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Influential and revered exponents of Stoner Rock. KYUSS was the first in a line of Doom influenced acts that introduced a trippy 'Desert' groove to their sound, re-defining the meaning of bottom end in the process. The amalgam of Grunge attitude, 60s Garage, 70s Heavy Rock and B movie imagery allied to Doom roots almost single handed invented the phrase 'Stoner Rock'. They achieved this by tuning way down and summoning up a subterranean, organic sound designed for equal impact upon both the brain and the bowels. Although never truly commercially successful during the active life span of the band, the KYUSS legacy has weighed heavy on the Stoner scene.

The band's original line-up included vocalist John Garcia, guitarist Josh Homme, ex-THE OBSESSED bassist SCOTT REEDER and drummer Alfredo Hernandez. Both Reeder and Hernandez had cut their teeth with school Punk band DEAD ISSUE, an outfit that also featured vocalist / guitarist Herb Lineau and guitarist Mario Lalli. With Lineau's departure DEAD ISSUE evolved into ACROSS THE RIVER. Reeder would then decamp and Hernandez and Lalli, adding Larry Lalli on bass and Gary Arce on guitar became ENGLENOOK in 1987. This band too shifted shape into YAWNING MAN. As the Lalli brothers later created FATSO JETSON Hernandez and Reeder re-united to found KYUSS, taking this title from a Dungeons & Dragons game character. Chris Cockrell (a.k.a. 'Vic Du Monte'), later of SOLAR FEAST, would actually earn the distinction of being the first KYUSS bassist if only for a short period. Performing at first purely for friends across the southern California desert, the combo's reputation soon spread further.

KYUSS debuted with 1991's Catherine Enny and Ron Krown produced 'Wretch' album, a basic Punk Rock offering for the independent Dali label that generally went unnoticed outside the confines of their own clique. The band transformed their sound for their breakthrough 'Blues For The Red Sun' album from KYUSS was produced by Chris Goss Of MASTERS OF REALITY. Heavy on instrumentals 'Blues For The Red Sun' was the first album to capture the KYUSS brand and included perennials such as 'Thumb', the staccato 'Thong Song', the numbing trance inducing 'Mondo Generator' and 'Green Machine', the latter hedonistic enough to boast a bass solo. Poignantly, such was the influence of the album that later generations of Stoner fledglings would take these song titles as band names.

With the fragmentation of the Dali-Chameleon label, KYUSS were duly snapped up by a perceptive Elektra label for 1994's 'Welcome To Sky Valley'. This album saw the inclusion of 'N.O.', an archive ACROSS THE RIVER track complete with a guesting guitar slot from co-writer Mario Lalli. Critically praised KYUSS were ahead of their time and album sales failed to match expectations. Notwithstanding, 'Welcome To Sky Valley', which came with listener instructions 'Listen without distraction' and with tracks divided into suites and sequenced minus pauses so as to discourage skipping, is widely regarded now as a seminal Rock release worthy of classic distinction. A notable single release of 'Demon Cleaner' came complete with three album outtakes, 'Day One (To Dave & Chris)', 'El Rodeo' and 'Hurricane'.

A further set, 1995's '... And The Circus Leaves Town' again had the media in raptures. This album included the track 'Catamaran', originally an early YAWNING MAN composition. An interesting single release of 'One Inch Man', only seeing release in Germany, hosted exclusive non-album tracks 'Flip The Phase', 'Mudfly' and 'A Day Early And A Dollar Extra'. The 'Gardenia' single too hosted a previously unavailable song in the eight minute epic 'U.N. Sandpiper'. Man's Ruin Records put out a purple vinyl 7" single, an unaccredited cover version of BLACK SABBATH's 'Into The Void' paired with 'Fatso Forgetso', both recorded at Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree, that same year. However, unable to make further headway KYUSS folded in 1995.

Garcia put together SLO BURN with members of local act WOLF following the band's break up. Although great things were anticipated from SLO BURN the group issued just one EP 'Amusing The Amazing', toured as part of the 1997 'Ozzfest' bill then folded. The singer also had stabs at other ventures such as 13 and a proposed union with members of Chicago Doom veterans TROUBLE which both came to naught.

Homme cut demos billed as GAMMA RAY. After touring as a member of SCREAMING TREES for nearly two years the guitarist founded QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, an act that one time SOUNDGARDEN drummer Matt Cameron aided in the live situation but later included original KYUSS drummer Alfredo Hernandez. Former DWARVES bassist Nick Oliveri (adopting the pseudonym of 'Mondo Generator') would later join the fold to boost the ex-KYUSS contingent. The Man's Ruin label weighed in on Homme's behalf by issuing the KYUSS album 'Queens Of The Stone Age' collecting together KYUSS rarities with three new tracks from Homme's brand new outfit.

Drummer Brant Bjork teamed up with FATSO JETSON as rhythm guitarist appearing on a brace of split 7” singles before opting out to concentrate on his priority act FU MANCHU in late 1997 for their 'The Action Is Go' album. John Garcia was found fronting KARMA TO BURN in 1997 although his employment with the West Virginians lasted a mere twelve gigs.

Both Bjork and Homme laid down the DESERT SESSIONS album 'Volume I & II' during 1998. More 'Desert Sessions' albums were to follow. By 1999 Garcia had created UNIDA for the 'Coping With The Urban Coyote' album. After recording another ex-KYUSS man, bassist Scott Reeder, who had been touring with GOATSNAKE, joined the band for live work.

The Autumn of 2002 had news that ex-KYUSS drummer Alfredo Hernandez had united with the well known figures of SOUNDGARDEN guitarist Kim Thayil and former NIRVANA bassist Krist Novoselic in a new band venture. Subsequent reports had Novoselic bowing out early on to concentrate on his own EYES ADRIFT act.

BRANT BJORK, going under a further revised title of BRANT BJORK & THE BROS. stepped out for an extensive North American tour in March of 2004. Support came in the form of an acoustic set delivered by Nick Oliveri, a former KYUSS colleague and recently ousted from QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. In June Alfredo Hernandez joined MONDO GENERATOR. Scott Reeder guest sessioned on GOATSNAKE's August 2004 EP ''Trampled Under Hoof'.

Argentinean label Dias De Garage assembled a KYUSS tribute album in 2004 entitled 'Listen Without Distraction'. Contributing bands included LOS NATAS, SICK PORKY, CYGNUS, MELISSA, AVERNAL, SUNFERNO, BUFFALO, TAURA and CRUZDIABLO amongst others. The European Stoner 'Roadburn' festival of April 2005, held in Tilburg, Holland, featured a band unit of note to KYUSS fans with IDIOT PRAYER including original bassist Vic Du Monte and drummer Alfredo Hernandez.

Scott Reeder produced the 'Auricle' album for Los Angeles outfit BUTCHER in mid 2005, subsequently joining the band as a full-time member. Subsequently SCOTT REEDER issued his solo debut, 'TunnelVision Brilliance'.

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