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Q: What kinds of tapes are you looking for?
A: Tapes that are compilations of songs made between 1971 and 1999.

Q: Are you going to keep my mix?
A: No way, Jose! You can either bring it to one of our on-site digitizing sessions or mail it to us and we'll mail it back.

Q: How can I digitize my mixtape?

  1. Connect the cassette player to your computer by connecting the headphones output to the computer's sound input. Use a cable with an 1/8-inch jack on one end (for the computer's input) and either another 1/8-inch or a 1/4-inch jack on the other (for the headphones output of the cassette player, depending on the socket size).
  2. Use one of a variety of sound recording audio programs to input and record the audio from the tape. Audacity is freeware, beta program recommended.
  3. Make sure the audio is set to import from external inputs ("line in") -- not the from internal microphone, et cetera.
  4. In some programs, you may have to begin recording on the computer before you start the tape playing. Also, we suggest recording for a bit to adjust the recording volume levels. Do this at either the tape player's volume controls or via the recording software. Keep the levels as close to maxing out as you can without actually maxing them out. Not in the red zone, but close to it.
  5. After recording the first side of the tape, edit out any silence at the beginning and the end. Save (or export) the file as an .mp3 file. This format allows for the best-sound-quality-for-file-size ratio. Use the title of the tape in the file name, as stated in the survey you submitted, and specify the side of the tape (as in: mytape_a.mp3)
  6. Repeat for side B!.. naming the tape something along the lines of "mytape_b.mp3"
  7. Create a .zip or at least a folder for these two audio files. Add to the folder a song list and pictures of the tape. Ideally the pictures will include one of each side of the tape saved at 72 dpi and measuring 500x325 pixels, and maybe a picture or two of any liner notes or ephemera surrounding the tape.
  8. Email us to get the ftp upload instructions and your time sensitive password. If you don't already have an FTP program, you can use a freeware program like Filezilla (all platforms) or cyberduck (Mac).
  9. Upload your folder and await confirmation of your posting! This can take up to a week or two, but you will be notified when we post your tape.
Feel free to ask any questions!