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  1. Probably one of the best blog posts on "should i launch a new product" I've read. The answers aren’t great but dire…

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  3. The most ridiculous headline you will read this year.

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    More and more I say that a product success is on people. And it's great to see Jeep thinking on that for this ad:

  6. . <- on how to scale a business from the Baltics

  7. pandoras iphone

  8. The President of Estonia just posted this to his Facebook wall. The dogs name is Estonia. I'm guessing the bear is …

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  10. The day has come when microsoft webmail - - has more features than gmail... the google product that hasn't changed …

  11. Super clever product strategy from Google - access any email address via gmail

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    "Your team will follow your example, not your advice."

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  14. These guys are definitely mission-driven

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    Simple security rule of thumb: don't build encryption for how the world is today, but how it could be if Donald Trump were President.

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    Good teams focus on getting better. Great teams focus on improving the rate at which they get better.

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    Yes! Love this stuff: Modeling growth for 2 sided marketplaces might be of interest to aswell

  18. In the future kids will make their own toys

  19. How autonomous teams manage code ownership

  20. Thank God for Calling out the devil since 36 BC

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