Mcveigh Wrote To Congressman About 'Self-defense'

Posted: May 03, 1995

WASHINGTON — Oklahoma City bombing suspect Timothy J. McVeigh, who has reportedly styled

himself a prisoner of war under an alien government, once appealed to his congressman for help.

McVeigh complained in a letter three years ago that the law and government were eroding the individual's "God-given right to self-defense."

In the letter, released yesterday by Rep. John J. LaFalce (D., N.Y.), McVeigh asked: "Should any other person or governing body be able to tell another person that he/she cannot save their own life, because it would be a violation of a law?"

The one-page, handwritten letter was released by LaFalce, who said it was found during a search of his computerized files of correspondence.

On the back of the envelope is a National Rifle Association sticker with the message "I'm the NRA."

LaFalce said the letter and the envelope were turned over to the FBI on April 25, one day after it was discovered.

McVeigh, 27, is being held in connection with the nation's worst act of homegrown terrorism, the destruction of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19.

The letter, dated Feb. 16, 1992, and written while McVeigh was living in upstate Lockport, N.Y., was mailed to LaFalce's Buffalo office.

Five days earlier, a letter by McVeigh was published in the Union-Sun & Journal of Lockport. That letter spoke of the decline of America and the indifference of government and wondered whether there was a need "to shed blood to reform the current system."

The letter to his congressman, McVeigh wrote, was prompted by an article in the Buffalo News about the arrest of someone for possession of a type of self- defense spray. McVeigh said he had discovered that state law also forbade the use of "stun guns."

"I strongly believe in a God-given right to self-defense," McVeigh wrote, questioning how people could defend themselves from attack with such restrictions.

"It is a lie if we tell ourselves that the police can protect us everywhere, at all times," wrote McVeigh. "Firearms restrictions are bad enough, but now a woman can't even carry Mace in her purse?!?!"

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