happening with many animals for which Convenia is being prescribed for off-label purposes.

Not only does it state exactly on the website that Convenia is to be used for "Skin Infections" but I have also spoken with Pfizer who said that using Convenia for preventative purposes of endocarditis is considered "off-label".

At this time, Missy has been given Benebac and another combination of Probiotics, with hopes she will snap out of it.  We are going to attempt to mix a small amount of one of our healthier cats feces with the food as well.
We are being very aggressive with this and will continue to be over the next few months.

Dr. Lisa Pierson, DVM urges to not use Convenia for off-label purposes.  It is not a wonder drug and is inappropriate in many cases.  
Please read this article she wrote and contact her, if you feel necessary.

Also feel welcome to peruse the Facebook group dedicated to the many who have experienced complications because of Convenia

I'm pleading with you Dr. SuchandSuch, the owner of Pet Clinic - please use reservation and only use Convenia for the labelled purpose for which it was designed to only treat severe wound / skin infections.

Though Dr. MoreandMore did say you have had much success with Convenia, do you feel it is worth the risk - now knowing that two cats in the same household are having reactions?

I ask that it please be noted on Misses, Missy's and Barks charts - "No Convenia" - if it has not already been noted already.

We are very nervous and fearful for her life. I am overwhelmed with stress, and worry.

Please pray for Missy.

Thank you for your time and consideration to my letter.

Mrs. Concerned


Doctors Response:

Hi Ms,

Thank you for your comments...

How is Missy getting along -- we tried to call today and you were too busy

Perhaps you can give us a report



My Response:

Dear Dr. SuchandSuch,

Lady from your office, had called me while I was at the dentist. She only advised me that you were replying to my email. I thanked her and it was understood that a call back was not necessary.

Missy is currently receiving probiotic therapy 3-4 times a day and is doing a little better.
She is not as vocal and is moving around a bit more than the first few days.
She has not slept deeply since the convenia injection.
We are still very concerned and keeping a close eye on her.

Thank you for your concern.

Mrs. Concerned


Create Awareness, Let "NO CONVENIA" be a household term, like "Don't feed your pets chocolate!"
Discuss this with your friends, family, acquaintances and peers.

DO YOUR PART! Report Reactions and Off-Label use to the Federal Drug Administration and Pfizer