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Celebrate Spring with TWO HOT NEW TEA FLAVORS From Shepherd’s Garden!

This winter broke many records. From all time coldest daily highs to record numbers of days below zero in cities like Chicago. New vocabulary words like “polar vortex” managed to intrude into the vocabulary.

But spring is starting to show its colors here, finally, and what better way to celebrate than with two piping hot new flavors from Shepherd’s Garden- Vanilla Almond Rooibos and Spicy Red Chai.

Spicy Red Chai and Vanilla Almond Roobios Shepherds Garden New Organic Tea Flavors Bible Verse Scripture Tea

About Shepherd’s Garden Tea

Last year I posted about this fabulous and unique American company’s organic tea.

Delight Thyself In The Lord And He Shall Give You The Desires Of Thine Heart Psalm 37 v 4 <–click this pic to read it!

If you’re already familiar with this company, scroll down a few paragraphs to the new review “about the new flavors.”

Previous varieties range from White Peach and Peppermint, to Green Chai and Cranberry Orange Roobios. Shepherd’s garden purposefully does not use oxidized black tea in their mixtures, going instead for white, green and roobios teas accented by organic herbs, spices, and natural flavorings- which we appreciate very much. Its USA made and packaged (of course), and the peppermint flavor (which is awesome) is 100% domestic grown PURE peppermint- and it is divine.

As you can see, though, the biggest perk to Shepherd’s Garden are the Bible verses dotting every tea bag tab. Every verse is inspiration from God’s Word. While few things beat the cold like hot, gorgeous tea, nothing soothes the soul more than the tender loving words of God.

Its like nothing else in the pantry. ;)

bible tea devotional Isaiah 40 31 but they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength. scripture

Shepherd’s Garden has impressed us so much, we can’t stop recommending it to every tea drinker we meet. And the new flavors?

Top notch, as expected.

What We Like Best About These Two New Flavors

utmost devo and shepherds tea - a great pairing

Spicy Red Chai has great flavor, and while I like it plain by itself, it is excellent prepared in (homemade) coconut milk and sweetened by honey.  Some tea flavors are really only good for certain times (at least for me). Spicy Red Chai works pretty much any time, and is a great digestive-track stimulant. We find it’s a great way to wake up, or end the day after wearing out at work. Unlike the “sugar mixes” you often see on store shelves, this chai has been carefully formed with warming spices like cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, cloves, fennel, cardamom, black pepper, and ginger–all mellowed out by a fine vanilla creme… meaning that if you like spice, this one is the real deal. ULTRA NICE and relaxing as a personal tea or a gift for “true” chai fans. (P.S. I even converted my husband into a chai lover, using these teas).

Bible scripture verse tea new flavors

Vanilla Almond Roobios is a surprisingly fragrant, unique tasting tea, heavy on the vanilla. It especially shines when you pair it with something sweet- like banana bread, toast and jam, a muffin, scone, a cookie, or pretty much anything you can bake. Which makes sense since vanilla is part of baking. I’ve got to say, I  haven’t enjoyed banana bread quite so much as when there’s a cup of Vanilla Almond Roobios by Shepherd’s Garden by its side. This tea transforms dessert (or breakfast) into something to savor slowly between each delicate sip, rather than gobble down in a hurry. Nice nice nice.

tea party goodies cookies muffins organic bible verse tea pairing

Sweet bread and cookies make a great tasting tea even better.

SUPER tea great for tea parties devotionals sunday schools church fellowship house church small groups get well cards and personal quiet time any day

Ok, so we give these major thumbs up. I think they did a GREAT job!

But I encourage you to check them out for yourself.

Once you discover which flavor is most “you,” I do suggest buying an extra box (or six) to give them away as gifts to friends, on birthdays, or as care packages to those who need to “get well soon.”

Need help thinking of ways to give it? Here are my 31 Ways to Use Shepherd’s Garden Tea!

Even More Good News:

If you can’t decide which flavor would be best there is also a new sampler box (affiliate link) containing every flavor they offer!

No need to commit to a single-flavor box as yet.

Its a variety pack in one box is an affordable way to get started…

Alternatively, the other new flavors are also on Amazon:

Organic Spicy Red Chai Bible Verse Tea (affiliate link)
Organic Vanilla Almond Rooibos Bible Verse Tea (affiliate link)

(Note: Affiliate links generate a small commission on Amazon, without costing you a penny! They help support this website!)

P.S. In other good news, Shepherd’s is also selling Peppermint (the most affordable tea) IN BULK on their website for even MORE SAVINGS!!!

Beyond exciting for mint lovers!

Shepherds Garden Bible Scripture Verse Teas! ORGANIC!

Thanks to Shepherd’s Garden Tea Company this early spring just got a whole lot warmer.

go to for new tea flavors vanilla almond rooibos and spicy red chai scripture bible verse encouraging tea

Welcome in the new season with a relaxing new blend of warming comfort teas from a company with a mission you can feel really good about supporting.

Its win win win all the way.

Try it yourself by going to their website (single-flavor samples are available!), or if you are an Amazon shopper, go here (affiliate link) where they carry ALMOST all the flavors, except for peppermint.


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