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Company Profiles and Family Trees

Advertising Spending

  • Worldwide and U.S. marketing spending

    200 Leading National Advertisers 2015
    200 LNA archive 1997 to present
    Comprehensive ad spending estimates, most-advertised brands, U.S. ad spending totals and more.

    Marketer Trees 2015 Update (December 2015)
    Ad Age's interactive database of the 200 Leading National Advertisers, including profiles and analysis, ad spending, brands, agencies and key executives.

    Top 200 Megabrands
    Ranking of biggest-spending brands based on U.S. measured-media spending.

    BtoB 100
    2014 ad spending for 100 largest U.S. business-to-business advertisers (August 2015).
    Archived edition: 2013 spending (August 2014).

    Global Marketers 2015
    Global Marketers archive 1997 to present
    World's largest advertisers by measured media; the 10 largest advertisers by country.

    Advertising to sales ratios by industry 1997 to present
    From Schonfeld & Associates.

    Coen's annual spending totals 1997 to 2002
    Historical data from Robert J. Coen, Interpublic Group's veteran ad forecaster. See current data in 100 Leading National Advertisers section.

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  • Rankings and analysis of agency companies, agency networks and agencies

    Agency Report 2015
    Agency Report archive 1998 to present
    A global overview of the agency business. Includes advertising, media, digital, CRM/direct, promotion, PR and specialty agencies.

    Agency Family Trees 2015
    An interactive database that breaks out holdings of the world's 50 largest agency companies.

    Agency Report Questionnaires
    Want your agency included in Ad Age's Agency Report 2016 (to be published in April 2016)? Download the questionnaire.

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Jobs Data

  • U.S. industry employment stats and archived compensation reports

    Ad industry jobs
    Monthly data on U.S. advertising and media employment, 2000 to present. In Excel. Compiled by Ad Age DataCenter from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Executive compensation reports, 1999 to 2008
    Ad Age's archived surveys of executive salaries and compensation trends in advertising, marketing and media. Includes top executive pay by industry category.

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  • Data on media companies and media properties. For more media data, click on Advertising Spending, Digital and Survey sections.

    Prime-time broadcast TV pricing survey, 2014-2015 Price for 30-second commercial on prime-time TV. Archived editions: 2013-20142012-20132011-20122010-20112009-20102008-2009

    TV market facts and forecasts 2011
    Ad Age’s coverage on the 50-year mark of Newton Minow’s “vast wasteland” speech.

    Media companies
    100 Leading Media Companies 2012
    100 Leading Media Companies reports 1997 to 2012
    The nation's largest media companies based on net U.S. media revenue. Ad Age produced this report through 2012.

    Media Family Trees 2012
    Nation's largest media companies by net U.S. media revenue. Includes significant TV, cable, print and digital holdings. Ad Age produced Media Family Trees through 2012.

    Print media
    Publishers Information Bureau, 2001 to 2014
    Rankings of magazines by ad pages and dollars.

    Magazine circulation rankings, 1998 to 2013
    Semi-annual rankings of magazines by average circulation.

    Newspaper circulation rankings, 1999 to 2013
    Semi-annual rankings of newspapers by average circulation.

    Magazine 300 reports, 1998 to 2008
    Archived reports on Ad Age's ranking of 300 biggest U.S. magazines by gross revenue.

    Consumer magazine linage, 1996 to 2004
    Quarterly rankings of magazines by ad space sold.

    Media markets
    Ten Hot Media Markets, an archive
    Ranking of the 10 largest media markets by media revenue per household. Most recently published: July 24, 2000.

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Annuals, Fact Packs and more

  • State of the industry. Ad Age's annual reports, 2002 to present
    (Some Fact Packs sold separately.)

    Annual 2016
    Key stats and rankings; quick access to facts on marketers, media, agencies and jobs. Archived editions: 201520142013201220112010200920082007

    Digest-sized annual Fact Packs for 2003 to 2006 with links to comprehensive reports on advertisers, media and agencies. In PDF format. Archived Fact Packs: 2006200520042003/2002

    Hispanic Fact Pack, 2004 to present
    Hispanic Fact Pack 2015
    Ad Age's annual guide to the U.S. Hispanic market. Includes ad spending, agencies, creative awards and demographics. Archived editions: 20142013201220112010200920082007200620052004

    Fact Packs on digital marketing

    Mobile Fact Pack 2013
    Guide to mobile marketing. Includes ad spending by format, leading platforms, OEMs, penetration, consumer behavior and Ad Age DataCenter's ranking of agencies by U.S. revenue from mobile activities. Archived editions: 2012

    Search Marketing 2009
    Guide to Search Marketing, including search engine market share, top keywords, online retail drivers and more. Search Marketing reports 2006 to 2009

    Digital Marketing and Media Fact Pack 2007
    Ad Age's 52-page guide to data on the digital world. In PDF format. Stats on online video, blogs, mobile and more.

    Interactive Marketing and Media Fact Pack 2006
    Includes demographics, advertisers, agencies, creative awards and more.

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