Did you collect a particular stone on your honeymoon? Or perhaps you have a pebble you picked up as a child from half a world away? A common stone can have great personal value. I can incorporate your stone into a unique piece of jewelry.

Whether working with precious metals and gems, or simply a found object, I take great pleasure in creating original works that reflect on a person's journey through life. I enjoy clients' stories, the design collaboration, and their enthusiasm with the results. Costs are based on materials and the time needed to fabricate the piece. Please email or phone me for details.


Andrea Williams - Metalsmith

about the artist:

Andrea Williams is an independent fine art jewelry designer living in New England. She is an accomplished metalsmith who specializes in contemporary, eco-conscious, nature inspired jewelry. Andrea created Bound Earth out of her belief that jewelry should not be worn as a status symbol, but should instead bring us closer to the earth that birthed the materials. Her popular beach stone jewelry designs are shown in galleries across the US and new designs are introduced often.

artist statement

Growing up in Maine, I spent my summers sailing the coast, exploring it's forests, rugged islands, and tidal pools. By age six I could recognize most native plants and animals and was forever fascinated with the limitless variety nature provides.

I live in the woods. I stack rocks for fun. I hunt for wild mushrooms. I keep bees. I spend summer days gardening. I find beauty in improbable places.

My jewelry is an expression of the wonder I sense in the overlooked intricacies in nature. When we see stones in infinite numbers underfoot at the beach, we cannot help but to miss the unique perfection in each. I use reclaimed precious metals in conjunction with seemingly ordinary organic materials to capture that sense of wonder in each piece. A wearable reminder of the beauty too easily overlooked.

Andrea Williams CV

  • upcoming shows:

    Craft Boston Holiday Show

    Society of Arts and Crafts
    Boston, MA
    Dec 4th-7th, 2014
    Craft Boston

  • Honed

    Gaffa Gallery
    Sydney, Australia
    Jan 22nd- Feb 3rd, 2015
    Gaffa Gallery

  • ACC Baltimore

    American Craft Council
    Baltimore, MD
    Feb 20th-22nd, 2015
    ACC Baltimore

  • Smithsonian Craft Show

    Smithsonian Women's Committee
    Washington, DC
    April 23rd-26th, 2015
    Smithsonian Craft Show

  • recent shows:

    Hermatige Museum & HARDY/S

    Along the Eastern Road

  • Philadelphia Museum of Art

    Philadelphia Museum Craft Show

  • Facere Jewelry Art Gallery

    Rock On

  • De Novo Fine Contemporary Jewelry

    Vibrant Diversity

  • Society of Arts and Crafts

    Craft Boston Spring and Holiday

  • American Craft Council

    ACC Baltimore & San Francisco

  • Velvet Da Vinci

    The De Patta Project

  • Patina

    Solo Show: "Stones"

I encourage studio vistits. Please contact me if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Andrea Williams
Bound Earth
58 Doane Street
Cohasset, MA 02025


E-mail: dre@boundearth.com

Commitment to Ethical Jewelry Production:

       To my customers: I am committed to bringing you socially and environmentally responsible jewelry. My interest in environmentally conscious jewelry design comes as much from being a mother as from any global ethical considerations. My son is showing the same fascination with nature that I exhibited at his age and to further damage his world would be unconscionable. After all, what good is composting my kitchen scraps if through my work I were to contribute to environmental or social disaster elsewhere? My metals supplier gets its Sterling and gold materials from reclamation and recycling. Beginning in 2007, I swore off mined gems, instead using lab grown gems, Venetian Glass, and other materials in their place. Between the open pit strip mines and negative impact on native peoples, even 'conflict free' diamonds are often not so conflict free. Though Mass Energy's GreenStart program, both my home and studio are powered by renewable energy, avoiding over 4 1/2 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. The beach stones I use of course replenish themselves. The new material I am excited about using is a naturually gold raw wild silk from Indonesia. The catipillar eats cashew leaves then spins irridescent gold colored silk! The empty cocoons are harvested along side the cashews.
        To my fellow jewelers: What can we as jewelers do? Educate ourselves, make our voices heard within the industry and politically, and above all take personal responsibility. As an individual, ask your current supplier the hard questions about their materials. If you don't get the answers you seek, it is time to find a new supplier! No Dirty Gold is a coalition of advocacy groups that has managed to bring behemoths like Zale and Wal-Mart onboard. Ethical Metalsmiths is a group established "for the purpose of stimulating demand for responsibly sourced materials…" Check their site for political action information. On a more local level, try using citric acid instead of sulfuric acid for your pickle. It takes a little longer but works just as well without adding harmful chemicals to your work environment and waste water.

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