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Founded by H. G. Jones and chartered on 11 September 1975 by Jones, Louis M. Connor, Jr., and William S. Powell as a private nonprofit corporation under provisions of Chapter 55A of the General Statutes of North Carolina, the North Caroliniana Society is dedicated to the promotion of increased knowledge and appreciation of North Carolina's heritage. That it accomplishes in a variety of ways: encouragement of scholarly research and writing in and teaching of state and local history; publication of documentary materials, including the numbered, limited-edition North Caroliniana Society Imprints and North Caroliniana Society Keepsakes; sponsorship of professional and lay conferences, seminars, lectures, and exhibitions; commemoration of historic events, including sponsorship of markers and plaques; and through assistance to the North Carolina Collection and North Carolina Collection Gallery of the University of North Carolina Library and other cultural organizations with kindred objectives. The Society is a tax-exempt organization under provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Board of Directors (2016)

Archie K. Davis Fellowships

The Society administers the Archie K. Davis Fund, given in 1987 by the Research Triangle Foundation in honor of its retiring board chairman and the Society's longtime president, from which more than 325 Archie K. Davis Fellowships have been awarded to scholars conducting research in North Carolina's historical and cultural resources.

North Caroliniana Society Imprints

Most of the Society's imprints are still in print, and a copy may be obtained for a contribution of $25.00, half of which is tax-deductible, to the Society's address at the bottom of this page.

North Caroliniana Society Award Recipients

A highlight of the Society's year is the presentation of the North Caroliniana Society Award for long and distinguished service in the encouragement, production, enhancement, promotion, and preservation of North Caroliniana.

Other Awards

Other awards include the North Caroliniana Book Award, the William Stevens Powell Award, and the H. G Jones North Carolina History Prizes.

North Caroliniana Society Membership

The North Caroliniana Society seeks to recognize men and women who have contributed significantly to their state. It elects to membership North Carolinians who meet the strict criterion of "adjudged performance" in service to their state's heritage--i.e., those who have demonstrated a continuing interest in and support of North Carolina's historical, literary, and cultural strength.

Starting initially with twenty-one distinguished North Carolinians and currently limited to two hundred, the Society fills vacancies by electing additional individuals meeting its criterion of “adjudged performance.” By doing so, it brings together men and women who have shown their respect for and commitment to our state's unique historical, literary, and cultural inheritance.

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