Thank You, UrbanGirl Friends

Yoo hoo hey friends hey,

A big, big, BIG thank you and hugs to all of you for supporting UrbanGirl Office Supply. It was fun wondering about you as we packed your order, and in the earlier days of UG, writing a note of thanks (That got way overwhelming as we grew). We loved it when you posted your new colorful office goodies sometimes along with my note on social media, emailed us, called us, wrote us a note of thanks or a review on TrustPilot.


The UrbanGirl team thanks you for being loyal customers.

So here’s the deal Lucilles (now that song is in my head).

A little thing called time.

Time, the dictionary definition is temporal length of event or entity’s existence. My definition? The older you get the faster it goes (wise words from my mom).

I didn’t have enough time. Time for UrbanGirl, time for our other company, SunDANCE Office Supply, time for the baybee Tucker (he is high maintenance) time for grandkiddos, the hubs, friends, yoga, reading, gardening, cleaning closets and puttering around the house (cleaning house in a hurry is the worst).

SunDANCE Office Supply

The UrbanGirl and SunDANCE team combined to keep your office stocked and your desk stylish.

This Condry was in a quandary, decisions had to made, time was not on my side….I just say I am 33, shhhh don’t tell. So UrbanGirl did not make the cut. A bitter pill to swallow after all the hard work and time (time – there it is again!) the crew devoted to our upstart e-commerce biz. Sad. But on the bright side, SunDANCE Office Supply will be the better for it.   We learned a ton (REALLY, it made me dizzy!).

We sincerely hope that you will visit us at for any office supply needs you may have. We would love that. We would also love to keep in touch! Please give SunDANCE a follow on Twitter or a like on Facebook to see what is going on with Tucker and the rest of the crew.

So from Dyan & John, Hannah, Tyler, Eric, Jenn, Allen and Tucker too….Ooddles of tootles friends.

Smiling at you,


P.S.  Here are some favorites you can find on SunDANCE:

poppin office supplies

Colorful File Folders


washi tape

Become an UrbanGirl Affiliate!

UrbanGirl Affiliate Program

Earn Money by Joining UrbanGirl’s Affiliate Program

Do you love UrbanGirl and enjoy spreading the word to your friends, coworkers, and family?  You can now earn a commission by joining our affiliate program.  Sign up for our affiliate program here and receive a unique affiliate link.  When someone clicks your link and makes a purchase at UrbanGirl, you will earn a 5% commission on the purchase (restrictions apply, please read terms and conditions).  Share the link on your blog, your Facebook page, social media accounts, website, anywhere you like to share your favorite stores and products.  Sign up now!

Affiliate Terms And Conditions

Affiliate will receive a 5% commission on purchases placed directly through the unique affiliate link.

To earn commission, the buyer must enter UrbanGirl directly from the link.  If the buyer leaves UrbanGirl and comes back, unless the buyer enters directly through the link again, the sale will not count toward commission.

Commission is earned only on merchandise, not on gift certificates, sales tax, shipping, etc.

To earn a commission check, the affiliate must provide a full name, mailing address in the USA, phone number, and email address.

Commissions are calculated quarterly, and commission checks will be mailed within 30 days of the end of each quarter.

Commission earned from a single referral/purchaser will be capped at $25 (which is 5% of a $500.00 purchase)

UrbanGirl reserves the right to cancel this program at any time, without notice.

UrbanGirl reserves the right to revoke an affiliate’s participation in the program at any time, without notice.

Affiliate links are not to be used in spam or misleading communication.  Affiliate links are not to be place anywhere that contains illegal, misleading, obscene, violent, or otherwise offensive content.

UrbanGirl is not responsible for computer error, human error, fraud, or any other deliberate or accidental  malfunction within the affiliate program.

Commission will only be paid on actual earned referrals.  An affiliate may not earn commission on his or her own purchases.  An affiliate may not become an affiliate just to earn commission on a previously planned purchase by his or her family, company, or other associations.  Any purchases that appear ineligible, suspicious or fraudulent may be denied a commission.  Ineligible purchases include, but are not limited to, purchases that are returned for a refund, purchases made with fraudulent payment methods, or purchases made solely to benefit the affiliate.  By participating in this program, the affiliate agrees that UrbanGirl alone will determine ineligible purchases and that determination is final; UrbanGirl is under no obligation to provide an explanation for determining that a purchase is ineligible for commission.

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The 2nd Woman-Owned Business Day

Woman-Owned Business Day

Tomorrow, May 1, 2015, is the second Woman-Owned Business Day.  UrbanGirl Office Supply founded this day last year to celebrate female entrepreneurs.  We decided to create a day to recognize female business owners for several reasons.  I had interviewed many business owners for this blog, and I heard from so many women that obtaining funding for their business was a huge obstacle; many women funded their businesses themselves with second mortgages, credit cards, etc.  This anecdotal evidence I discovered reflects research and statistics that show women are less likely to receive funding than men.  We hope that this holiday will spread awareness about woman-owned businesses and additional obstacles woman-owned businesses may face.

Woman-Owned Business Day May 1

The Evidence that Woman-Owned Businesses Need Recognition

This study found that males, especially attractive males, were more likely to get investments for a business than women, even with the exact same sales pitch.  Investors chose the business pitch from a male 68% of the time. The study discovered that “individuals, both male and female, respond much more positively to pitches with male voices than a pitch with a female voice.”

A study by National Foundation for Women Business Owners and Wells Fargo & Co. found that women receive 2% of venture capital funding, while 38% of businesses are owned by women.  The survey also found that “most women entrepreneurs are relying on their own savings and loans to finance their firms’ growth instead of tapping into a rich vein of venture capital for cash infusions.”

What You Can Do in Honor of Woman-Owned Business Day

Spread the word about woman-owned businesses by using the hashtag #BuyFromWomen when you post on social media.  Celebrate your favorite woman-owned businesses by tweeting about them, posting pictures on Pinterest, telling your Facebook friends, etc.

Mother’s Day is May 10th.  Buy mom a gift from a woman-owned  business.  Make Mother’s Day even more special by telling her that you deliberately purchased a gift in support of woman-owned businesses!  Search the #buyfromwomen hashtag on social media to find business that are woman-owned.  Share what you purchased from them on social media using that hashtag.

Download free printable gift tags!

For more information, please check the following resources:

Video Explaining Woman-Owned Business Day

UrbanGirl’s #BuyFromWomen Page

Blog Post Founding Woman-Owned Business Day

Article in the Tulsa World about Woman-Owned Business Day

The Gender Gap in Business Funding

Facebook Page for Woman-Owned Business Day




Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Urbangirl

Go Behind-the-Scenes with UrbanGirl!

We thought it would be fun to share some of the things that go on at the UrbanGirl headquarters that most people probably don’t know about.  If you ever wondered what it was like to work at UrbanGirl, the place to buy the most stylish colorful office supplies, here is a rare behind-the-scenes look at what we do.

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About UrbanGirl

Tucker and Dyan

Tucker helps Dyan write thank you cards to customers.

1.  The owner of UrbanGirl, Dyan, really does write the thank you notes sent to customers.  She literally has the bruises to prove it!  Yes, poor Dyan had a bruise on her hand this week after writing so many notes.  However, as you can see from our Trustpilot reviews, our customers really do appreciate her funny handwritten letters.

2.  It will come as no surprise that our offices are really cute and colorful.  The walls are brightly painted in a variety of colors, and rainbow-colored tiles cover the hallway.  We all have stylish desk accessories.  However, we have a secret fashion fail going on in our break room.  Our coffee mugs are hideous.  Really, they are fantastically awful.

Ugly Mugs Behind the Scenes of UrbanGirl

Actual cabinet in the UrbanGirl kitchen showing off our “designer” mugs.

3.  We talk to the office dog Tucker like he is a person.  He is here every day and everyone enjoys conversing with him.  However, he does spend the majority of his shift sleeping on his mom’s desk!

4.  Everyone who works for UrbanGirl has a dog.  This is important because everyone knows that the real boss of UrbanGirl is Tucker, Dyan’s dog and UrbanGirl’s office mascot.  We post pictures of Tucker all the time, but here are some of the furchildren (and human children) of the UrbanGirl employees.

UrbanGirl Dogs

Some of the UrbanGirl family including dogs and humans.

5.  We come up with our best ideas for the company in the shower.  Now, not in the shower together, of course!  It is never surprising to get an email from someone with the subject line “Shower Thought” which means he or she came up with an interesting idea while showering before work.  I came up with the idea for Woman-Owned Business Day in the shower, for example.

6.  Everyone who works here prefers to write in pink ink–even the guys.  Plain black ink is boring, so even official office correspondence is written in colorful ink.  Here is one of our UrbanGuys modeling his favorite pink pen!

Pink Pen

Real men write with a pink pen.

7.  UrbanGirl has no customer service representatives.  Seriously.  Not one.  This is actually appreciated by our customers because if you call or write to us, the person who helps you will be Dyan herself or any of the rest of us who are responsible for running this small company.  We do not outsource to machines or to other companies or countries!

8.  We take most of our own photographs.  We like for our website to be unique; therefore, we take a lot of the product and “workspace inspiration” photos ourselves.  Dyan and I (Hannah) take the photographs in our “studio” which is really a corner of the warehouse with a backdrop.


Kate Spade New York products are ready for their closeup!

9.  We are located in Broken Arrow, a suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We really are “UrbanGirls” though because most of us actually live in Tulsa and commute to the suburb for work.  Our location is ideal for a retail website because it is easier to ship from the middle of the country.

10.  UrbanGirl is a family business.  Dyan, the owner, gets to work with her two sons, human Tyler and canine Tucker.  We are pretty sure that Tucker is her favorite son.

What other behind-the-scenes facts would you like to learn about UrbanGirl?

New Year’s Resolution: Support Small Business

Resolve to be a Small Business Champion!

We take pride in UrbanGirl‘s support of other small businesses, especially woman-owned businesses.  All of us are resolving to make an effort to support small businesses as much as possible in 2015.  We have previously outlined reasons why we support shopping small; now we are sharing some ways to do just that.  Here are some suggestions for Small Business New Year’s Resolutions.

1.  Research where you shop.

We know it is not practical to know every detail of every company.  However, when given a choice, try to find out as much as you can to make an informed decision regarding where to spend your money. Think about the questions that are important to you, and support those companies whose values align with yours.  How does the company treat employees?  Does the company give back to its community?  Does the company outsource its labor to other countries?

2.  Realize that price isn’t everything.

While this tip is not practical for everyone, if you can afford to spend a little more, don’t make price your only factor when making a purchase.  You might find a book in your locally owned bookstore, and then notice that the book is available online from a major retailer for a few dollars less.  If you can afford to do so, buy it from your local store to support your local economy.  A lower price from a larger company could mean that the company pays its employees less, outsources to other countries, or simply is able to buy in bulk–a luxury not afforded to smaller businesses.  These are all factors to consider when making a purchase.

3.  Try something different.

One of the great things about small businesses is their uniqueness.  Often, we buy from the same stores, online and off, because we trust them.  However, a large chain store will have the same items in every store.  Take a chance on something different.  Look online, as well as locally, for different options.  Seek out companies you haven’t tried before.  You may find a hidden gem that will become your new favorite place to shop.  Most small companies will link to an independent review site such as Trustpilot, or you can search the Better Business Bureau if you are scared to buy from a new company.  This resolution is great for restaurants, too. Resolve to eat in locally owned restaurants this year, instead of boring chain restaurants.  Your tummy and your local economy will appreciate it!

4.  Spread the small business love.

If you find a business you enjoy, tell people about it!  Small businesses often have little to no advertising budget.  The best thing to do to help keep a small business going is to tell others about it.  Eat at a great restaurant?  Write about it on UrbanSpoon or Yelp.  Find a cool product? Share a picture of it on Instagram or Pinterest.  Get great customer service? Brag about it on Twitter or Facebook.  This will help make sure those small businesses you love will continue to grow.

Small Business

Tucker the Office Dog Exclusive

I had the privilege of sitting down with our office dog, Tucker, for an exclusive interview.  Please enjoy reading the transcript of our interview to learn what it is like to be the dog-in-chief of a colorful office supply company.

Tucker and Dyan

Tucker helps Dyan write thank you cards to customers.

Exclusive Interview with Tucker the Office Dog:

How did you get started working for UrbanGirl?

My momma, Dyan, owns UrbanGirl, so I already had an “in” with the company.  She knew I would be a great addition to the office from the day she adopted me.  She flew to Arizona to get me, and I rode on the plane under the seat in front of her. She wanted me in her lap but the flight attendants were kinda picky and made me stay in my crate. At the end of the ride I poked my head out and everyone commented on what a cute quite little guy I was. I think some people said “She’s cute!” I get that girl thing a lot cuz I hear I’m pretty.  I was such a good boy during the entire flight that she knew she could trust me with helping her start her new company selling cute and colorful office supplies.  I was the first UrbanGirl employee, and I love reminding everyone at the office about this fact.

What were the early days at UrbanGirl like?

I am not really sure because I was a wee puppy.  My momma kept me in her office most of the time.  I slept a lot.  I played a lot.

Tucker the Office Dog

Tucker in Dyan’s lap during the early days of UrbanGirl.

What is your role at UrbanGirl now?

I pretty much run the place.  I model the office supplies in photographs for the website, blog, and all of the social media outlets.  I tell Momma what to write on the thank you notes.  I helped pick out colors for our office decor.  I bark when someone I don’t know comes into the office.  I look cute and make everyone happy.  I allow people to pet me–sometimes.  I sleep.  A lot.

Tucker the Office Dog

Tucker models a gift set.

What is it like working with your mom?

I hear that most dogs are left home alone all day.  I am happy that I am such an amazing dog that I get to come to work every day with Momma.  The other employees worship me, and they know I am Momma’s favorite.  It keeps them in line.

Your human brother, Tyler, also works for UrbanGirl.  Isn’t he Dyan’s favorite?

Absolutely not.  Everyone knows I am the favorite.  My human brother can type and stuff, but, well, I am just fabulous.  He can’t compete with that.  No one can.

Tucker the Office Dog

Tucker helps Dyan choose colors during the construction of UrbanGirl offices.

How are you treated differently than the other employees?

I have many privileges the humans do not get to enjoy.  I can sleep whenever I want.  I even get to sleep on Momma’s desk.  I get to play with toys and run around the office when I need a break from sleeping.  I get more attention than anyone else.  I get to go outside for bathroom breaks, everyone else has to use the boring inside restroom.

How do you feel about your fame?

I was born to be famous.  I love all of the perks that come with fame.  My gorgeous pictures are all over the internet so everyone can enjoy my handsome physique.  I am going to be in the 2015 American Coton de Tulear calendar.  Other companies have even named their office dogs after me!

American Coton Club

Tucker is proud to be Mr. August in the 2015 American Coton de Tulear Club calendar.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love to run. People smile and laff when they see me run because I run run leap run run leap run run leap, like a bunny. My sister in Arizona is named Bunny. My Momma said that’s a great name!  My best friend is Bentley. We like to chase each other and growl like big dogs. He comes to work with us sometimes and even has sleepovers at my house.  I love to go for walks and jogs and I always like to be in the front.

What else would you like to know about Tucker the office dog?  Leave your questions in the comments.


7 Reasons for Small Business Saturday


“Small Business Saturday” continues to grow in popularity each year.  It is the Saturday after Thanksgiving when consumers are urged to shop from small businesses.  This day is important to UrbanGirl because we are a small business.  We also love to support other small businesses.  We think you should, too!  Here are 7 reasons to support Small Business Saturday.

1.  Personalized Service

Small businesses provide better customer service.  Small businesses often have fewer customers, which means they appreciate and know about each and every sale, often acknowledging customers with a handwritten note.  Small businesses also do not have robots or call centers answering their phone and replying to emails.  For example, UrbanGirl has no customer service employees.  When you call or write to us, you will get a response from someone who actually has a stake in the company–the owner, the marketing coordinator, the shipping coordinator, or a manager will work with you.

2.  The Economy

Small businesses account for 64% of new jobs in the United States since 1995 according to the Small Business Administration.  Small businesses are not only good for the national economy, but also the local economy.  Small businesses often source local products, and 91% of small business owners give back to their communities.


3.  Diversity and Choices

Imagine if there were no small businesses.  Every city would have the same stores.  All of the online stores would be the same.  There would be less competition and fewer choices.  Owning a business is the epitome of the American Dream and it feels good to support independent business owners from diverse backgrounds who offer an equally diverse selection of products and services.

4.  Unique Products

If you are gift shopping, you are probably searching for something unique.  Small businesses often have one-of-a-kind items, handmade items, or locally produced items that cannot be found anywhere else.

5. Employees

Small businesses generally do not have call centers in foreign countries, or any kind of outsourced labor.  Small businesses hire local people, and have loyal employees who care about the business and its customers.

Small Business Saturday

6.  No Crowds

Shopping from small businesses either in person or online is so much easier than fighting the crazy Black Friday crowds at the large stores.  Relax and enjoy discovering unique gift ideas, instead of waiting in line for hours to buy the same thing everyone else is buying.

7.  Special Deals

Many small businesses offer deals on Small Business Saturday. Also, American Express has a deal for its cardholders who shop small that you can check out here:

What are some of your favorite small businesses?  Where will you shop on Small Business Saturday?

Meet Meg for Office Supply Deals

Yoohoo, lovies!

I am just tickled pink to introduce you to Meg, our retro UrbanGirl!  Meg will be bringing you news about innovative products and great office supply deals.  If you have signed up for UrbanGirl emails, you will see an email every once in a while from Meg.  If you haven’t signed up for UrbanGirl emails, what are you waiting for?  Get on over there and sign up! (click here and scroll to the bottom left of the UrbanGirl website to sign up).

Here is a picture of me and Meg!

Meg and Dyan

Meg and Dyan

Meg will bring you office supply deals that are “Oh so low, they’re retro!”  She also stars in cute videos.  Who said office supplies had to be dull and boring?  We want to make them fun.  Here Meg explains Magic Marker Window Markers from Bic.  Click the photo below to watch the video.

Office Supply Video from Meg

Don’t look now, but that window you’re staring out of could become your next whiteboard! That’s right, BIC’s new Magic Marker Window Marker, with its formulated ink that adheres to glass is designed specifically for window writing, so now there are no more limits to where your mind can go during that next meeting. Run out of room to write? Take it to the window! Conference room surrounded in glass? Voilà – Instant writing surface to capture all those brilliant ideas. And with the wipe of a little ol’ wet cloth, it’s like it never happened. You won’t scare the janitor away, I promise! So don’t let it pass you by, this window of opportunity is here for the taking… or shall I say, writing!

Don’t forget to check your emails for more fun videos, new products, and great office supply deals from Meg and UrbanGirl!

Woman-Owned Wednesday: Amy C. Lund

UrbanGirl continues to highlight our fellow woman-owned businesses.  Our Woman-Owned Wednesday subject today is Amy C. Lund, weaver of fine textiles. She combines “natural yarns and traditional weave structures to highlight form and function in classic fabrics for unique hand towels, table linens, scarves, blankets and rugs.” Lund is an entrepreneur who creates, markets, and sells her work. She believes that “art can be expressed in well-crafted everyday items, no matter how utilitarian. The materials and processes involved in making objects are just as important as the finished pieces. Many techniques have evolved through the history and traditions of each craft.”

Amy C. Lund Handweaver

Woman-Owned Wednesday: Amy C. Lund, Handweaver

Lund’s interest in textiles started at a young age.  “I learned to spin after fixing up an old wheel that was in the family summer cottage. I first learned to knit with the yarn I made. Then, I was given an opportunity to help with an exhibit on historic weaving patterns and use an old barn loom set up by a weaver with some of my homespun yarn. I was hooked!”  She took a class and continued to weave and pursue her interest in historical and cultural weaving.  An internship at Hancock Shaker Village Museum after college made her realize that she wanted to pursue this interest further.  She earned a master’s degree in Textiles and Related Art from the University of Rhode Island and worked in a museum.  She “missed actually making things” with her own hands and decided to create her own business.

Earning a living as an artist can be difficult, especially in a field that is seen as traditionally female.  When asked about this, Lund said, “I think many dismiss the traditional domestic textile arts and handcraft as women’s work, something that is done for free, or not necessarily for a living wage, that it has little value since modern technology has changed our understanding of consumer products and material goods. This makes it difficult to get the recognition the work deserves from others, and I must say I still see many women in the field who dismiss their efforts and don’t always think they can ask for the recognition they deserve for those talents and creativity.”

Amy winding warp

Amy winding warp


Furthermore, marketing and business often take up a greater percentage of an artist’s time.  Lund says, “at least ¾ of my time is spent on promoting my work and running the business, or at least it seems that way! While it takes a lot of skill and time to handweave textiles, much of the value of making is also in the finish work, fine tuning the details, and getting it into the hands of customers. Sometimes a lot of work goes in to the planning of new projects, too.”  Lund handles all aspects of the business herself, and says that someday she would love to have more help with office tasks, but for now, “It’s hard with a creative business to give up control, creative and otherwise, or find good help that operates the same way and is as committed to the core of the artistic vision.”

Lund’s proudest moments occur when her work “is recognized and understood by customers, designers, or promoters,” because she knows she has “connected on a special level.”  She says, “the satisfaction that comes from those moments that can keep me going, whether it is from a note or a customer in my shop, to a blog mention or magazine feature. Every sale is a special moment to me, too.”  Her biggest challenge is finding a “strong and consistent market that understands the traditional textile arts as fine craft, understanding the skill and labor involved in making handmade decorative and utilitarian items with aesthetic value, as well as their long-term value.”  However, her perseverance and willingness to continually learn more about business and marketing strategies give her hope that “each new day will bring new sales and ideas.”

Red handwoven rug

Red Striped Handwoven rug by Amy C. Lund. “Attention to detail and commitment to traditional artistry separate my hand woven textiles from many others. I work entirely with traditional hand and foot powered looms, not using computers to guide my patterns or mechanics to power the loom.”

For anyone interested in turning his or her skill and talent into a business, Lund offers the following advice, “I would suggest that while one is learning their skill and refining it, to spend time also developing other areas of business, such as branding, marketing, promotion, and presentation, which is so important. None of these has to be perfect at the beginning, but should show development that can be built upon as skills and knowledge increase. Everything starts in some stage of development and change continually happens over time and with new perspectives. It is also important to keep plugging away at something! Sometimes when I’m working on one product, another will sell, or while I have to do paperwork, I need items available for customers.”

To learn more about Amy C. Lund and her work, visit her website.  To purchase her handmade items, visit her Etsy shop.

Handwoven Scarf

Autumn Zen Simplicity Scarf, Handwoven Sand and Stone Soothing Stripes for Mindful Moments by Amy C. Lund




Beka Doolittle “Mompreneur” of The Pink Store

Beka Doolittle turned her love of the color pink and her dream of being her own boss into The Pink Store, a store that sells everything pink.  The idea came to her while raising her three teenage boys.  “I found myself buying little pink things for my own personal space such as a pink hair dryer and pink straightening iron,” she says.


Beka Doolittle, mompreneur, lover of pink, and owner of The Pink Store.

Being a “mompreneur” is her biggest challenge.  While all children were still at home, she had trouble finding balance.  “Owning a business is like having another child.  It’s amazing and hard all at once.”   This is easier now, she says, because her sons have now graduated high school, leaving only her daughter at home.

A finance degree with fifteen years of experience, a love of leadership, and a happy-go-lucky attitude all contributed to her success.  She also credits her relationship-building skills.  This is key “in an online world.  There isn’t any face-to-face connection so I make sure my emails or phone calls come across with a smile. No matter what, the customer is always right and the end result is about loving others and treating everyone with a high level of respect.”

Doolittle radiates positivity.  She says her friends and family believed in her and thought a store dedicated to all things pink was a great idea.  She said that the positive feedback was motivating because she didn’t “want to let anyone down.”  She has definitely not let anyone down based on her achievements and future endeavors.  She won Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012 from her local SCORE office, and is now “focused on partnering with our local Komen Nebraska Foundation.”

The Pink Store

Scarves, one of the many pink items to be found at The Pink Store

The Pink Store faces a legal battle with lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret, but even that hasn’t harmed her positive outlook.  Victoria’s Secret carries a line called “Pink” and in 2013 filed a petition to cancel Doolittle’s trademark on “The Pink Store.”  Doolittle is fighting to keep her trademark, and has received nothing but support from the public.  “Not one single person has negatively affected us,” she says, “we have received a numerous amount of positive supporters!”  She says the situation has forced her to learn “an extreme amount of patience,” but she “doesn’t hold any hatred” in her heart and understands that it is a “business situation,” although she calls a comparison between her store and Victoria’s Secret an “apples to oranges” situation because her store does not sell anything similar to the retail giant.

Doolittle is realizing her dream of owning her own business, being her own boss, and painting the world pink!  She advises any entrepreneurs who are just starting out to “give yourself time to learn your business.  There are so many ways to do things, and a lot of trial and error.  Patience will be the best virtue in this instance!  But, the rewards and the journey are amazing!”

Visit The Pink Store to find just about anything pink you can imagine, and to read Beka Doolittle’s ongoing story, check out her blog, Living the Pink Life.  

UrbanGirl hopes to inspire the spirit of entrepreneurship in women and girls.  We love to help support and promote woman-owned businesses.  Please see our directory of woman-owned businesses, and read our other profiles of successful female entrepreneurs.