Looking under rocks for ideas

William Michaelian tells me that the Alluvial Mine 'Tis a "deep subject," indeed. So deep, in fact, that he couldn't resist pulling on the old work shoes and miner's cap. He was only part the way down when he found this poem nestled in a rock.

William is spot on about this mine being very deep. It is so deep that I have no idea what will be at the bottom in those cavernous sections.

The More We Are Looking For
by William Michaelian

An idea is like a child.
It is not how or when it is born, but if.
An idea cannot be called forth.
It must be witnessed and set free.

If we think of an idea
as a pebble cast into a pond,
then we will realize it lives on
long after we have ceased to notice.

An idea is not a possession.
It must be followed wherever it wants to go.
An idea is not a feather in one's cap,
or a victory, or a sign of ability.
It is a pure voice, a blessing on the wind.

When we try to name an idea,
it laughs at us and slips away.
When we try to ignore it,
it grabs us by the throat.
When we deny its existence,
it abandons us for more fertile ground.

An idea is never quite what
we think it is, or wish it would be.
It is always much, much more.
Like the silence between two thoughts,
or the hidden mass of an iceberg,
an idea is a cradle of awesome power,
a well so deep that its beginning is its end,
and its end the place where it really begins.

An idea is the creative more we are looking for,
but are often afraid to find.
It is the dream we banish in the name of sanity,
the wise and noble grief we flee,
the ancient memory of verdant sighs,
a flower fallen from Life's sensual crown.

An idea is a golden drop of sunshine
the instant before it meets the ground.
It is the song we sing when words have failed,
the face we seek when we are born,
the home we find when we move on
and live forever, fearlessly, in the moment.

Ideas found hidden under rocks

William thinks lots of people will be interested in donning their miner's hats and boots to join us. I hope he is right and that we bring out a whole lot of booty.