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Wuhan, China: Yang Song Meets Cui Yujing to Discuss Qomolangma Guandi Temple



World Guangong Culture News: On the afternoon of July 18, it was the eve of the 1854th anniversary of the birth of Guangong.
Hubei Provincial CPPCC Chairman Yang Song held a cordial meeting with Deyuan Group (Shenyang) Chairman Ms Cui Yujing in the provincial CPPCC building by the East Lake, Wuhan. Hubei Provincial CPPCC Secretary General Liu Anmin and Hubei Provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department Overseas Center Director Zhu Zhengming were also present.

 Qomolangma Guandi Temple hall working sketch with a construction area of 440 m2 and an altitude of 4400 m

Ms Cui Yujing reports to Chairman Yang Song about the construction of Qomolangma Guandi Temple

On the Ganggar Mount, Dingri County, Qomolangma Guandi Temple has been just over the horizon

Ms Cui Yujing reported to Chairman Yang Song about the construction of Qomolangma Guandi Temple. Chairman Yang was gratified and said that the progress had been very rapid for the construction on the Tibetan Plateau Please. He sent his regards to Chinese and Tibetan workers in Qomolangma Guandi Temple construction and also promised to attend the ceremony after its completion.

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