12 Weeks of Christmas CAL #7

12 Weeks of Christmas CAL #7

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YAY! It’s time for week #7 to begin of the 12 Weeks of Christmas Blog Hop Crochet Along (CAL) sponsored by Red Heart and hosted by The Hooked Haberdasher, Charmed By Ewe and Pattern Paradise. Did you finish weeks 1-6? If you missed the free patterns for the first six weeks of the 12 Weeks of Christmas Blog Hop Crochet-Along, you can find the links HERE.

Do you need all the details of how to get involved in our CAL? Just hop on over to this post for all of the information on the CAL, blog hop, giveaways, and patterns; along with how to join our facebook group! 

A photo of your finished City Girl Cossack Hat posted at the Crochet Playground Facebook Group and linked to the the Rafflecopter by 10/29/15 11:59p PDT will be entered to win the Red Heart Yarn Prize package ($50 Value).

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I used Red Heart’s Sparkle Soft and Soft yarns for my model – I absolutely love the feel of the Soft line of yarns Red Heart offers. The yarns work up easily with beautiful results! As an option, I also used Red Heart’s Boutique Fur to trim one of the hats I’ve made – the Boutique Fur is oh so, so soft and works up easily using a large hook and has such fun results! I would recommend all of the Red Heart yarns I used in this project to all of my crochet friends and family!

This week’s free pattern for week #7 of the 12 Weeks Of Christmas Blog Hop CAL is brought to you by The Hooked Haberdasher – that’s me! The City Girl Cossack Hat is really fun to make with lovely results and it matches the City Girl Boot Cuffs!


City Girl Cossack Hat Crochet Pattern

Designed by The Hooked Haberdasher

To ensure success with this pattern, please read through entire pattern prior to beginning your project.

Skill Level: Advanced beginner


Abbreviations: ch=chain; CC=coordinating color; hdc=half double crochet; FLO=front loop only; MC=main color; R=round; sc=single crochet; sk=skip; sl st(s)=slip stitch(es); st(s)=stitch(es); tr=treble crochet

Adult – One Size fits Most (21-23” head circumference); hat body depth 9″

H hook- hdc, 12 sts x 8 rounds=4” using Red Heart Soft, which is an Aran yarn (go up a hook size to achieve gauge if necessary). I used a worsted weight for the second and third hats I made, and I did go to an I hook to meet gauge. *Tip: work your hat body with the right side facing you, even as the hat takes shape (it appears inside out as you increase the depth of the hat); this will keep your gauge accurate.

How to read this pattern:

  • When a number precedes the st, that number of sts need to be worked into the st. Example: 2hdc, hdc 4 = two hdc into same st, hdc in next four sts.
  • Asterisks indicate to repeat stitches within the ** as instructed.
  • Instructions within brackets [ ] are worked into the same st. Example: [tr, sc] = one treble crochet and one single crochet worked into the same stitch.
  • Parentheses ( ) at the end of a round = total st for that round.

Special Stitch: Faux Bobble: work *[1 tr and 1 sc into the same st], sk 1 st*, repeat * (I am working on a photo tutorial and video tutorial of this stitch, which should be released in the next couple of days).


  • This pattern is written in US terms.
  • The hat is worked in the round (spiral fashion) without joining.
  • Place your stitch marker in the first stitch of each round and move up with each consecutive round for the entire project.
  • Increase rounds (R1-7) will always end with an increase in the last st.
  • At the end of R7, your circle should measure approximately 6 to 6-1/2” in diameter.
  • Mark the first stitch of round 9 with a different color of scrap yarn.
  • For a half double crochet jogless stripe color change on R18, view this how to videotutorial “Jogless Stripes in Half Double Crochet When Working in Spirals” by Crochet Ever After.
  • When working your fold up hat brim you are continuing to work in a spiral; no join.
  • When making your faux bobbles [tr, sc] from R22 on, place your sts into the sk space from the previous round; this results in a staggered bobble effect. The st to work into is easily recognized by the length of the two top loops; you will work into the “longest” looking loops.
  • Your faux bobbles will appear on the “inside (wrong)” side of your hat” while working rounds 21+. When the brim is folded up, they will be on the “outside (right)” side of the hat.
  • Work over your tails whenever possible to have less weaving of tails when you’ve finished your hat.


HAT BODY (*Tip: place stitch marker in the first stitch of the new round. Place a scrap piece of yarn to mark R9; this makes it easier to count to R18 for your color change) 

1cossack 1

R1: With main color (MC) start with a Magic Circle. Hdc 10 into the ring. Pull ring tight. DO NOT JOIN – you are working in a spiral fashion. (10)

R2: Work 2hdc into each stitch around. (20)

R3: Work *hdc 1, 2hdc*, repeat ** around. (30)

R4: Work *hdc 1 in next two sts, 2hdc*, repeat ** around. (40)

R5: Work *hdc 1 in next three sts, 2hdc*, repeat ** around. (50)

R6: Work *hdc 1 in next four sts, 2hdc*, repeat ** around. (60)

R7: Work *hdc 1 in the next 9 sts, 2hdc*, repeat ** around. (66)

R8-17: Work 1 hdc in each st around. (66) (*Don’t forget to mark beginning R9 with a scrap piece of yarn) 1cossack 2

R18: Change to coordinating color (CC) using the Jogless Stripe Color Change technique (videotutorial link in NOTE section), and repeat R8. (66)

R19: Repeat R8. (66)

R20:  Work 1 hdc into each st to last two sts; sc, sl st. (66) *(your hat depth should measure 9″)

FOLD UP BRIM (*Tip: Be mindful of your tension, as working with skipped sts sometimes results in a tighter weave – you may want to go up a hook size if you find that your tension is too tight, as you don’t want your brim to crush your hat body. Also remember to continue using your stitch marker and move it up with the first stitch of every round.)

R21: *Working in FLO, work [1 tr and 1 sc] into the next st, sk the next st*, rep * around to last st; sk last st. (33 faux bobbles) 1cossack 3

R22+: (Working in both loops now, work your first “faux bobble” into the sk 1 space of the previous round – the set of long looking loops) Work *[tr, sc], sk 1*, rep * around. (33 faux bobbles)

1cossack 4

Continue working in a spiral fashion with no join, repeating R22 to desired brim height, ending your brim with a sl st.  (* I continued working R22 until my brim reached my yarn marker of R9.)

Weave in all ends using your tapestry/yarn needle. Fold your brim up at the natural fold line of the hat (R21) – adjust to your liking. Leave your Cossack hat minimalist or adorn with a pom-pom, button, lightweight brooch, rolled ribbon rose, feathers or add the Red Heart Boutique Fur – really whatever suits your fancy… Enjoy!


*Optional: For a fun furry edge, use your large hook and Red Heart Boutique Fur. Attach yarn with a sl st to your last round’s last stitch, and loosely sl st every other st around (33 sl sts). Finish off and weave ends.

©2015, Designed by Wendy Bickford aka The Hooked Haberdasher. All Rights Reserved. The design, pattern, and images are property of The Hooked Haberdasher. You may use this pattern for personal use/charity. Sale of finished item is also permitted with pattern credit given to www.thehookedhaberdasher.com. No part of this document may be reproduced, altered, or distributed in any form, or by any means, without express written permission from Wendy Bickford.


Here’s your sneak peek and supply list for the 12 Weeks of Christmas Blog Hop CAL, week #8. Next week’s project designed by Janaya at Charmed By Ewe, the Jolly Holiday Stocking, will be posted on Janaya’s website on 10/30/15 with all of the pattern details. Finished projects posted in the  Crochet Playground Facebook Group and linked to the Rafflecopter by 11/05/15 will be entered to win the Red Heart Yarn Prize package ($50 Value).

Here is the material list for the Jolly Holiday Stocking so you’ll be ready to get started right away:

  • Red Heart Holiday yarn in the following colors: White, Red, Green (1 skein of each)
  • 5.0 mm crochet hook

Wishing you a wonderful 12 Weeks of Christmas Blog Hop CAL, Week #7!!!

WENDY sig The Hooked Haberdasher

©The Hooked Haberdasher, all rights reserved

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  1. Carol Campbell

    I just finished this hat for myself. I used Redheart With Love yarn. Did it in a jade color with a varigated brim and seamist fur yarn. I love it. With my left over jade I am making a neckwarmer and fingerless mitts. I know my ears are not going to get cold wearing it this winter. Thank you for the great pattern.

  2. love it

  3. Kirsty

    What is the purpose of marking the first stitch in Row 9?

    • thehookedhaberdasher1

      For round counting purposes, and I personally made my brim to the height of where that row is marked :)

  4. Thank u for this beautiful pattern – I love my new hat!

    • thehookedhaberdasher1

      You’re so very welcome, Sandra – so glad you made one! ♥

  5. Enjoying these activities.

  6. halejm

    Lovely hat! Thank you for the pattern….

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