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This page is filled with resources & ideas about mental health, madness, trauma and recovery. Use them for yourself or a loved one, or in your mental health work or organisation. If they help, please share them.

For more ideas, read my blog, my published papers, check out some of my public talks or interviews.

All of the resources on this page are freely available to use and share, although I do appreciate a reference if you are using them in a professional context.

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Self Help Resources

Living with Difficult Emotions

I created this 12 page booklet for people interested in understanding more about difficult emotions. It includes worksheets to explore your own experiences with difficult emotions. I hope you find it useful.

Difficult emotions like anger, fear, shame and sadness can cripple our lives. But finding new ways to understand and respond to these emotions can also free us from suffering and create new opportunities in our lives.

Download Difficult Emotions Self Help Booklet  

Coping Skills


Coping skills won’t solve our underlying issues, but they are an important step along the path to recovery.

Coping skills help us to survive difficult emotions, thoughts and experiences. They give us a break from our pain, which in turn gives us space to build our personal skills, strengths and resources. Coping skills are an important way that we can keep ourselves safe.

This coping skills worksheet is based on what has helped me get through difficult times, and the wise advice I’ve learned from others. It has been downloaded by thousands of people over recent years.

Download Coping Skills Information Sheet  

Information Sheet: What is Trauma?


When it comes to trauma, many people struggle to be sure if their own experience qualifies. Even workers are often unsure about what trauma actually is.

This information sheet is written from a personal perspective, and shares the ways that I have come to understand trauma as I’ve worked through my recovery.

Please note, as with all information about trauma, that the content may be distressing or triggering. If you don’t feel safe, please read the information sheet with someone you trust, or leave it for another day.

Download Info Sheet: What is Trauma? Read on webpage: What is Trauma?  

Heart in box_MEDIUM


Getting Through Christmas

Christmas is a difficult time for many people. Whether it’s loneliness, financial hardship, finding meaning or surviving a family Christmas dinner – it’s not always full of the peace and joy it’s cracked up to be.

Download Christmas Workbook  


My recovery story

birds_arm_my recovery
Everyone has a story to tell, and this is the short version of mine. A longer version is on the way in the form of a memoir, but you’ll have to wait a little for that one.

Read my recovery story.

Why is there so much pain? Some personal reflections.

I’ve spent vast slabs of my life struggling with this question, and I know I’m not alone. So many people who have been diagnosed with mental illness have experienced phenomenal adversity and suffering. This short essay is my own way of making sense. I can’t promise any answers, but these ideas have helped me.
Read my short essay ‘Why is there so much pain?’

A New Mental Health Act for Victoria? Better, but not good enough.

Freedom bird_SMALL
Well, the new Mental Health Act went ahead in 2014 without the changes I recommended in this short essay during the Act’s consultation period. Well it may be true that we can’t always get what we want … but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying. Let’s hope these types of changes make it into legislative amendments not too far in the future.

Read my short essay ‘A new mental health act for Victoria’

Walking the Peace Road. Thinking about mental health reform in the context of anger.

I wrote this essay after I had a bit of a personal epiphany. I’d been working towards mental health reform for many years, but had always been on the outside, a loud, not very pleasant, critic. There was certainly righteousness in my anger, but one day I suddenly realised that I had stopped, as Gandhi invites us, ‘being the change I wished to see.’

Read my essay ‘Walking the peace road’

Training with Impact


book escape smallThese links are not balanced and they do not represent the most common websites you’ll find about mental health on the internet. The fact is, stories about chemical imbalance, and the usefulness of medications, and ‘helpful’ lists about symptoms are everywhere. If you want to read that stuff, just go to Google and search for ‘mental health’.

I’ve intentionally sourced links that share a different story. Hope, new ways of thinking, a focus on human rights and choice, and real stories from real people. These links are mostly challenging, political and, I think, brilliant.

  1. Hello Indigo,

    I wanted to let you know that your coping skills worksheet is really loved by my clients. It is colorful and easy to utilize. I encourage them to hang it on their refrigerator at home and look to it. I also refer to it frequently when we practice trying on coping skills.

    thanks for your creativity and those helpful tools.


  2. Thank you so much for these. These are perfect for someone I’ve been having trouble reaching. You are wonderful and this website is amazing thanks so much!

  3. I love your coping sheets and your living with difficult emotions booklet. What a beautiful presentation.
    I am planning to share this with clients,family and friends. I am so excited about your website.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the workbook! I love the way it breaks things down!

  5. As a mental health professional I must say that your handouts and information is top notch! Thank you. Great job!

  6. Absolute gems indigo – Cheers!
    I love the new “Living with Difficult Emotions” workbook!

  7. Absolutely amazing – this website is a real gift. Thank you so much for sharing it. I have recommended you to SO many people!

  8. thank you

  9. I love the coping skills chart. It will be helpful in teaching clients. Thank you

  10. Indi, you are doing amazing stuff- that workbook will be really helpful!!
    Millie xxx

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