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The LARGEST PAELLA in the Tri-State Area: NY, NJ, CT!

Paella for the World


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You don't need a plane ticket to get a
Taste of Spain! 
We are bringing Spain to you with our new Paella Party experience!

If you want your next event to be a unique one, this is what you’ve been looking for.  The paella party allows you to relax while we do all the work, worry-free!  How it works?  We bring all the food and supplies, set-up in your backyard, and start the show.  Paella catering is completely self-sufficient.  Once the chef fires up the pan, guests can gather around to enjoy the spectacle.  It is quite a show with the visual and aromatic display of the large paella.  It takes about 40-60 min. to cook and will be ready at your chosen serving time.  We also understand that everyone has different food preferences; therefore, we can adapt to your liking. 

The traditional Paella has meat and seafood. But to suit your taste, we can cook a variety of different shrimp_in_garlic.jpgpaellas, from vegetarian to Mediterranean.  You may want to try our tapas as well.  From our scrumptious Shrimp in Garlic to our delectable Tortilla Española, these small, tasty portions are great to enjoy sangria.jpgwhile watching and waiting for your paella to be ready.  

Sangria is also a wonderful treat to sip on to pass the time.  

And how can you have a party without music?  At your request, we can also provide music and dancing for your event. From a guitarist and Flamenco dancers to DJ services, we can organize entertainment for you and your guests to enjoy.  Finish off the evening with a Cremat, a wonderful fire display in which we burn rum, lemon peels, and coffee beans and serve as a delightful after dinner drink. 

Make your get together a memorable occasion! 

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