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Car Title Loans in Paterson

Getting Fast Cash

When you need an emergency loan in Paterson, you can easily get it by using your vehicle as security for a car title loan. You only need to turn in your car title (not your car!) to get a loan of $2,501 up to $20,000 in just one hour. There are no gimmicks or tricks involved and it is all 100% legal.

You can apply any time of the day or night, because all of the application forms and information is located on the internet. Send your request in with your car title and get ready to collect your money!

Internet Application

Go online and find the car title loan application form. There is information for you to complete regarding the car that you own. Fill in the blanks with your car’s details, such as: what year your car is, the model of your car, its condition and the number of miles driven.

When the loan officer gets your request and car title, you will be contacted as to the amount and terms of your cash advance. The amount of the pink slip loan is according to the condition of your car.

Low Rates for Secured Loans

Car title loans in Paterson are low in rates because they are secured loans. This is not the kind of loan that you would get at a bank, because secured loans are lower in interest. From the bank, you could apply for an unsecured loan, which is considerably more expensive.

Another benefit of secured loans is that they are low risk. There is not a credit check required on low risk car title loans. This makes them available to anyone, even with bad credit. Apply and get instant approval.

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