Cairnpapple Hill

an Historic Scotland site (see also the nearby Preceptory, Torphichen and Blackness Castle)

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The Scottish National Aerial Photography Scheme (SNAPS)

Aerial Photographic Techniques for Children

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A still from a virtual 3D model formed by merging two KAP images.

Kite aerial thermal image September 2011

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4 October 2010 Our Lady Of Lourdes RC Primary School Blackburn
30 September 2010 Murrayfield Primary School Blackburn
25-26 September 2010

Historic Scotland Free Entry Weekend

22-24 April 2011 Easter Weekend 2011
3-4 September 2011 Historic Scotland Free Entry Weekend
12-13 May 2012 Stirling & Edinburgh Young Archaeologists and others


Jim Knowles  KAP  (Compare with The Ord)



Jim Knowles  2 February 2010  KAP

Jim Knowles  2 February 2010  KAP


(Near infra-red KAP)

Looking South (KAP Pentax Optio W60) August 2009

At some time in the future we will take a closer look at the Bathgate Hills to the south especially around the old silver mines (2).

Looking towards Bathgate (KAP Pentax Optio W60) August 2009



(KAP Pentax Optio W60)  August 2009


Foreground: Torphichen Hills as viewed from Cairnpapple, July 2009 (Castlethorn prehistoric hillfort left - Gormyre Hill 4th right)  Near infra-red

Bowden and Cockleroy hillforts are also visible from Cairnpapple

Visits  Organised by the Historic Scotland Countryside Ranger Service,

Rangers' Office, Linlithgow Peel, Linlithgow, EH49 7AL

Our Lady Of Lourdes RC Primary School Blackburn

4 October 2010

A very windy day.  Photos were taken with the aid of a pole.

Murrayfield Primary School Blackburn

30 September 2010

Hands-on activities.
Pupils carry out kite aerial photography.
Kite aerial photo.
Kite aerial photo.
Re-enactment of a ritual burial with Ian (HS), Ruth (AS) and Frances (HS).
Pole aerial photography.
An energetic pupil brings down the kite. Kite aerial photo.


      Historic Scotland Free Entry Weekend to Cairnpapple Hill       

 25-26 September 2010

A wonderful weekend with good weather and well over 450 hundred visitors


Pole aerial photo taken by Max (age 7). Cockleroy Hillfort in the background (centre).


Rosie with her kite.

Picnic time.

kite and pole aerial photography underway.


Looking towards the old silver mines.



Ian Deveney helping Bronwen to make fire.

Weapons and tools ( www.battlescarweb.co.uk )
Kite Aerial Photo.
Archaeologist Jim Knowles talking geophysics with Graeme (HS).
Children choosing what they would have as grave goods.
Bronwen and Katy (HS).
Christine (HS), Jim (WLAG), Bronwen, Graeme (HS) and John (WLAG).



Easter Weekend 2011
22 - 24 April 2011
Friday started cold and miserable(Pole aerial photo right)
Kite aerial photo.
Graham Taylor (Potted History) demonstrating ancient pottery techniques with Ian Lewis to the left.
Jan Hendry demonstrating painting with ground-down minerals.
Replicas of ancient tools.
A small sled kite with a drogue and a HQ Flowform 2.0 kite (used for aerial photography) with a fuzzy tail for stability.


Historic Scotland Free Entry Weekend to Cairnpapple Hill       

 3-4 September 2011

Kites over Cairnpapple.   Jim Knowles
Kite aerial photographers of tomorrow?
Kite aerial photographers of today!
John and Jim showing their rigs to Prof. Gordon Petrie. Kites flown away from structures.

Four kites and a glove!



Another Activities Weekend with Visits from the Stirling and Edinburgh Young Archaeologists' Clubs and Others.

12-13 May 2012

Rosie, Cade, John, Jim and Heidi of the West Lothian Archaeology Group.


Night Hawk Delta, Becotised Sutton FF16, HQ Power Sled M 1.7, Premier Kites Power Sled 14 and Sutton FF16 in a strong, gusting wind.

Stirling YAC


Adjusting the camera on the picavet suspension.


Flying the camera with Cockleroy Hillfort in the background, left of centre above the buildings.


Members of the Edinburgh YAC.

Members of the Edinburgh YAC looking at aerial images on the camera.






Cairnpapple Ring Barrow

Jim Knowles


Jim Knowles  KAP composite


Other features

Jim Knowles  KAP


Western slope of Cairnpapple

and nearby

Raven Craig Hill

Galabraes Standing Stones

and also

Beecraigs prehistoric site

and the central

Sanctuary Stone