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Meet Balbriggan Dentist, Dr Nicholas O’Kane

Balbriggan dentist, Dr Nicholas O'Kane

Dr Nicholas O’Kane

Dental Expertise

Dr. O’Kane attended University of Dundee in Scotland to achieve his Bachelor of Dental Science. Attending school there allowed him to remain close to his home in Ireland, and he graduated in 2002.

He continues his education by taking a number of courses each year. These courses are on various topics such as the Damon System used for orthodontics, dental implants, artist composite dentistry and gum rejuvenation.

Using Creative Skills

I’ve always had an interest in jobs that involved skill and artistry. I started dentistry and realised that it was the perfect combination of both. It allows me to be creative and problem-solve.

Dr Nicholas O’Kane

Outside of the Practice

Dr. O’Kane wishes he has more time for snowboarding, which is his biggest passion. He’s travelled to North America, South America, New Zealand and the Alps to indulge his love of hitting the slopes. He also does a lot of cycling and has done a good deal of surfing. Dr. O’Kane is a supporting member of his Gaelic club.

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