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Jim Elliot Sermons, 1951

CN 349, Slide 320

Before going to Ecuador as overseas missionaries in 1952, Jim Elliot and Ed McCully, both of the Wheaton College class of 1949, spent six months as home missionaries in Chester, Illinois in 1951. There, according to The Journals of Jim Elliot (Fleming H. Revell: Wheaton, Illinois, 1978), they, "conducted Bible classes for children, preached in every possible place, and had a radio broadcast, The March of Truth, supporting themselves with various kinds of jobs as they found opportunity." On this page are links to audio recordings of two of Elliot's sermons from that time.

Click Click to play the Jim Elliot sermon on CN277T2 to hear the sermon "The Feeding of the Five Thousand." The recording starts shortly after the sermon began. Approximately 33 minutes. Collection 277, Tape T2

Click Click to play the Jim Elliot sermon on CN277T4 to hear the sermon "Resurrection." The recording starts after the sermon began. Approximately 41 minutes. Collection 277, Tape T4

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