Duckweed, A Plant to Watch


Duckweed refers to a family of floating aquatic plants with the scientific name Lemnaceae.The  Lemnaceae    are    monocots   ( like  grasses  and  palms )   and   are   divided   into   5 genera: LemnaSpirodelaWolffiaLandoltia andWolffiella. Of these 5 genera Spirodela is the largest and Wolffiella is the smallest.


Duckweed normally reproduces by budding (a form of a sexual reproduction)although it is capable of sexual reproduction as well. Duckweed may be the most promising plant for the twenty-first century for the following reasons:

  • Duckweed produces more protein per square meter than soybeans.
  • Duckweed can be used to feed fish,shrimp, poultry and cattle.
  • Duckweed can purify and concentrate nutrients from wastewater (sewage effluent).
  • Duckweed provides food for wildlife, especially waterfowl.

2 Responsesto “Duckweed, A Plant to Watch”

  1. Dear Dr Landesman,
    Wonderful photos on duckweed farming on a tiny scale of pool. We have to develop technology to grow, harvest and process Lemna minor or other suitable duckweed species on very large scale, like hundreds of hectares, sustain them by proper nutrient regime, harvest scientifically, recycle water, process at a field facility and produce animal feed (protein, meal – to replace alfalfa meal, etc.), human food (FAO approved protein), bio-fertilizer and biocrude as fuel to be ‘dropped-in’ in regular petroleum refinery. If this is achieved then we can claim to have done justice to such a wonderful plant as DUCKWEED! Not to mention, to study its (various strains and species) growth under different conditions, water quality and climates is the challenge for the scientists and botanists!

  2. dr. myo min min (Myanmar) says:

    sent me more about duckweed usuable on meat duck production


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