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Working with Custodians

Rotating banner images of Custodians who have called this region home

The Territory Wildlife Park is diversifying. Along with presenting the plants, animals and habitats of the Top End we are also beginning to introduce the stories of the Aboriginal groups who have called this region home.

We are developing relationships with the Kungarakan-Warrai families who have been identified (by the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority) as Custodians of sacred sites within the Territory Wildlife Park to ensure that these stories are accurate, authentic and appropriate.

“Koongurukan people believe that the land known to them as Lok Koongurukan is the place or country of their beginning. They were born to the land as Koongurukan people. The land nurtures and provides for them as a mother would and the culture that the land provides is passed on through the language which is the voice of the land. The country or land is regarded as their mother and has claim over them as mothers do. This is their birth right. We belong to the land” (Kath Mills, nee McGinness 10th March 2002)

Kungarakan Culture & Education Association (KCEA) website

Warning: This page contains images of people who have passed away. It is the wishes of their family that the images remain.