HMS Strongbow HMS Strongbow

HMS Strongbow

Painting of HMS Strongbow's final engagement

HMS Strongbow

Pennant No G44 HMS Strongbow one of the only known photographs of the ship


HMS Strongbow was an R Class special destroyer and was built and engineered by the Yarrow Engineering Company of Glasgow and was launched on the 30th September 1916. She had an overall length of 273’ 3”, a breadth of 25’ 7” and a draught of 10’ 6” and with all her equipment, weighed over 11000 tons. Her engines were geared single reduction turbines powering 2 screws. Her shaft horsepower was 27000 at 360 revolutions per minute, giving her a sea speed of 36 knots. The steam for the turbines was produced by 3 Yarrow boilers, each working at 260 pounds per square inch. Her speed was measured over a known mile at 36 1/2 knots, thereby exceeding her designed speed. Her breakdown weights are given as:- hull 408 tons, machinery 391 tons, oil 268 tons, armament 40 tons, water 15 tons, general equipment 50 tons and heating oil 4 tons. Her armament consisted of 3 x 4” quick firing guns, 1 x 2 pounder ‘pom pom’ gun and 4 x 21” torpedo tubes on her deck. She carried 230 tons of fuel oil, giving her a range of 2400 nautical miles at 15 knots. She also carried three smaller boats, two on her port side and one on her starboard. The whaler, which was 25 ft long and the dingy, which was 13 ft 6 in long were on her port side and on her starboard side she carried a motor boat which was 20 ft long. During the late stages of her life she also carried a hydrogen filled observation balloon capable of carrying two men in a basket. It is thought that this was rigged just in front of her forward funnel.

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