The Judiciary

Court Hierarchy
The highest court of law in Seychelles is the Seychelles Court of Appeal. This is the court of final appeal in the country. It is presided over by a President and Justices of Appeal. Its premises is located at the ex-National Library along State House Avenue in Victoria.

Next in line is the Supreme Court of Seychelles. The Supreme Court is the trial court for high value civil claims, admiralty matters, matrimonial disputes (except for custody and child maintenance), serious criminal charges. It is presided over by the Chief Justice and Puisne Judges. It is also the first court of appeal for all the lower courts and tribunals. The Supreme Court also deals with judicial review. It is located next to the Victoria Clock Tower at the Palaise de Justice. The Constitutional Court of Seychelles is housed at the premises of the Supreme Court and handles constitutional matters. It is presided over by the Supreme Court judges.

The Magistrates Courts of Seychelles are next in line and they are the trial court for lower value civil claims and less serious criminal charges. They also handle the initial stages of remanding suspects into custody.

Thereafter there are a number of lower tribunals that deal with specific issues. The Family Tribunal deals with domestic disputes such as domestic violence, child custody, child maintenance, dealing with problematic non-minors who live in their parents houses etc. The Rent Control Board deals with issues of eviction of tenants etc. There are also numerous bodies that deal with employment grievances depending on the nature of the employment agreement and the nature of the dispute.