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                “Theatrical poetry” (ICA, London)
           “Mystical cardmeister” (The Times, London)
    “Extraordinary magician” (The Sunday Times, London)
    "Magic how it should be performed" (MagicWeek, U.K.)
    "Master of sleight of hand” (Evening Standard, London)
    “Virtuoso magic and visual poetry” (Time Out, London)
         "Astonishing legerdemain and prestidigitation
                   (Whitechapel Art Gallery, London)

As a modern alkhemist, mindful of the delicate balance of forces
that vibrate through the streets, aladin works to bring
subterranean treasures and curiosities to the surface.

With the secret techniques of his unique patois alkhemi and with
help and intrigue from his friend the blue turtle, aladin has set
himself the mission of tracing the mythical four elements.
Through the rich weave of culture, art, work, play and magic
that is daily life for an alkhemist, he strives to find the ultimate
ineluctable, the fifth element.

aladin is a multiple award winning, critically acclaimed magician.
His astounding, widely admired magic resonates across the world.
Alternately warm and hair-raising, it affords a window onto the
workings of extraordinary, interdisciplinary and interpersonal skills.

Famed for his eerie mastery of objects - which disappear and
reappear with a mesmerizing liquidity in his hands - and his
extraordinary ability to read the hearts and minds of others, aladin
 exudes mystery and animation matched only by his vast reserve
of natural human warmth. Unfolding impromptu mini-worlds of
impossible happenings decorated with secrets, experiments of the
mind and unanswerable questions as he goes, aladin has delighted,
mystified and raised the hairs of thousands.