Memoirs of a Lifelong Communist by Erwin Marquit.(19262015)


Chapter 1. My Father's Journey from Russia to Leavenworth
Arrival at Ellis Island and first years in the United States p. 2
Sentenced to 15 years for sedition for his l May 1918 letter of declination of military service The political p. 3
Full text of letter of declination of military service p. 4
Political objectors at Fort Leavenworth Disciplinary Barracks p. 5
The biggest prison strike in U.S. history, 16 February 1919 p. 6
Segregation of the political objectors to the Wire City compound p. 9

Chapter 2. A Bolshevik from the Age of Six, 1926–40
Leo marries Edna Schweitzer p. 13
Birth in the Bronx and early memories p. 14
Earliest memories p. 14
The Workers Cooperative Colony in the Bronx p. 17
Family experiences during the Depression p. 21
Adventurous first trip to Atlantic City p. 22
Leo falls victim to the Third Period p. 23
At 695 Allerton Avenue p. 24
Summer vacation during the Depression p. 24
The Harlem experience p. 25
Eviction and the move to Coney Island p. 28
Entering Mark Twain Junior High School p. 31
How Leo discovered I was mature enough to read Plato p. 33
Getting ready for high school p. 33
First dance, first operation, and first crush p. 34
Feeble entry into the petty bourgeoisie p. 35

Chapter 3. My High School Years, 1940–42
How the Townsend Harris High School entrance examination raised my IQ p. 37
“We aren’t tough, we arn’t rough, but boy are we determined” p. 37
Precursor to McCarthyism in the 1940s p. 39
The American Youth Congress in Washington, DC, 3–6 July 1941 p. 40
Hitchhiking to visit Carl in Yellow Springs, Ohio p. 40
Cementing friendships p. 43
Exploited as busboy and waiter p. 45

Chapter 4. College of the City of New York (CCNY), 1942–44
A YCLer learning the ropes at City College p. 47
Class struggle? Not this way! p. 48
Incompatible mix: A YCLer in the ROTC p. 49
Demand for a second front in Europe p. 50
Involvement in the Free French movement in New York p. 50
Encounter with French sailors in Coney Island p. 51
Woody Guthrie in Coney Island p. 52
Father of the electric blanket: My brother Carl as designer of electrically heated suits for Air Force pilots p. 53
Meeting my first imperialists p. 53
Part-time job at the Library for the Association of the Bar p. 53
Death of Leo p. 53
First successful romance p. 54

Chapter 5. Service in the Navy: From Boot Camp to Pearl Harbor, 1944–46
Enlisting in the U.S. Navy p. 55
Boot camp 55 Navy school in Chicago p. 57
Transfer to a Navy school in California p. 58
Radio Materiel School in Bethesda, Maryland p. 58
Surgery at the Bethesda Naval Hospital p. 59
Recuperation in travel p. 59
Working in the laundry as light duty p. 60
Battle of wits with the revengeful chief petty officer p. 60
Social life in Washington p. 61
Liberty in New York p. 61
Unskilled guarding of the docks along the Potomac River p. 62
Atom bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as we travel to the West Coast p. 62
On to Pearl Harbor p. 620
On duty as Radio Electricians Mate at Pearl Harbor p. 63

Chapter 6. Service in the U.S. Navy 1944–46 (continued):
  The GI Demobilization Demonstrations of January 1946
Back into political activity, this time in military service p. 66
The Honolulu Labor Canteen p. 67
The demobilization slowdown p. 69
Into action in Hawaii p. 72
The “Mutiny” of 1946 p. 74

Chapter 7. Return to CCNY, 1946(a)
Drama of the voyage back to the U.S. mainland for discharge p. 83
Acquisition of a step father p. 84
Joining the Communist Party at CCNY p. 84
Winston Churchill launches the Cold War p. 85
A Communist in CCNY Hillel Foundation p. 85
The successful struggle for the Education Fair Practices Act p. 86
Struggle for the removal of two racist professors at CCNY to be presented as separate chapter p. 86
Election activity in New York p. 87
Sent to remedial speech at City College p. 89
How I read Marx’s Capital p. 89
Soviet Proposal for a two-state solution for Palestine p. 89
My Interaction with the CPUSA Jewish Commission p. 90
Willie Gallagher acknowledged Lenin’s criticism of him was correct p. 90
Precursor of decision to switch from engineering to physics p. 91

Chapter 8. Combating Racism at CCNY—Open vs. Surreptitious Struggle in the Knickerbocker-Davis Cases, 1946–49
Charges of anti-Semitism against William Knickerbocker, Chair, Department of Romance Languages p. 92
American Jewish Committee’s analysis of the record p. 94
Investigation by the Hillel Community Actions Committee and the Student Council p. 97
My discovery of the falsification of a Jewish student’s transcript p. 97
Anti Defamation League’s attempt to suppress the Hillel Foundation Report p. 98
CCNY administration establishes Jim Crow housing for veterans p. 100
City College students mobilize for struggle to remove racists from faculty p. 100
City College Student Strike, April 1949 p. 103
Personal reflection on involvement in Knickerbocker-Davis struggle p. 107

Chapter 9. From CCNY Graduation to Emigration, 1948–50
American Labor Party elects second member to Congress p. 109
Job hunt and blacklisting p. 109
Working at Slocum and Fuller p. 113
Henry Wallace and the Progressive Party p. 115
Engagement and marriage p. 115
Death of brother Car p. l16
The move to New York p. 117
Working for E. U. Markosz p. 117
Closed shop agreement with United Public Workers forces trade school to hire me p. 118
Joining the Party shop club p. 120
Antiscab solidarity detail during teachers strike at sister school p. l21
The Foley Square Smith Act Trial p. 124
Conspiracy to facilitate a biracial marriage p. 125
Graduate school at Brooklyn Polytechnical Institute and New York University p. 126
Solidarity trip below the Meson-Dixon Line in support of miners’ strike p. 127
The CPUSA goes underground p. 128
Demonstrating against U.S. entry into the Korean War p. 129
“U.S. Loyalty Test”at NYU prevents my starting a master’s degree dissertation p. 130
Beginning of a thirteen-year emigration p. 131
Aborted stay in Paris p. 132
Waiting in Stockholm for visas to a socialist country p. 132
Hired as an engineer at the Swedish telephone company L. M. Ericsson p. 133

Chapter 10. As Émigrés in the People’s Republic of Poland, 1951–53
Asylum in Poland p. 135
In limbo while being vetted in Warsaw, January 1951 p. 135
The U.S–Canadian colony in Warsaw p. 139
Working at Polish Radio p. 144
Background—Poland in 1951 p. 147
Shopping in a war-damaged economy under socialist reconstruction p. 154
Adventurous visit by Esther’s mother p. 156
Carl’s illness p. 156
No go at criticism from below p. 157
Settling in more comfortably p. 157
First to announce the death of Stalin to the Western world p. 161
End of the Soviet Jewish doctors’ plot with the arrest and execution of Beria p. 162
Editing an encyclopedia—after its publication p. 162
Nonpayment of rent to test the court system p. 162
Behind the golden curtain p. 163

Chapter 11. Working as an Engineer in the Polish Electrotechnical Industry, 1953–1955
Leaving the Polish Radio for work as an engineer in the electrical industry p. 164
Elected as shop steward p. 168
Assuming primary responsibility for son Carl p. 169
Ingenious accommodation to the fuel shortage p. 170
Visit by the Red Queen p. 170
Appeal to Central Board of the Electrotechnical Industry against decision of director7 p. 11
The Fifth World Festival of Youth and Students for Peace p. 172

Chapter 12. Master's Degree Student at the University of Warsaw, 1955–56
Fifth-year physics student at University of Warsaw p. 175
Hepatitis: Hospitalization followed by a month at a spa p. 176
Joining the high-energy physics research group of the University of Warsaw p. 180
Visit by Edna and adventure in Czechoslovakia p. 182
Esther and I separate p. 183

Chapter 13. Polish Political Crisis in the First Year of De-Stalinization, 1956–57
Soviets acknowledge false accusations against prewar Polish party leaders p. 185
Class character of the people’s democracies p. 186
Gomułka blames Jews for his removal as leader of the PUWP p. 187
Khrushchev’s concern about high proportion of Jews in upper levels in Poland p. 188
Precursors to the Polish political crisis of October 1956 p. 189
The Polish Crisis, October 1956 p. 191
Completion of the requirements for my master’s degree p. 197

Chapter 14. Physics, Politics, and Life Problems, 1957–59
The graduate student settlement in Jelonki p. 199
My first scholarly publication p. 200
Examining candidates for university admission p. 201
Affirmative action for the Roma in Poland p. 202
First activities as member of the PUWP p. 292
Six-weeks of paid vacation p. 204
Danysz and Pontecorvo’s practical joke at Dubna p. 205
Marquit vs. U.S Embassy p. 206
Research Trip to East Berlin p. 208
Obtaining custody of Carl p. 212
Continuing research during hospitalization p. 213
Social stratification under socialism at a Polish spa p. 214
Unusual collaboration for a book translation p. 217

Chapter 15. Travels to Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union, Switzerland, and England, 1959–60
High-energy physics working meeting in Czechoslovakia p. 219
Edna and her new husband, Sam Nesin, take me to Moscow after visit to Poland p. 219
Second trip to Moscow Second trip to Moscow p. 220
Frustrating fellowship Geneva and unsuccessful medical treatment for Carl p. 221
World-class fellowship in England p. 222
A remark that would have been better had it not been made p. 224
Christmas mishaps in Bristol p. 225

Chapter 16. Expulsion from England, Brief Return to the United States, Divorce, Dramatic Return
 to Poland, Remarriage, Dissertation, and Repatriation, 1960–63
The Home Office cannot agree to your further stay in the United Kingdom p. 226
A Mexican divorce p. 228
Dramatic return to Poland p. 229
Marriage to Ruth Rasch p. 229
Beginning my PhD dissertation p. 230
Skirmish with the Polish Militia Unit granting exit/return visas to resident foreigners p. 232
International controversy over research results in experimental high-energy physics p. 232
Birth and death of son Leo p. 235
First “Polish” high-energy physicist to visit West Germany p. 235
Stranded in Austria during a trip to Western Europe in my new Peugeot p. 235
Buying spare parts for the Peugeot p. 238
Completing the requirements for a doctoral degree p. 238
Decision to return to the United States p. 239

Chapter 17. FBI Harassment and Deception by Colleague Accelerate Advance from Research Associate
 to Associate Professor with Tenure, 1963–66
Return to the United States; Carl stays temporarily with Esther p. 242
Return of Carl to my custody p. 243
First results of my high-energy physics research at the University of Michigan p. 244
Entry of U.S. troops into the war in Vietname p. 244
Failed attempt by the FBI to “make me an offer that one cannot refuse” p. 244
Assistant professorship at University of Colorado arranged by Frank Oppenheimer p. 246
Frank Oppenheimer’s 1949 encounter with the House Committee on Un-American Activities and his Oddessy from Minnesota
 to Colorado p. 246
At the helm of Frank Oppenheim’s laboratory p. 247
FBI conducts their “interview” p. 248
Cultural life, physic, and George Gamow, at University of Colorado p. 249
Mysterious earthquakes in the Denver area p. 249
Frank Oppenheimer establishes the San Francisco Exploratorium p. 250
Voluntary exodus from University of Colorado in wake of Leona Marshall’s deception p. 250
Dinner with Hans Courant leads to associate professorship at University of Minnesota p. 252
Searching for quarks at 14,254 feet p. 252
Overnighting in Las Vegas en route to Minnesota p. 254

Chapter 18. As Vietnam War Escalates: Tasks and Travels of a Research Physicist, Divorce, Remarriage,
 Science and Politics; 1966–71
First Days in Minnesota p. 255
Caught in Chicago snowstorm, January 1967 p. 255
Second divorce p. 256
Undiscovering the H meson p. 256
Front-line high technology in experimental high-energy physics experiments p. 257
In charge of wining and dining for the physics department p. 257
Trip to Heidelberg, Rome, Florence, Milan, and Warsaw in 1967 p. 257
APA–Phoenix Repertory Company’s New Year’s Eve party p. 258
Aristocracy at the University of Minnesota’s Polish Club p. 259
Brookhaven National Laboratory, Montego Bay, Assassination of Robert Kennedy p. 260
Resumption of political activity p. 261
A wise choice in life—marriage to Doris Grieser Eustis p. 261
Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman relished brownies p. 263
African American students demand for African American Studies p. 264
Rising wave of opposition to the Vietnam War p. 264
Opposition to the war in the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party p. 266
U of M student strike supported by U of M Faculty/Student Senate p. 267
The Minnesota 8 p. 267
Successful student blockage of construction of fast-food chain Red Barn in historic university area p. 268
Unanticipated moments with my mother during conference trip to USSR in 1970 p. 268
Visit by Doris’s mother Edwina and her former sheriff husband, Pat McGrovran p. 269
Women’s rights and labor issues at the University of Minnesota Campus Club p. 269
My first article in the Minnesota Daily p. 270
Exposing CIA use of faculty for intelligence gathering p. 270
Antiwar physicists force acceptance of speaker to rebut address of Nixon’s science advisor at American Physics Society banquet p. 272
University of Minnesota Task Force calls for end of military surveillance of antiwar students and faculty p. 272

Chapter 19. Sabbatical in Denmark, 1971–72
Surprises en route to year-long stay at Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen p. 274
Trip to East and West Berlin p. 275
High-energy physics in the Scandinavian collaboration p. 276
Christmas−New Year excursion to Leningrad p. 276
Tour to Crete with Jerry and Shaw WalTz p. 277
Activity in Copenhagen against the U.S. war in Vietnam p. 277
Trips to England, Scotland, and Poland p. 279
Visit with Haaken Chevalier in Paris for discussion about Frank and J. Robert Oppenheimer p. 279
Cousin Sydney Cooper, “Corruption fighter,” retires p. 282

Chapter 20. Organizing Faculty Union; CP Candidate for Governor of Minnesota; Representing U.S. and World Peace
 Councils at International Conferences in USSR and Cyprus, and CP District Activities and Problems, 1972–77
Resuming support for McGovern campaign upon return from Sabbatical in Copenhagen p. 284
Organizing a faculty unionization campaign to repulse threat to tenure p. 284
Reentry into and revival of the Minnesota/Dakotas District of the CPUSA p. 286
Trial of the Russell Means and Denis Banks, leaders of the Wounded Knee Occupation p. 287
Chairperson, Minnesota/Dakotas District p. 289
Labor committees on energy during the 1973–75 energy crisis p. 290
Campaign against pollution of Lake Superior p. 290
Grape and lettuce boycottsv p. 291
Decision to run as CP candidate for governor of Minnesota in 1974 election p. 291
Precampaign trip to the German Democratic Republic, Poland, and the Soviet Union p. 292
Battle against the denial of leave for the election campaign p. 294
Preparation and promotion of the CP election program p. 294
Campaign demand for removal of anti-Communist clauses in employment applications p. 295
Collusion of Minnesota Attorney General Spannaus with the mining companies p. 296
Campaign against degrading searches of mine workers p. 297
Another campaign issue: Anti-Semitism in the selection of a new U of M president p. 297
Brief assessment of the gubernatorial campaign p. 298
Tension with CP District Organizer Matt Savola over Jim Crow at Mesaba Park p. 298
Representing the U.S. Peace Council at conference in the Moscow and the World Peace Council at conference in Cyprus in 1975 p. 299
Police brutality against American Indians in Minneapolis p. 302
Claude Lightfoot tells YCLers, “Capitalism will not last past the winter” p. 302
Twin Cities visit by GDR film director Konrad Wolf p. 303
Doris diagnosed with cervical cancer. Ocologist okays delayed treatment so she can attend
 the World Congress for International Women’s Year (IWY) in East Berlin, 20–24 October 1975 p. 303
Matt and Helvi Savola’s attempt to isolate the University Club p. 303
Finding electors in the Dakotas for the CP candidates in the 1976 presidential elections p. 304
IBEW local thanks Gus Hall for University Club support of their strike p. 305
Cautiously arranged meeting with union activists in St. Cloud, a John Birch Society stronghold p. 305
Former Minnesota Congressman John Bernard joins CP at age of Eighty-Five p. 306

Chapter 21. Marxist Studies at the University of Minnesota, 1974–77
Change from experimental high-energy physics to conceptual foundations of physics p. 307
Honors course: Marxist Philosophy of Science and Society p. 307
Approval for a one-time offering of a team-taught course: Introduction to Marxism p. 308
Attack by Christian Crusade Weekly: “College Credit for Enemy Indoctrination” p. 309
Battle for permanent approval of course “An Introduction to Marxism” p. 310
Beating back attempt to weaken the Marxist-Leninist content of the Marxism course p. 316
Subsequent history of the course “An Introduction to Marxism” p. 317
Praise of my paper by Marcuse aids approval for the course “Fundamentals of Marxist Philosophy” p. 318

Chapter 22. Midwest Marxist Scholars Conferences and the Marxist Educational Press (MEP), 1975–80
Origin of the Midwest Marxist Scholars Conferences p. 321
Doris joins the CPUSA p. 323
Coupling of the Marxist Scholars Conferences with the formation of the Marxist Educational Press (MEP) p. 323
First attempt at creation of a CPUSA Academic Commission p. 325
Disruptive activity by the East Coast MEP collective p. 326
Expression of support for MEP by CPUSA Chair Henry Winston p. 326
Initial volumes of the Marxist Educational Press series Studies in Marxism p. 326
Meridel LeSueur at the Fifth Midwest Marxist Scholars Conference p. 328
“Grandmothers, listen” by Meridel LeSueur p. 328
MEP Summer Institutes p. 329
Home office production of commercial-level academic publication p. 330
Dialectical Workshop and the journal Science and Nature p. 332

Chapter 23. First Attempts at Conceptual Foundations of Physics under Conditions of
  Administrative Harassment 1973–79 1973–79
Pursuing my new field of research in a struggle with dogmatism in Marxist philosophy p. 334
Critique of operational definitions to establish meaning of fundamental properties of physics p. 335
First explicitly Marxist-oriented paper on philosophy of physics appears in mainsteam physics journal p 336
Correcting error in the “authoritative” translation of Newton’s Law of Inertia p. 336
Controversy over Engels’s discussion of contradictory character of spatial motion p. 337
Visit to Humboldt University in East Berlin to arrange sabbatical in 1978/79 p. 338
East German workers and students help free the the Wilmington Ten p. 339
Salary grievance p. 339
Dean initiates secret review of my work in violation of Minnesota Privacy Act p. 342
Publication of excerpts from of Hiebert’s bigoted revue in Minnesota Daily aborts the dean’s review p. 342
Another review promised by the dean that never materialized p. 344
Extraordinary the Party in a University of Minnesota promotion p. 345
Carl’ divorce leads to first break in our relationship with him; stepdaughter Lili completes nursing school p. 345
Stepson Oskar enters NYU and then drops out of NYU to Found the Red Wing Theater Company p. 345
The John E. Forechette Case p. 346

Chapter 24. Sabbatical in the German Democratic Republic, 1978/79
Arrival in East Berlin p. 347
Marxist Presence at World Congress of Philosophy, Düsseldorf, 26 August–2 September 1978 p. 347
“Manfred, we have to help our American comrades” p. 349
East Berlin newspaper notes our presence in Berlin:” From the Mississippi to the Spree” p. 349
Fortunately aborted visit with film director Konrad Wolf p. 350
Trip to Paris to explain absence of French Communists at World Congress of Philosophy p. 350
Protesting the arrest of the singer Dean Reed in Buffalo, Minnesota p. 350
Christmas Visit of Minnesota physics colleague, Hans Courant to East Berlin p. 350
Preparation of my polemic against the French criticism of Engels. Invite to Bulgaria p. 352
Varna (Bulgaria) Summer School of Marxist-Leninist Philosophy, June 1979 p. 353
Hiding signs of economic problems in the GDR p. 353
Interpersonal workplace relations at Humboldt University p. 354
Controversy over Vietnam’s disposal of the Pol Pot Regime in Cambodia p. 354
Observing Romania’s ideological problems during vacation trip to Bucharest and Varna and Mamaia p. 354
Invitations for talks and conferences in the GDR and Poland p. 355
Dr. Paulose Mar Gregarios—the “Marxist-Leninist” Metropolitan of Delhi and the North p. 355
Marriage of stepdaughter Lili to Joe Cloud, an Objibwe p. 356
Interview with the GDR youth magazine Jugend p. 356
Ideological encounter with the Soviet dogmatic wing in philosophy at Sixth International Congress on
  Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science, 22–29 August 1979 in Hannover, West Germany p. 356

Chapter 25. Chapter 25. Ongoing Battle for Promotion to Full Professor>
Scurrilous personal attack on by Marvin Marshak p. 356
Appointment of “Special Review Committee for Erwin Marquit,” aka “Ad Hoc Committee to Undertake Performance review
  of Erwin Marquit” p. 358
Biases in the selection of the core reviewers by the committee p. 359
Analysis of the biases in the reviews of the core reviewers selected by the committee p. 360
Ad hoc committee denies me promised right to comment on reviews before its issues its recommendation p. 362
Ad hoc committee issues negatively tainted recommendation for promotion p. 363
Promotion denied p. 367
Filing of complaint with the Senate Judicial Committee agaimst Vice President Keller for denial of promotion
  on the basis of political and philosophical bias p. 357
Rejection of associated mmbership with Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science p. 368

Chapter 26. Chapter 26. Solidarity with the Revolution in Grenada
Overthrow of the Gairy dictatorship p. 368
First visit to Grenada p.368
Providing material aid: typewriters and typewriter parts for the Grenadian school system p. 370
“Looking for the man with the big foot?” p. 371
Special attention to the needs of Grenadian women p. 372
Proposal for two-week "high-tech" summer workshop for high-school science teachers%emsp;p. 373
At meeting of the Caribbean Studies Association in Havana, doubtful claim by Minister of Culture
  about no need for affirmative action program for Afro-Cubans p. 373
Bumpy beginning, but successful ending of two-week summer workshop p. 374
Implosion of People’s Revolutionary Government%emsp;p. 375

Chapter 27. Interrelated Political/Ideological Activities in the USA, Poland, USSR, GDR, and Cuba, 1980¬83 Research fellow in Poznan and Moscow, fall quarter 1980 and summer 1981. p. 377
Growth of the Polish Solidarność labor organization p. 377
Doris pushes a proposal for an exchange agreement between Humboldt University and the University of Minnesota p. 378
Averting a disaster as host of the Rector and Vice Rector of Humboldt University p. 378br> Exchange agreement signed. Acquisition of the German fetish for promptness p. 379
Two stays at Moscow State University p. 379
“You are destroying the unity of my thought!” p. 380
Signs of the Soviet economic implosion p. 381
Invitation from Professor Timur Timofeev (son of Eugene Dennis) to lecture at his institute p. 381
Revisions needed for the U.S. edition of Philosophical Problems in Physical Science p. 381
Managing a crisis in the Marxist Educational Press p. 382
Fifth Annual Midwest Marxist Scholars Conference, 1–4 May 1980 p. 382
Danny Rubin creates new party crime: Criticism of homophobia is anti-leadership”  p. 382
Minnesota/Dakotas District initiates dropping of CPUSA homophobia p. 382
Commemoration of thirtieth anniversary of McCarthyism at the U of M: The firing of “Scientist X” p. 383
Conferences, talks and publications in Poland and Bulgaria p. 384
I am “Potentially dangerous because of background, emotional instability, or activity in groups engaged activities
  inimical to U.S." p. 385
Invitation to attend the founding of the Latin American History of Science and Technology Society, Puebla,
  Mexico, 23–26 August 1982 This was the kindest absolution I ever received: “You are a Communist, you are not a Gringo p. 386 “Dialog 2 of the Americas: Conference on Sovereignty of Nations, an Encounter of American and Latin-American Intellectuals
  Mexico City, sponsored by the Committee of American and Latin American Intellectuals for the Defence of
  Sovereignty p. 386
Trevor Monroe (Jamaica) and Cheddi Jagan (Guyana) attend the Seventh Midwest Marxist Scholars at the University
  of Cincinnati, April 1983 p. 387
MEP Summer Institute, University of Minnesota, 1983. Discovery of open letter of solidarity with Professor Erwin Marquit p. 387
Organizing a reception for Marxist scholars attending the 17th World Congress of Philosophy in Montreal, 21–27 August 1983 p. 388
Request by Father Harvey Eagan for membership in the Communist Party p. 388
Invitation to Speak at the 100th Anniversary of the Death of Karl Marx, Havana 29 November–1 December 1983 p. 389
Frederick Vanderbilt Field rings our doorbell  p. 389

Chapter 28. Comments on the Findings of the Senate Judicial Committee Hearing Panel, 1982
Central issue: Was quality of my work in my chosen field on a level that merited my promotion? p. 391
Alan Goldman resorts to anti-Communist rhetoric to discount favorable opinions by core reviewers from socialist countries. p. 391
Hearing panel cites flawed inclusion of Roger Steuwer in ad hoc committee over my objection p. 392
Hearing panel cites ad hoc committees and Keller’s failure of to allow me to submit comments on draft of their
  report before submitting it to the Dean. p. 392
Hearing panel criticizes Keller’s sending recommendation back to the professors for a promotion vote over their objection p. 393
What some professors characterized as “word play” did in fact lead to correction of mistranslation of Newton’s First Law. p. 393
Rump meeting of full professors protests criticism in Minnesota Daily editorial p. 393
Promotion to Professor without Disciplinary Designation instead of Professor of Physics p. 394

Chapter 29. Thwarting Allan Goldman’s Conspiracy with Dean Staehle to Force the
  Retirement of Professor Roger Jones and Me, 1983
University administration’s attempt to fake a fiscal exigency to force retirements of tenured professors, 1983 p. 395

Chapter 30. Academic/Political/Ideological Activities in the U.S., China, GDR, Bulgaria, Hungary.
  Cuba, USSR, and North Korea, 1983–90
Marxism-Leninism creeps into the CLA Bulletin’s description of physics p. 397
Karl Marx Centenary Conference, New York, 19 March 1983 p. 398
MEP Conference Expansion to the West Coast p. 393
Doris and I are treated as VIPs in China p. 398
Soviet delegation at Marxist Scholars Conference in Chicago, 1985 p. 401
On leave in Berlin, GDR, fall 1985 p. 401
Polikarov’s jokes during conference trip to Bulgaria p. 402
Oskar’s adventure with the Volkspolizei at Checkpoint Charlie p. 402
Erwin’s adventure with the Volkspolizei at Strausberger Plaz p. 403
GDR friendship activities in the Twin Cities turns to be more than friendship p. 403
Associated Press story with headline “U professor says politics have caused problems p. 404
View on Determinism and “hidden variables” in physics p. 404
Another sojourn in the GDR, 1987 p. 405
Edna moves to Minneapolis, her heart subsequently giving way in 1989 p. 405
Gus Hall blocks CPUSA support Jesse Jackson campaign to secure nomination as Democratic Party candidate for president in 1988. p. 405
April Knutson replaces Helvi Savola as District Organizer p. 405
Havana in June 1989 and new Canadian friends from Trinidad and Tobago p. 406
Travel to Hungary and Bulgaria in 1989 p. 407
Invitation to Pyongyang 1989 p. 408
Hostile reception of MEP exhibit by Soviet visitors to Moscow Book Fair, 1989 p. 408
Visits to Pyongyang in 1989 and 1990 for arranging and conducting a Marxist Scholars Symposium in the DPRK p. 408
Critique of the DPRK concept of juche p. 408
Back from Pyongyang to China, where the Chinese keep us busy p. 412
U.S. State DepRelationships with the local and national CPUSAartment tells me it will grant the North Korean scholars conference visas if they are who they say they are.  p. 413
Strange behavior of North Korean scholars during their visit to Minnesota p. 413
Planned conference of MEP with Chinese Institute of Philosophy takes place June 1991 p. 414
The final days of the GDR, 1990 p. 414
Reconciliation during Uli Röseberg visit to Minnesota p. 414

Chapter 31. The Crisis in the CPUSA and Its Aftermath, 1990–94
Gus Hall snubs visit of Joe Slovo, leader of the South African Communist Party p. 416
The national Party leadership scuttles the 1989 Marxist Scholars Conference at Temple Unniversity p. 416
Ideological character of the crisis in the CPUSA p. 417
Criticism of Gus Hall’s policy of setting industrial concentration against the centrality of African American equality p. 418
Criticism of Gus Hall’s gross violations of democratic centralism p. 420
The 25th National Convention of the CPUSA p. 420r
The Minnesota Committees of Correspondence p. 423r
The Marxist Educational Press maintains its coherence despite the crisis in the CPUSA p. 425
Maintaining a busy academic schedule despite the Party crisis p. 425
German Communist Party (DKP) invitation for article about the CPUSA crisis and a speaking tour in Germany p. 426
MEP Publication of Downfall and Future of Socialissm by Hans Heinz Holz p. 426
Ten theses of Marxist-Leninist theory p. 428
Independent Communists of Minnesota p. 433
Marxist Forum section in Nature, Society, and Thought p. 433
Relationships with the local and national CPUSA p. 435

Chapter 32. Trips Abroad, Article in Encyclopeidia of Applied Physics, Sabbatical at
  York Universityn; Marshak’s McCarthyism Nearly Sabbotages Retireement Agreement;
  Promotion to Ptofessor of Physics; Oskar’s Career Blossoms, 1994¬95
Trips to Havana, Germany, Italy and France in 1994 p. 436
28th Congres;ilosophy of technology in the Encyclopedia of Applied Physics p. 436
Sabbatical at York University, Toronto p. 438
Visit to Toronto by long-term high-school friend Murray Nesenblatt p. 438
Thwarting Second attempt to prevent abolition of tenure at the University of Minnesota professors p. 438
Marshak’s McCarthyist anti-Marxism nearly sabotages conclusion of my retirement agreement p. 439
Oskar appointed Artist Director of Trinity Rep in Providence, Rhode Island p. 439
Sharing President Cheddi Jagan’s Birthday Cake with him in Guyana p. 440

Chapter 33. . Mostly Unimpeded Academic, Political, and Ideological Activities, 1995−2000
Doris and I rejoin the CPUSA in the summer of 1995 p. 441
Cuba in 1995 p. 442
“It is better for the black man” p. 442
The special period in Cuba p. 442
Estate Planning and the Marquit-Grieser Fund p. 443
Oldest Living Bolshevik in the World p. 443
Herbert Aptheker awarded Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Massachusetts, Amherst p. 444
Vindictive People’s World deletes mention of recognition of Aptheker’s association with Du Bois at
  University of Mas sachusetts Dedication of the W. E. B. Du Bu Bois Library p. 444
Twenty-Sixth Convention of the CPUSA p. 445
I call the meeting that initiates the second campaign for faculty unionization to defend tenure p. 445
Education Minnesota rejects our request for association, but AAUP agrees p. 446
I send out e-mail to academics nationwide to alert them to Regents' plan to abolish tenure in the U.S. p. 446
Washington Post picks up the story and supports abolition of tenure in editorial p. 447
President Hasselmo attacks me publicly in an interview in 1997 p. 448
“Furious professors flood U phone lines” was the headline in the St. Paul newspaper Pioneer Press on 7 September 1997 p. 449
Universsity Senate allows Regents to modify tenure code in 1997 p. 451
Effort toward a CPUSA Academic Commission  p. 451
Organizing CPUSA presence at Rethinking Marxism Conference, Amhest, MA, 5–8 December 1996 p. 451
International Conference of Communist and Left Parties in the Czech Republic, May 1996 p. 452
Marching in support of striking newspaper workers in June 1997 Visit with Andrea in Toronto. p. 453
Communist Party Press Fairs in Germany and Portugal.; Initial discussions of MEP Conference on 150th Anniversary
 of the Communist Manifesto  p. 453
Arriving without visa for the Ninth Congress of the Communist Party of Brazil, 13–15 Octofber 1997  p 453
The saga of Betty Smith's refusal to isssue correction for three pages missing from volume 1 of Capital in the Collected Works  p. 454
City College of New York commemorates the 1949 antiracist student strike in April 1997  p. 459
International Workshop in Havana: “Socialism Toward the Twenty-First Century,” October 1997  p. 460
Year of the 150th Anniversary of the Communist Manifesto  p. 460
Manifesto conference in Paris  p. 460
 MEP co-sponsored conference in Cuba on anniversary of the Communist Manifesto  p. 460
Gus Hall vents his fury at me; orders boycott of MEP conference on Manifesto Anniversary in New York  p. 461
Gus Hall todies join his denunciation of me  p. 461
List of Manifesto Commemorations and other travel in 1998  p. 462
CPUSA adopts my proposal to support gay rights  p, 462
January 1999 visit with Fay and Herbert Aptheker  p, 463
Conference in Cuba on globalization  p, 464
I replace Helvi Savola as District Organizer, 1 May 1999  p, 464
Resolution of the School of Physics and Astronomy on my retirement, May 1999  p, 464
Return to China  p, 465
CPUSA Farm Commission  p, 465
Victor Perlo (1912–1999); Perlo’s son, Arthur becomes chair of the Economics CommissionI   p, 467
Debut of CPUSA into TV programming; my rehabilitation of Judith LeBlanc  p, 467

Chapter 34. CPUSA Enters 21st Century, and Jettisons the Gus Hall Stalinist Model of Party Organization, 2000–2008
Sam Webb replaces Gus Hall as CPUSA chair  p, 469
Hart and Negri’s Empire: and the need for a Marxist-Leninist party in ideological struggle  p. 469
May Day 2000 in Duluth  p, 470
Weekend Party School at Mesaba Park, 15–16 July 2000   p, 470
NST Panels at Rethinking Marxism Conference in Amherst, 21–24 September 2000  p. 471>
In Memorian: Dirk Struik (1894-2000)  p, 471
To Hawaii for research on the demobilization demonstrations of 1946  p, 472
First visit to Vietnam after conference visit in China, October–November 2000   p, 473
11 September 2001: World Trade Center  p, 476
Minnesota Jews for a Just Peace  p. 476
National and Minnesota Party educational activity in Minnesota and May Day and Labor Day commemorations  p. 477
The movement against Indian team names, logos, and mascots  p. 477
Oskar Eustis finally gets a university degree  p. 478
Maggie’s high school graduation and subsequent career  p. 478
Visits to the West Coast during Cousin Oscar’s terminal illness  p, 479
Continuing struggle over Indian mascot issue  p. 480
Hosting the first secretary of the Cuban Interest Section  p. 481
Berlin, Warsaw Paris, 2002  p. 482
Memoir research on the Knickerbocker/Davis cases  p. 482
Apaches come to Minnesota to protest U of M involvement in Observatory on Mount Graham  p. 482
Retired as District Organizer, 27 September 2002  p. 483
“Globalization and the National State”: Conference and Study Tour in Vietnam, January 2003  p. 486
My Peoples World article "Why the Shift to a Socialiist Market Economy?" opens
 discussion in the CPUSA on socialist-oriented market economies in China and Vietnam, 12 and 19 July 2003  p. 486
Memberahip in CPUSA International Department and other Party activities in the first half of 2003  p. 487
Critique of Socialism Betrayed: Behind the Collapse of the Soviet Union by Roger Keeran and
 Thomas Kenny and follow-up discussion  p. 488
Commemoration of Seventieth Birthday of Herbert Hörz, Berlin, 25 September 2003;
 meeting with the nephew of Klaus Fuchs, who gave the design of the plutonian bomb to the Soviet Union p. 490
Reestablishing party-to-party relations with the Japanese Communist Party p. 492
Notes on the Twenty-Seventh Convention of the CPUSA, 6–8 July 2001 ndp. 493
A comment on the special relationship of Erwin and Doris with the DKP and Marxistische Blätter p. 493
Restructuring of the Minnesota/Dakotas District CPUSA p. 494
Trip to 2003 DKP Pressefest followed by vacation trip to Reichenback Falls in Switzerland, and then to France p. 494
Facilitating Vietnamese participation in Rethinking Marxism Conference: “Marxism and the World Stage,” November 2003 p. 494
Proposal in June 2004 by Vietnamese for topics of a second joint conference. p. 495
Twenty-third Congress of the Japanese Communist Party, 13–17 January 2004 p. 496
World Social Forum in Mumbai, 16–21 January 2004  p. 497
A strange e-mail and its consequences p. 497
International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties in Athens, 10 October 2004 p. 498
Invitation to speak at a rural high school in Brownton, Minnesota p. 499
Unsuccessful attempt to find space for a Midwest Marxist Scholars Conference in 2005 p. 499
German Communist Party Congress 11–12 February 2005 p. 499
Anti-Semitism resurfaces among Russian Communists p. 500
Effort to form Academic Commission aborted p. 500
Moshe Levin’s The Soviet Century p. 501
District Party School, 12–13 March 2005 p. 501
Trip to London, May 2005; at the mention of my name, a British comrade replies to me in German p. 502
Twenty-eighth Convention CPUSA, July 2005 p. 502
Anti-war demonstration in Washington DC, 24 September 2005emsp;p. 503
George Clooney’s Good Night, and Good Luck p. 504
Commemorating the founding of the German Democratic Republic p. 505
Death of David Cloud after police beating p. 505
Effort to form Academic Commission aborted p. 506
Helping a lesbian Methodist divinsity student named Marquit while searching for the
  members of the Marquit family p. 507
Homeland Security monitors interlibrary loans of Mao’s The Little Red Book p. 508
Commemoration of largest mass execution in U.S. History p. 508
“Consequences of Changing World Economy for Class Relations, Ideology, and Culture”: Conference and
  Study Tour in Vietnam, January 2006 p. 509
The Phantom Web Site Marxism-Leninism Today (  p. 510
Once again, divisive actions on the Iraq War by the Communist Party of Greece p. 511
Conference on Globalization, sponsored by the Academy of Marxism, Shanghai, 1–3 April 2006 p. 512
Sherlockian visit to London, April 2006  p. 514
Minnesota Department of Revenue Audit of Income Tax  p. 514
Proposal of Communist Party of Israel for tri-party meeting on Iran p. 514
Naming ceremony on the White Earth Reservation p. 515
First and only call for Jury duty, 2006 p. 516
“Aroma and Shadow: Marx vs. Nietzsche on Religion,” by Ishay Landa p. 516
Proposed Vietnam/Laos conference/study tour in 2008 p. 516
Gay Pride Day March, Jun&e; 2006 p. 518
Gallstone attack on the day before our fundraiser for Keith Ellison’s Congressional campaign p. 518
80th birthday events in New York, Minneapolis, and Wuppertal emsp;p. 520
Atheists on the Campus p. 521
CPUSA protest to Communist Party of Greece for posting anti-Semitic article by the CP of Syria (Bakdash) p. 521
Joe Sims, Editor of Political Affairs, as actor in off-Broadway play p. 522
CPUSA opposes attempt to isolate the Communist Party of Iraq p. 522
Carl Bloice objects to timing of MEP Board of Directors meeting p. 523
Ghost of Gus Hall appears in Twin Cities p. 523
Crisis in the St. Paul Club p. 524
Replacement of administrative responsibility for Introduction to Marxism class p. 524
Gallstones again p. 524
Huge march in antiwar protest in Washington DC on 27 January 2007 p. 525
Request from China to facilitate visit of Chinese scholars to the United States p. 525
“The Socialist Market Economy and Other Theoretical Issues”: NST Symposium and China Study Tour,
   June 2007 with the coaponsorahip of the CTB and the Academy of Marxism p. 528
Mississippi bridge collapse: Lucky decision not to be on it. p. 530
Death of Vernon Bellecourt (1931–2007), one of the principal leaders of the Indian Movement p. 530
Complexity of the relationship between the Communist Party of China and other Communist Parties p. 531
Back to back conferences in Japan and China, October/November 2007 p. 531
Food poisoning in New York p. 532
Delegated as CPUSA representative to 18th Congress of the German Communist Party p.533
Reaction to my article on the Stalin period in the USSR p. 533
China will find its own way to ideological struggle p. 533
Reaction to my article on the Stalin period in the USSR p. 533
China will find its own way to ideological struggl p. 534
Winter 2008 Party School p. 534
Doris falls and requires hip surgery p. 534
NST/WAPE Conference “Marxism and Scientific Sustainable Development” and China Study Tour p. 534
Mantle/ cell lymphoma  p. 537
Oskar’s fiftieth birthday celebration p. 538
Ideological weakness in Marxist theory among the CPUSA leadership p. 539
Republican Party National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, 1-4 September 2008 p. 542
Publication of Nature Society, and Thought ceases with Volume 20 (2007) p. 543
Communist University sponsored by the Communist Party of Britain, October 2008 p. 545
November elections 2008 p 546

Chapter 35. Conclusion of Memoirs, 2009−2015
CPUSA decides to not to send fraternal delegate to congress of the Commuunist Party of Greece%emsp;p. 547
Joining an AFL-CIO Retirees Council p. 547
Increased attention to demand for withdrawal of U.S troops from Afghanistan$emsp;p. 547
Discussion with French Communist Party in Paris during annual meeting of the World
  Association for Political Economy%emsp;p. 548
Problems with Danny Rubin’s Can Capitalism Last? p. 549
At Home in Utopia p. 551
Stratford-on-Avon visit to Britain and German CP Press Fair p. 551
Tony Kushner’s Program at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis and letter exchange with Kushner p. 551
International Extraordinary Meeting of the Communist and Workers Parties for
  Solidarity with Palestine, and Arab Issues, Damascus, 28–30 September 2009 p. 556
National Equality March, Washington DC, 11 October 2009 p. 559
J Street as a lobbying alternative to the right-wing American Israel Public Affairs Committee p. 560
Stepgranddaugher Maggie’s search for employment p. 562
Keeran and Kenny’s Stalin worship gets support from the Communist Party of Canada p. 563
Visit to Warsaw, Poland in March 2010 p. 563
Precinct causes, DFL district & state conventions, and November elections 2010 p. 564
29th National Convention oa f the CUSA 21–23 May 2010 p. 565
Visit of German comrades to Minnesota p. 566
Lymphoma Workshop and educational forums, Bloomington, Minnesota , 16 October 2010 p. 566
The depth of resistance of the Communist Party of Greece to confront the truth about the Stalin period p. 567
Commemoration in Wuppertal, Germany, of the 190th Anniversary of the Birth of Engels p. 569
A wedding in Los Angeles p. 570
Reaction to Sam Webb’s article “A Party of Socialism in the 21st Century”  p. 570
First CPUSA National Membership Meeting, 16-17 April  p. 572
World Association for Political Economy meets in the UniteStates p. 573
Cruise from Barcelona to Rome and Rome visit 2011 p. 573
Trip with theater-related stopover in Chicago to attend a play at the Camen Theater in Tel Avivo p. 573
Second lymphoma episode p. 574
Bar Mitzvah in Cleveland p. 575
House Party for Keith Ellison, 1 Sep0tember, 2011 p. 575
Good news at another Lymphoma Educational Forum, 29 September to 2 October 2011, in Brooklyn p. 575
Cousin Ethel Tobach’s surprise party on her ninetieth birthday, October 2, 2011 p. 576
Talk at Niebyl- Proctor Marxist Library 6 November 2011 coupled with visit to friends and family p. 577
Conference in Berlin on the occasion of 100th Anniversary of the Birth of
  Klaus Fuchs: From an Atomic Equilibrium to an Atom-Free World, Novemvber 2011 p. 577
Exchange with Danish Marxist on Niels Bohr’s complementarity principle P. 577
First CPUSA National Membership Meeting, 16-17 April 2012 p. 578
Seventh Annual Forum of World Association for Political Economy, Mexico City, 25–27 May 2012,  p. 578
Governor and legislator recall vote in Wisconsin&Eemsp;p. 579
Weekend of talks and discussion: “21st Century Marxism,” London, 21–22 June 2012 p. 579
Family visit combined with theater trip to New York, 11 July 2012 p. 580
Illness and passing of Miriam (Mimi) Tobach (1923–2012) p. 580
Our Party district returns to its former name: Minnesota/Dakotas District CPUSA p. 580
The U.S. election in November 2012 p. 580
14th Annual Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties, Beirut, Lebanon, 23¬25 November 2012 p. 583
Maggie’s Wedding, December 2012 p. 584
Travel to Brazil to attend annual meetng of the World Association for Political Economy, 16−30 May 2013 p. 585
The Leonard and Marilou Goldstein Library at Glyndwr University, Wales p. 586
March in Washington on the 50th Anniversary of March on Washington led by Martin Luther King Jr. p. 586
Representing the CPUSA at the Festival of the Portuguese Communist Party’s newspaper, Avante, 5−8 September p. 586\ Fourth Annual J Street Conference in Washington DC, 28 September to 1 October, 2013 p. 587
Invited speaker at opening of the Marx-Engels Center in Berlin, 5 October 2013 p. 587
Cruise along the North African coast, 16 to 23 November p. 588
Invited by Tony Kushner and Mark Harris to a Thanksgiving Day Dinner p. 558
Diagnosis of Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), a leukemia type blood cancer p. 589
Passing of Doris, 29 May 2014 p. 591
Trip to Chicago for 30th CPUSA National Convention p. 592
Other trips; p. 592
Erwin Marquit (1926–2015); p. 593
Expression of gratitude p. 593
Final words  p. 593

Appendix A, Carl Marquit and Mindy Mitnick p. 595

Appendix B, Publications of Erwin Marquit p. 596

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