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I trained for 2 months on ice so I could get my chops back and film my music video Never Will Die where I fulfill my childhood dream of skating to my own music. This song dedicated to my Yaiya who left us two years ago.
You can go to my blog to read more about what inspired this song & video. This is NEVER WILL DIE.

" The genius music video is only a bonus for what's already a musical masterpiece. "Never Will Die" is a brilliant piano pop track that highlights Watters' stunningly smooth vocals. The arrangement is simple: a classic shift in the tempo when the chorus hits only to shift back to a slower pace in the verses -but it works. It's the brilliant simplicity that works." - The Magic Room Project 

"From the very beginning her voice captivated me. She successfully wraps her listeners with the sound of her voice like a warm, comfortable blanket and takes them on a journey with her. So much emotion is captured in her song and her intent is so clear that every word imprints upon the mind and heart of the listener, making its home there."
"Never Will Die" Review - Musical Seduction


My single "Never Will Die" is available for download on iTunes!

We came in first place on Sept 12th at the Final Round of the Bandit Competition at The Opera House. I rocked out on synth & sang my head off. Best show of my life so far! This means a production deal with Justin Gray in LA and distribution with Warner Music... Can't wait to fill you in on how this goes!

Got my first endorsement deal with Lewitt Microphones! So happy to be a Lewitt artist and I am loving my new condenser mic.

Back in LA for shows and writing sessions. Off to Nashville for my first time ever July 4-8th for a gear preview & writing sessions! Can't wait :)

"Never Will Die" music video won the "Director's Choice" Award at the Rincon Film Festival!

I was on the Ward & Al Show on SiriusXM in March, if you didn't get a chance to tune in you can check out my interview here: SiriusXM Interview.

My live performance video for Omni V-Mix aired this past weekend around Canada - Check it out here if you missed us on TV! added my music video "Never Will Die"! Pretty exciting eh? The Beat FM Kitchener & CBC also added "Never Will Die" to their rotation.

I Am Entertainment Magazine just did a sweet review of my latest music. They compare "No One Could Love Me Better" to old school Mariah. You can check out the review here.

CBC Radio, Proud FM, Spoilaranks, KAFM 88.1, & WHFR 89.3 have added "No One Could Love Me Better", 91.5FM The Beat, and many other online stations have added it to rotation! Mediazoic featured NOCLMB as Song of the Week! "Missing My Love" has been getting love from many online stations -  The MusicPlayer UK; RRadioMusic ; IndieCast Radio; Digital Mayhem Radio;  Pirate Radio of the Treasure Coast; NDJamz Radio, Galveston County Radio