CMOS Overview

Motorola offers four complete CMOS families, each enhanced for different design applications. Metal Gate CMOS, for low power and wide ranging voltage applications; High-Speed CMOS for compatibility with LSTTL; and FACT (Advanced CMOS) combining the best of both families with high speed, low power and high output drive characteristics. And Motorola's newest family of VHC, Very High Speed CMOS.

VHC Motorola's Newest Advanced High-Speed Family

Motorola's VHC family is designed for operation from VCC = 2V-5.5V. When operating at supply voltages less than 5V the VHC family features 5V-tolerant inputs to aid 3V-5V mixed system designs. Low power, low switching noise and fast switching speeds make this family perfect for low power, low cost portable applications.

The VHC family breaks into a new "cost/performance" category. With speeds more than 60% faster than HCMOS without sacrificing low noise performance. VHC is the perfect logic family to take the low cost, low power designs well into the future. Excellent noise performance also makes VHC a good replacement for FACT logic, without sacrificing speed. VHC can improve system performance by drastically reducing static and dynamic power consumption which extends battery life for portable and handheld applications. Customers also realize simplified system design in mixed voltage environments, as well as expedited development of their low voltage systems. The 5V-tolerant input capability simplifies mixed system design.

The Motorola VHC family is available in industry standard JEDEC SOIC, EIAJ SOIC, and TSSOP packages. VHC specifications range from -40°C to 85°C. The VHC family is second sourced by two other semiconductor suppliers, so there are alternate sources available.

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Metal Gate 14000 Series

Motorola's Standard 14000 Series Metal Gate CMOS logic family consists of a full line of products which are pinout compatible with many LSTTL and High-Speed CMOS series devices. These Metal Gate CMOS devices meet or exceed the industry-standardized family specifications. Some additional features are: Noise Margins:
B Series (Buffered) UB Series (Unbuffered)
UB Devices Have Single Inverting Stage Between Input and Output Can Be Used in a Linear Mode to Form Oscillators, Monostables or Amplifiers Decreased Gain Results in Increased Stability and a Cleaner Output Waveform Increases Speed Since Only a Single Stage Is Involved

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Motorola's High-Speed CMOS logic family consists of a full line of products that are pinout compatible with many LSTTL and MC14000B Standard CMOS series devices. Use of silicon-gate processing technology allows the High-Speed CMOS family to combine the switching speeds and operating frequencies of LSTTL with the lower power consumption and high noise immunity advantages of CMOS. High Noise Immunity Available Packages: Dual-in-Line Ceramic, Dual-in-Line Plastic and SOIC
Proven Reliability and Process:

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Motorola FACT is the latest advanced family of CMOS logic devices which offer system designers a solution to the problem of high speed and low power in a standard product. Until now, designers had to choose between either high speed with large power consumption, or low power with low speed.

Motorola FACT is fabricated using a sub-two micron, silicon gate process. This process has been proven in the past few years in high performance gate arrays and is the basis of the product family for future logic systems.

FACT is faster than any previous CMOS technology and approaches the speed of advanced bipolar devices. This superior speed allow direct replacement of slower speed CMOS or bipolar products with the inherent capabilities of advanced CMOS.

Low power consumption is a major advantage of CMOS. During standby operating mode, power consumption is near zero. Circuit Layout