this is not joe or peter. sorry.

hey kid nice robot is peter seckler and joe sullivan

10 so come visit us inside our boxes.
20 come listen to our beautiful noises.
30 we can feel our hearts breaking apart
40 1 clock cycle at a time
50 sub main
60     print this is our circuit; breaking apart
70 end sub
100 we are on a journey to find
110 salvation in circuitry.
120 we can't make you
130 we can't make you
140 but we want to live
150 we want to feel
160 one day they'll tell a story
170 about a robot
180 who came from the stars
190 to save your world.
200 they'll say it was just a fairy tale.
210 for n=1 to 10
220 you can become a robot too
230 next n