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Facilities Engineering & Real Propery Management Division
FACENG (Internal)

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The Facilities Engineering & Real Property Management Division is a service organization that prides itself in its ability to provide topnotch quality services to its customers. JC provides a large number of support services to all segments of Ames Moffett. These services include Facility engineering (engineering analysis, design, and construction), center maintenance, grounds care, energy conservation, minor construction, facility planning, facility utilization, real property management, and support to Moffett resident agencies.

BIMWe also directly support the historic preservation and development of Moffett Field, special events and Emergency Services. Other responsibilities include support for environmental programs and Ames' Disaster Assistance Recovery Team.

 Steve Frankel

 Tony Wong

 Kelly Kasser


+ Ames Procedural Requirement (APR) 8715.1
Ames Health and Safety Manual

+ Ames Procedural Directive (APD) 8829.1 Construction Permits
+ Ames Procedural Requirement (APR) 8829.1 Construction Permit Process
+ Planning Clearance Application
+ Construction Permit (ARC57)
+ Construction Permit Request for Deviation/Waiver (ARC815)
+ Construction Permit Transmittal Sheet (ARC857)
+ ARC Construction Permit Tracking Sheet (ARC858)


The most recent versions of the following Directives are available at the NASA Online Directives Information System (NODIS) web site:

+ NPR 8820.2F
+ NPR 8831.2D Facilities Maintenance Management
+ NPR 8570.1 Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation Technologies and Practices
+ NPR 8553.1 NASA Environmental Management System (EMS)
+ NPR 8715.3 NASA Safety Manual w/Changes through Change
+ NPR 8580.1 Implementing The National Environmental Policy Act And Executive Order 12114
+ NPR 3792.1A Plan For A Drug-Free Workplace
+ NPR 8800.15A Real Estate Management Program Implementation Manual
+ NPR 1700.6 Guide for In service Inspection of Ground-Based Pressure Vessels and Systems - with changes 1-8, dated July 13, 2000
+ NPD 8720.1A NASA Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) Program Policy
+ NPD 8820.3 Facility Sustainable Design

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