"Rachael Kennedy is ready to shoot for the stars. Given her genuine talent, odds are high that she won't miss." Nilabjoe Banerjee - INTUNE MAGAZINE

"She [Rachael] has a Jan Arden sound with a Dave Matthews style guitar playing" Earl Tucker - The Adventure Guy

"The best kind of music is accompanied by song lyrics that remind you of your own experiences, relationships, and life. The magic of music happens when someone you don't even know sings of the kind of joy and heartache that you are also familiar with ... Toronto-based indie-pop singer, Rachael Kennedy's 5-track EP, The In Between, has that magic" Tania Peralta - Anchorshop

"Rachael's pop-rock melodies keep your head nodding and your optimism flowing. On The InBetween, she experiments with layered sounds and melodies. Enthusiastic, with a passion for music that's contagious, Rachael's authenticity can't be denied." Holly Rode - Razmataz Magazine

"Kennedy set to release her debut EP 'The In Between'" Scott Stewart - The Oakville Beaver

"Rachael Kennedy is an AMAZING Canadian singer-songwriter from Toronto who for the past 9 months has been working on The In Between EP; a self-written CD produced by the talented Joel Feeney that is about to drop" Selorm Denu - Who Needs A Genre

"Rye Student Steps Closer to Stardom" Alisha Sawhney - The Eyeopener

"[Rachael Kennedy] dropped by the Eyeopener’s secret podcast bunker to talk about performing, her various sources of inspiration, and an obsession with going to the movies." Mohamed Omar - The Eyeopener