Optimize Your Customers’ Digital Experience

Optimize Your Customers’ Digital Experience

Find out what’s really happening to your customers — and to their data. Ghostery MCM helps you speed up, clean up, and lock down your site and apps so you can focus on driving growth for your business.


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Ghostery lets you control the tags, so you can focus on your business.

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Get compliant with AdChoices, Cookie Law, and other programs. Learn more

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  • Product Releases
    Ghostery 6.0.1 for Firefox

    Ghostery 6.0.1 for Firefox

    Hi there Ghosterians,

    We can't thank you enough for all the feedback we have received... The good and the bad. We have been listening and planning on making some of the changes suggested. This first release is to solve some of the more immediate problems that were uncovered. We are building out a Ghostery 6.1 that will have more product feature updates that have been suggested. If you still experience issues with these fixes please send an email to support@ghostery.com so that we can investigate immediately.

    For those of you who missed it, here is a link to a more in depth review as to why and what we changed in the 6.0 release. If you still have questions on anything, please click on the links below and pick your means of getting in touch with us.

    New Features Summary

    Ghostery 6.0 for Firefox includes the following new major features:

    • Improved setup UI/UX for users setting up 6.0 with pre-existing settings.

    • Updated copy.

    • Updated FAQ link.

    • Updated release notifications link.

    • Improvements to the accuracy of our opt-in data sharing.

    • Improvements to internal product analytics.

    Fixed Defects Summary

    Ghostery 6.0 for Firefox includes the following major defect fixes:

    • Fixes issue with email validation for account creation and login within the extension

    • Fixes issue with user sign in / sign out, ensuring that users can stay signed in without being prematurely signed out.

    • Fixes issue with tracker alert bubble (purple box) so that it stays open when you open it and closed when you close it, even when navigating from page to page.

    • Fixes issues related to extension UI interface, including defects related to overlapping text misplaced scroll bars, and missing dismiss “x” from upgrade notification.

    • Fixes issues related to  to language recognition upon install for our 22 supported languages.

    • Fixes issues related to Facebook social share where the Ghostery image was cropped incorrectly.

    • Improves the UI on the Tracker Settings Panel when a user goes to a site that can’t be scanned or that doesn’t have any trackers.

    Your current version should auto-update unless you have turned that off from your browser’s menu, but if not, you can get the new version HERE.

    As always, we appreciate your feedback., so please, drop us a line, send us a tweet @ghostery or visit our forum. And remember… If you love Ghostery,  and want to help us out, please join our panel by enabling our Support Ghostery feature!

    ~Happy browsing!

  • Webinars
    The State of Marketing Tech Today

    The State of Marketing Tech Today

    Join Norm Morrison, Sr. Director, Perf. Management and Principal Architect at eBay Enterprise and Larry Furr, VP of Product at Ghostery, on March 30th, 2016 at 2PM EDT for a lively discussion around the current state of marketing technology, its impact on site performance, and best practices that can turn the chaos into calm.

  • Consumer
    Introducing Ghostery 6.0

    Introducing Ghostery 6.0

    When we launched the Ghostery browser extension in 2008, we never guessed how popular it would become. With more than 50 million installs spanning over 200 countries, and more than 30,000 new installs daily across all five major web browsers, iOS and Android; Ghostery is the most popular web tool for providing cleaner, safer and faster web browsing.

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