The 13 Snarkiest Tweets About Sam Smith’s New Bond Theme

Sam Smith so emotional


Earlier today Sam Smith released “Writing’s on the Wall,” his song for the upcoming James Bond film Spectre. I’m not a Bond fan, but I am a fan of listening to music and giving my opinion on it, so I gave it a whirl. I have to say I really did not enjoy the experience. I found it a little boring and pretty unmemorable, and Sam’s voice sounded particularly grating to me. (I’m not the biggest fan of it to begin with, #sorrynotsorry.) I thought the background orchestration was the best part.

You can listen to the full song on Spotify, or hear a 2-minute preview from BBC radio below.

It turns out I’m not the only one who wasn’t thrilled by the tune. A Twitter search of terms related to the song revealed a lot of negative responses. Some people have even accused Sam of ripping off Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song.” Because there’s nothing I love more than Twitter snark, I pulled some of the most scathing tweets for your perusal.

The cat comparison seemed to be a popular one.

Like I said.

Well, that’s just not fair. Sam at least has a wider vocabulary than “meep.”


This one might be my favorite.


Wish I’d seen this earlier.

Sorry, Sam. A for effort.

Badum bum chh!

I see what you did there.

…yawned and yawned and…

Hey, maybe they can sell it as a sleep aid.

This is the most creative burn I’ve read in a while. Snaps.

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