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Telling a luxury story the richest way possible.

Fiji is the luxury water with unique flavor and an iconic square bottle. However, rumors had begun circulating that Fiji water wasn’t really from Fiji, and as such didn’t warrant its premium price tag. We needed to confront these untruths head-on and reassure the world that 100% of Fiji water does indeed come from a tropical, one-of-a-kind aquifer. Working in coordination with Fiji’s in-house agency Fire Station, we relaunched a new platform that was simple, beautiful, and user-first.

The numbers show that we captured users’ attention and kept them interested. The new site has far less text, but visitors actually spent 404% more time engaged with the story of the FIJI’s origins.

Brand strategy: telling a compelling story

The new is built upon a radically simplified information architecture manifesting the brand’s “unapologetically premium” identity. Like many luxury brands, Fiji focuses on doing a few things exceptionally well. To mirror these values online, we stripped away unnecessary and infrequently-used elements to let the primary content shine. On the home page, for example, we replaced a traditional navigational header with a bold visual triptych of the most important content: the product story, the lifestyle magazine, and the store.

Content strategy: Raise the bar on original content

Over the years, Fiji built a rabid following of fans who will accept no other bottled water. As such, Fiji does very little traditional advertising—they don’t have to. We worked with Fiji to deliver another layer of value to their most loyal customers. Earth’s Finest City Guide isn’t marketing, but rather a monthly magazine presenting curated portraits of Fiji’s favorite destinations.


Our research showed that a majority of FIJI’s customer base were jetsetters—or those who aspired to that lifestyle. For a premium brand like Fiji, syndicated content wasn’t good enough. We needed demonstrate the brand’s unique voice with original articles and photography in four categories: Taste, Stay, Do, and Win. We developed article templates and editorial guidelines and sourced, vetted and trained a full-time managing editor to helm the magazine.

To ensure the integrity of Earth’s Finest, we mandated that branded content would always constitute only a minimum of the editorial calendar. “Brands as publishers” has been a buzzword for years, but with Earth’s Finest, Fiji raised the stakes.

Social media: Be social from square one

Merely creating rich original content wasn’t enough —we needed to get it in front of as many readers as possible. Rather than waiting for them to discover us, we took the content to them. The magazine appears on, but every article and photo also appear on Fiji’s custom Tumblr, discoverable to the platform’s 300 million followers. Our content specifications ensure the magazine’s format—image-rich, copy light—are optimized for the Tumblr audience. Finally, a detailed tagging plan ensures Fiji’s lifestyle content appears in search results as users go about their daily Tumblr browsing.

Art direction: Show, don’t tell

We wanted to show the source of FIJI water in all its glory, but the legendary aquifer is sealed hundreds of feet below the surface of the earth, out of reach of photographers. For our solution, we resurrected a technique most often seen in epic films like Raiders of the Lost Ark—matte painting. We created seven original, richly-textured images to create an immersive scrolling experience that tells Fiji’s story, starting in the clouds and descending to the aquifer. Images are the hero of the story, with copy providing an additional layer of details.


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