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[io"" s. i. FEB. 27, 1904.

NELSON'S SISTER ANNE. (9th S. xii. 428.)

ANNE NELSON was named after her grand-h A daughter of Sir Charles Turner, Bart, ofdaughter of Sir Mitford Crowe, Governor of Barbadoes. Her mother married a Bulfinch,nd she herself the artist Ramsay Richard Rinagle (1775-1862). From their daughter, mother (who was also her godmoter)nne, a

Lynn, whose wife was Mary, the daughter of of the famous Prime Minister. She eloped,ell af he mother, it was that Tennysonooham for his ballad ' Oriana,' being E lsed by its musical sound, as well as struckhe appearance of its owner. Oriana has

Mr. Robert Walpole, of Houghton, and sister caedterr tk te ne

"when a schoolgirl, with a Mr. Williambea t

Robinson (orn 1737, died 1811), who raised Hamlets Volunteers, in which corps he held the commissiondt utilhestlis y been a family name for four generations at least. Mtford Crowe was appointed Governor by Qeen Anne refused and organized the Tower of Captain-Commanann t eabh marriage appears to have taken place, buth ws one child, a son, who was born on 18 January, 1777. Anne Nelson, who sub-ltue toe six years afterwards, and was buried at It may be of interest to mention thatii at first to ratify the appointment. She did so after a while, and he accommodated heritwoa the bond, were found on one occasion to be ment of the Tower Hamlets Militia. No Wlliam III., but thatu sequenty rernd hr family, died some Bathford, in Somersetshire. Her tomb bears "Underneath are interred the remains of Miss wh a loan of 10,000^., never repaid! The t lrge seals, like plates, hanging from in the way for packing, and were ruthlessly cutoff and burnt by two young girls ignorant of their importance, and subsequently thelanshe stn, the following inscription: "

Anne Nelson, daughter of the Reverend Edmund The son was baptized on 10 November,hch of St. Luke, Old Street, bd isefid,ole it was supposed,h family tradition. Mitford Crowe lived at Burlington Househ in town, his country house being at

Nelson and sister of Viscount Nelson, who diedont v for the sake of the autograph. Such is te

Npvember 15, 1783, aged 23 years."

1789, at the cur in the City of London.

He received the wen Islewprth. Returning to the latter on onei h was attacked by highwaymen, baptismal name of William, after his father,hft h thh ofis csr

"wo le toime wole honideable William Robinson the younger was edu-hl; he received thehn Aberdeen in 1822, was appointed a Deputydlx occason,eholldimha h died of his injuries two years later, 1727, at Isleworth, as is supposed, though no entry of his death i b found. In Lancashire a fondness for Scriptural estate.

cated at St. Paul's Scoo degree of LL.D. from te Uiversity ofs toe

Lieutenant for the county of Midese in Temple in 1827. He was well known in the legal world as the author of 'The Magistrate's ls Cristin names, even for those which are not of frequent use in the Bible, was prevalent until lately. The parochial clergy and the lal newspapers could supply long lists.hch which I served 1877-9, Keren-

1825, and was called to the Bar at the Middleha

Pocket-Book,' a treatise on theaw relatingoc At the cur to the poor, and a work on quarter sessions :lcont of Tottenhappuch came to be married, Levi was aimn, and Aaron a Sunday-school teacher.

and he has left historica acus ham, Edmonton, Hackney, and the adjacent X^N S:r (?th S" ix/ 73" there is a note JTV0 theLeffecfc that in his a thick volume in the sdesa In Worcestershire, 1894-1902, I prepared for confirmation three boys bearing tne names Elam, iShadrach, and Jubal. None of these persons had the slightest Jewish connexion.


hMT n K f vo library of MSS. he has handwriting of this topographical writerh Glastonbury Thorn.'

?ntlfctedir Slfc" of te ?"" n "^bln80\the younger died in 48. One of his daughters married the latePtrick, in whose memorydie names selected from my large collections 1 They are mostly names of persons of my acquaintance, nearly all of whom are

Dr. Thomas Fitz-a

the Lectureship on the History of Mecin b fonded at the Royal College possesses a portrait, painted by Opie of herhn Nlson. Americans, but many are of foreign ancestry. Adelma, origin uncertain ; Arad, Hungarian; Exhibition of 1876; Euphemia, Greek; Funds, Brazilian :

has latelyeenu

Physicians in London; and this lady Bohumil, Bohemian; Centennial, Centennial grandmoter Anee

J W B Evahn, origin uncertain ;age

CURIOUS CHRISTIAN NAMES (10th S. i. 26). " So far as regards Oriana, I can say with confidence that it has been "established" as a Christian name in England for more than twenty years. It was borne by a grand- wo s i-use h tte S. G.

W. C. B.

May I add the following curious Christian

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