Second Great War

Event Details
(BoB) War Fleet
Event Title The Second Great War
Location Period Basis
Start Date 2009.02.03
End Date 2009.06.16
Attacking Forces The Coalition:

Pandemic Legion
RAZOR Alliance
Rzr logo.png
Morsus Mihi
MMIcon21 01.png

Tau Ceti Federation

Tcf logo.png

KIA Alliance


Zenith Affinity
Rebellion Alliance

Defending Forces BoB/KenZoku

Against ALL Authorities


Executive Outcomes


Atlas Alliance (on two occassions)

Atlas logo final 256.png

Stain Empire

Result Coalition Victory on the 19th of June at the fall of 49-U6U, the last outpost under KenZoku control. Against ALL Authorities, ATLAS Alliance and vassals take control of Feythabolis, Omist, Scalding Pass, Esoteria and Wicked Creek.


Hostilities Begin Anew

On November 13th, 2008, -A- and their allies began a campaign in Feythabolis against Goonswarm, triggering the Second Great War. On November 25th, 2008, BoB and Executive Outcomes announced a formal alliance with -A- for the purpose of the destruction of Goonswarm.

After the GBC joined the battle alongside -A-, the Northern Coalition began mobilization for a distant southern campaign to assist the besieged RSF.

What ensued was 3 months of grinding attrition warfare of unparalleled magnitude with neither side making significant progress with the GBC putting consistent pressure on the peripheries of RSF territory. Though notably TCF managed to be uprooted from its Wicked Creek holdings by Executive Outcomes forces, overall progress could be measured in constellations against a coalition that spanned several regions.

However, all of this was soon rendered irrelevant in the single most cataclysmic act of espionage in EvE's history.

Haargoth Agamar

A character named Harkani joins IGNE, a corp in Goonswarm. A security check within the alliance reveals his past membership of a hostile-associated corp, and so he is about to be booted from the alliance when he drops a bombshell. The player behind Harkani is also Haargoth Agamar, a full director in the BoB corporations Black Nova Corp and, more importantly, Tin Foil.[1]. Disillusioned with the internal politics within BoB and enthused by the contrast he saw within Goonswarm on his alt whilst in IGNE, Haargoth offers to defect to Goonswarm. Goonswarm spymaster, The Mittani, initially plans a 'smash and grab' corp theft with Haargoth, but his imagination runs wild with other creative possibilities. In the end, a far more elaborate plan is devised, focused on the all-out destruction of BoB.[2]

On Feb. 5th, 2009, using his Tin Foil alt, Haargoth kicks every member corporation from the Band Of Brothers alliance, and once all corps have been removed the alliance itself closes. The name 'Band of Brothers' is immediately snatched up for an alt corporation run by the Goonswarm CEO, Darius JOHNSON, preventing BoB from recovering their identity. The disbanding causes sovereignty to drop throughout BoB space at the following downtime, removing the Sov3 and Sov4 granted defences set up in Delve, Period Basis and Querious.

The corporations that had made up Band of Brothers joined KenZoku (formerly their alt alliance) and prepared to defend themselves against the approaching onslaught.

The Assault

Goonswarm immediately dispatched a fleet to Delve and began shooting the towers placed there and called on their long standing allies in the Northern Coalition and Pandemic Legion for help. Initially the attacks were against infrastructure in the outpost constellations in Delve, with Querious also being hit within days. The war spilled over into Period Basis in April 2009 with the purging of GBC alliances Frontal Impact, Beach Boys and Executive Outcomes.

Major Battles

This is a list of the major battles of the Second Great War.


KenZoku gets their main cap fleet trapped. Engages in an extended fight (~5 hours) to defend J-L system from the combined assault.[3] In the aftermath of this engagement, Shrike of KenZoku loses a titan in BWA. [4]


KenZoku and Goonswarm engage in a large cap fleet battle. [5] Goonswarm, NC, PL, and KIA hotdrop a Kenzoku capital fleet that had been attacking Goonswarm towers. Further reinforcements were received by both sides as the battle progressed. GoonSwarm and their allies fielded a total force of over 400 ships, including an estimated 140 capitals (mostly dreadnoughts), while KenZoku and their allies had put roughly 220 vessels on the field by the end of the battle, including 70 dreadnoughts and a small number of carriers. GoonSwarm and allies took 48 losses, 15 of which were dreadnoughts, and killed approximately 67 vessels belonging to KenZoku and their allies, including about 42 dreadnoughts.


KenZoku and -A- as well as elements from Systematic-Chaos successfully defend against a Goonswarm invasion. [6] [7] With over 1,500 ships in the system, communications were severely disrupted. Few shots were able to be fired, so most ships left the battle, however many wrecks remained.[8]

Notable Losses




Disband of BoB, reformed as KenZoku and disbanded (later reincarnated as IT). Goonswarm holds sovereignty of Delve and Querious. KIA and Zenith Affinity hold sovereignty of Period Basis.

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