Every tape or memory of a tape is a blip on the radar of our collective consciousness. By stringing these individual bits together, we draw the map of how mixtapes changed our lives through reappropriation of the sounds around us. Help us connect the dots. . .

There are two ways you can contribute to foundscapes:

1) If you still HAVE the tape (either one you dubbed or one you received), we would love to interview you and digitize the tape. Natalie can either make a high-quality dub if you're local, arrange for you to mail it (you will get it back!), or show you how to do it yourself (preferred)!

2) if you DUBBED or RECEIVED a tape but no longer have it, please fill out THIS survey so these memories can live on, even though the tapes won't.

If you'd like to share some thoughts on mixtapological topics, hit Natalie up!