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Investor. Mensa Member. Read 1 book a day. 3million view TedX. tai@tailopez.com -Watch 67 Steps That Took Me From Broke To Driving Lambo/Ferrari. Click Below

Hollywood Hills, CA
Joined March 2007

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  1. Haha word... 'tailopez1'

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    got the most knowledgable snapchats

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  4. Run lots of short experiments. They won't feel like big failures and they progress you to the next step.

  5. Do what others won't, to live like others want...

  6. Every time I'm around an older dude who's dating a younger, pretty woman who's bitchy, I'm thinking, "Bro it's not worth it." Haha

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    looks like

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    Trendstacking...something I original heard from has shifted the way I think about things.

  9. I tell people this but only a few have ears to hear.

  10. People ask why I care about Oscars? Easy. I love experts of industry. Find golden nuggets for ur life from the best

  11. To make real money💰💸 just do all the stuff that everyone knows they should do but procrastinates on and never does.

  12. When you don't know what to decide, pick the simplest option. Usually is the right choice.

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