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Annual Accounts 2001
Specialised and local press

During 2001, Prisa strengthened its commitment to specialised and local press through the Grupo Empresarial de Medios Impresos (GMI) company, which amalgamates all the Group's interests in the press and distribution sector, with the exception of El País newspaper.

For the fifth year in a row, the sports newspaper As did manage to maintain its strong upward trend, showing a 14% increase in circulation, reaching an average of 181,172 copies, which makes it the sports daily with the greatest growth in Spain. Such an increase in circulation is specially noteworthy in a year when the national sport press as a whole saw its circulation diminishing by 4%. Net sales amounted to 47 million euros, a 1.1% increase in comparison with the year 2000, and the net profit reached the 488,000 euro mark.

The financial daily Cinco Días had a slightly more favourable performance than the sector's general trend, achieving a circulation of 25,535 copies, which meant a 9.7% reduction as against a 14.5% fall sustained by the rest of the financial media in comparison to the previous year. In 2001, Estructura, the company publishing Cinco Días, had revenues amounting to 17.3 million euros, which is the equivalent of a 12.6% fall as against the previous year, a fact due to the crisis in the advertising market.

Progresa, a company publishing the Group's own magazines as well as third -party ones under contract, recorded in 2001 a net profit of 0.8 million euros, tantamount to a 3% increase in comparison with the previous business year. Among the own - publishing mastheads, Cinemanía reached a circulation of 33,444 copies, which means a 2.5% increase over the preceding year. Likewise, the circulation of the music and lifestyle publication Rolling Stone, which in a two - year period has managed to establish a product of its own under the masthead of the historic American magazine, stood at 35,240 copies. Progresa also publishes the thought and debate magazine Claves de Razón Práctica.

Progresa, which also prepares yearbooks and corporate publications for third -party customers, among which are major companies from the financial, tourism and audiovisual sectors, such as BBVA, NH Hoteles, Canal + and La Caixa, did increase up to 90% its stake in the company Box News Communications S.L., publisher of corporate and free - of - charge magazines such as 40 Magazine, a publication with a musical content and a circulation amounting to 250,000 copies per month, and the Doble Cero juvenile magazine for El Corte Inglés, among other titles.

The year did close for Prisa local and regional newspapers with good results, both concerning circulation and readership. El Correo de Andalucía, with 85,000 readers, found itself, for the first time, ahead of Diario de Sevilla in the April 2000 / March 2001 sample wave taken by the General Media Survey, a trend which was sustained throughout the rest of the year, reaching a top mark of 90,000. Likewise, the Odiel newspaper did increase its circulation by 25% as against that of the year 2000 and, hardly in a two - year period, it had closed in fast on its main competitor, with an average sales of 4,958 copies in 2001. The Jaén newspaper, redesigned in 2001, keeps a strong presence in the province; and El Día de Valladolid has managed to find a niche for itself in the difficult market of the Castilian capital city, with an average circulation of 5,045 copies in the last semester of 2001, and of 6,516 in December. In January 2002, Prisa did enhance its commitment to local and regional press by increasing to 100% its interest in Espacio Editorial Andaluza Holding, the company publishing El Correo de Andalucía, Odiel and Jaén, and holding a 32% interest in La Voz de Almería.

Ediciones La Mirada, that publishes the namesake Sunday supplement for 19 local and regional dailies having a combined circulation which amounts to 200,000 copies, got closer to the profitability threshold and it is expected to make a profit this year. Ediciones La Mirada also prepares shared pages and special or weekly supplements for a total of 25 newspapers.

With regard to the distribution activity, Red Prensa has an interest, along with other publishers, in nine distribution companies practically covering the whole of the Peninsula. The revenues of these companies in 2001 have amounted to 503.3 million euros, a 18% increase over the year 2000, and have obtained a net profit of 4.1 million euros, a 70% increase over the previous business year. The coming launch of other distribution projects will make it possible to crown the expansion of Red Prensa in the whole of Spain.

- Evolution of AS Circulation 1996-2001