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How Much Can Be Borrowed With Title Loans?

The Amount of Loan You Get is Based on the Value of Your Car

Cash for Cars in Los Angeles is unique to where we will provide you the amount needed, starting at $ 2,501 and up to $20,000. We are welcome to make exceptions, and have done so many times, so don’t be afraid to ask. We are known to more than many of our competitors!

After we are able to see your vehicle and quickly inspect it, we will be able to more accurately determine the value that we will loan to you.  At that time you can make your decision. Since this will be a Car Title Loan, we will process it quickly and efficiently!

This will allow you to get your cash as quickly as possible, not like the run-around you get at the banks.Just fill out the quick application, and we will get back to you today!

A Team of Financial Experts Here to Help You Get the Cash You Need

You can always count on Car Title Loans Los Angeles when you need to get the most value (cash) for your vehicle via a Title Loan.  Most of our customers return for a 2nd and 3rd loan, because we are good at what we do, and are more than fair! We understand the needs of the consumer, we know life has struggles, and we do take this into consideration, so you can count on Car Title Loans Los Angeles to get you top dollar for your car, with a smile.

Our clients are simple company employees, to small and midsize business owners, and many of them refer their friends to us, which we greatly appreciate.

All transactions are made in strict accordance with local, state and federal law. Please contact your local office to review or discuss how our programs work.

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