Our Piano is Pimped Up!

I recently wrote about an old piano that was left behind from the previous homeowners that I painted white.  I really liked how it came out, but after a few weeks I decided it needed a little more fine tuning (pun intended).

Here it is in its original state. As you can see, the walls are brown, the floors are brown and the window covering is brown.  Ugh!!


Using ASCP in Old White, I gave it two coats and decided to live with it for a while to see how I liked it.

painted piano bar

The piano has some nice little carvings which needed highlighting, and I thought the sides needed a little embellishing so I went to Michael’s to see what inspired me and ended up getting some black beads and stickers from the jewelry and scrapbooking department.


It’s a bit difficult to tell, but I gave it a very light coat of ASCP black wax mixed with the clear to tone down the brightness of the white a bit.

piano bar

I used some black acrylic paint I already had and highlighted the carvings.

piano bar


So I think I’m done with the piano.  What was once something of an eyesore is now a focal point.  I’m really glad no one decided to take our piano when we were trying to get rid of it!


*Edited to add* Since first writing this post, we’ve since moved the piano to the other side of the dining area, moved the chandelier over along with the dining table, so now there’s better flow upon entering the house. Here’s the piano in its new home:


piano bar





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Putting ASCP Old White to good use

I’ve been thinking about painting our piano bar using ASCP in Old White, so I purchased a quart a few weeks ago.  Painting the piano would be such a huge time sucker and we’re only at the cabin on weekends, so I guess I’ve been putting it off. It’s probably a project better suited for when there’s nothing else to do and the weather is colder. In the meantime, I found a few other things that needed some sprucing up. 😉

Here’s a picture of one of the walls in our living room at the cabin.  Click here to find out what lurks behind the ‘faux stained glass’.  For starters, after I put together the art panels, we decided it would be a good idea to frame it out in white, so out came the ASCP for project numero uno.

For the second project, I decided to lighten up the rocking chair. In the picture above, I think it looks a little lighter than it actually is. Here’s a close up and you can see the difference between the Old White and the chair color.

I outlined a natural indentation in green, and I will be on the look out for a pillow cushion for some extra comfort and much needed color, or maybe I’ll make one.

The floor lamp needed some attention too, so I decided to do a crackle finish.

I had a sample jar of ASCP in Graphite, which worked nicely as the base color.

And here’s an oar that was pretty much invisible until it received a wash of white.

We’re getting there…slowly but surely ;).

I think I better stop or I won’t have enough paint for the piano!

(Do you think we need vertical pieces of wood painted in white between the panels?)

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